People Magazine Story Promotes Transgender SUMMER CAMP FOR KIDS

Trans Camp

In the latest chapter of transgender mania, People Magazine has published a new story about a summer camp for transgender children.

The feminist professor Camille Paglia has said that indulging children in transgenderism is a form of child abuse.

So has the American College of Pediatricians.

From the story:

Transgender Kids Can Fully Be Themselves at This One-Of-A-Kind Summer Camp

Every year, transgender children and their families gather at a unique summer camp for a weekend of bonding, learning and of course, fun and games. The experience – transformative for kids and their parents alike – is the subject of a new documentary, Transgender Kids Camp.

Featured in the film is a mom named Sabrina and her husband Chris, who have attended for seven years in support of their 13-year-old transgender daughter Ryan. In fact, Sabrina was so moved by her initial experience that she is now a parent coordinator at the camp.

“The camp was so impactful for us, and it was impactful for Ryan to see and experience that she wasn’t alone,” Sabrina, 46, tells PEOPLE. “That was huge.”

“[And the camp] is a loving, welcoming environment,” adds Chris.

During the four-day experience, parents attend workshops while kids partake in gender-neutral activities such as swimming and obstacle courses, and everyone comes together at night for campfires. The weekend’s main event is the “Free to Be Me” fashion show on the last night.

Ryan says it’s the highlight of camp.

“It’s different than just wearing feminine clothes every day at school,” says Ryan, who has lived her life as a female since kindergarten.

This story is nothing more than an attempt to make this seem normal and acceptable.

You have to feel for the kids.



  1. DrJonnyChepe says

    The children at Camp Freak sing songs of sexual identity while rubbing their make believe genitals. How darling. Thank you my President!

    • J Smith says

      Yeah, blame the president for your fear of those who are different and do not fit your bigoted world view.
      Not educated enough to see the fallacy of your thinking and conclusions?

          • jamson64 says

            Well, you are clearly mentally ill like those kids , their parents, and the camp owners– purely sick.

          • J Smith says

            Another incorrect assumption to deflect from your inability to refute the facts.
            Okay. (sarc)

          • Riprake says

            What facts? The facts are that kids are male and female and nothing else. Also, mutilating kids’ genitals to try to make them what they’re not is child abuse. Child abuse is a crime. Therefore, you are a criminal advocating child abuse. Begone, therefore, and take your hateful party’s sick sexual fantasies with you to Hell, child abusing leftard traitor!

          • Riprake says

            Nope, you still haven’t typed out a single fact in support of your child-mutilating criminal cadre’s delusions, you fascist pervert.

          • J Smith says

            Typical Con. Won’t accept the facts and is reduced to name-calling.
            Thanks for continually proving my point!

          • Riprake says

            Typical leftard troll: no facts, no answers, just repeats the same lies over and over.

          • J Smith says

            Hypocrite much? Just read your comment history.
            An embarrassing regurgitation of fear and misinformation.

          • Riprake says

            …says the leftard troll mindlessly spewing leftard propaganda. You still have no facts and no answers, you child-abusing commie traitor troll.

      • says

        Amazing how if you disagree with a liberal, you are suddenly a racist or a bigot. I am all for trans having rights but I am not all for any group having more rights than others. Your right to choose any bathroom does not Trump my childs right to be able to pee without them seeing a 6ft 2, “woman” with a gigantic adams apple. No no no. You and I can handle things but do not put your beliefs above the mental health of my small children.

      • otto says

        Who’s obsessed with this sudden forcible normalization of alternative lifestyle? Why the frantic push for all things ‘transgendered’ in the last 200 days of this guys presidency? I’d go so far as to say it’s A: a mechanism to further break down the family and fabric of the country and B: a diversion from some more important criminal executive branch stuffs.

        • Greenstar3 says

          Who’s obsessed and been obsessed for longer than we have been alive, with dominance, destruction of moral, intellectual, familial, racial except their own – strength, initiative, and independence on the part of the majority? The Tribe….

          • otto says

            I’m not clear what you’re trying to say. It’s sort of a fragment. I think you are agreeing with me. Or not. Whichever. Internet.

        • J Smith says

          Apparently you. Based upon your whiny and fearful posts of others sexuality that you do not understand.

          • J Smith says

            Incorrect assumption, poor inference skills or both?
            Keep trying to salvage, kid.

          • JustSayBlow says

            no one’s afraid of guys dressing as women…lol… you morons make people laugh… you’re the butt of jokes! when people think of funny things, they think of men with big calf’s walking down a street in high heels….F’n moron..this will all be swept away in a few months…embrace the suck!

          • J Smith says

            Typical Con.
            Name calling when they cannot factually support their point.

          • J Smith says

            Based upon your comment history…the faults start and end with you and a lack of understanding of the realities.

          • Riprake says

            Based on your comments, you are utterly devoid of facts, cannot think for yourself, and have no grasp on the realities of anything at all, you child-abusing criminal fascist parasite.When you get to Hell, you Commie pervert, say “hi” to the pro-slavery guy who invented the word “drapetomania.” He’ll be sharing a flaming pit with the goose-stepping punitive “psychiatrists” who invented other Orwellian terms like “homophobia” and “transphobia” and “Islamophobia” to have opponents of your sick and evil ideology locked up as lunatics when it’s you child-abusers who deserve to be imprisoned and executed for all the atrocities against humanity you’ve committed.

          • J Smith says

            Typical Con: no original material, parrot others and name calling.
            Thanks for further proving my point!

          • Riprake says

            Typical child-abusing leftard Commie parasite: no facts, no real answers, just mindlessly spews his fascist party line.

          • J Smith says

            Surprise! A Con gets ‘schooled” and is reduced to crying and name-calling.

            When in doubt: scream Communism, fascism and confirm ones bigotry.
            Good job, kid! (sarc)

          • Riprake says

            Yeah, keep trying to deny you’ve been beaten like a rented mule, you child-mutilating Commie goose-stepper bigot. Still haven’t heard a single fact out of you; just mindless parroting of your treasonous criminal fascist party’s line.

          • J Smith says

            More name-calling to cover for juvenile behavior and thinking.
            Thanks for continuing to prove my point.

          • Riprake says

            What point? Everyone here can see you are mindless, have no facts and no answers, and are a child-abusing Commie traitor troll who’s being beaten like a rented mule.

          • J Smith says

            Nothing says “mindless” like a name calling Con who thinks his misinformed opinion is fact.

          • Saint Alfonzo says

            who are you talking to? You’re telling my my assumption about myself is incorrect:) You should talk more. You will always have an audience on the internet.

          • Saint Alfonzo says

            I don’t even know who you’re talking to but if you need company you can talk to me.

          • Saint Alfonzo says

            aw. I can tell now.. you just need friend. I’ll be your friend. No need to act tough (and smart). Just be yourself. I won’t judge.

          • J Smith says

            Claiming another discredited when you are parroting “Commie”?LOL
            Your irrational fear is showing, Gramps,

          • Riprake says

            Apparently “irrational” means not believing a child-abusing Commie traitor troll’s mindless parroting of child-abusing Commie traitor troll propaganda.

      • Wisdom is a Tree of Life says

        According to your world 2+2 = 5.

        And a man can become a fake woman. SICK!

  2. says

    I was going to say, how disgusting are the parents of these kids and than I saw the photo of the kids. Absolutely beautiful

  3. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    What’s next? “Transspecies” so people can “identify” as a dog so they can urinate, defecate, and copulate wherever and whenever they please?

  4. Eudaimonic Rex says

    Degenerate. There’s a special place in the back of the oven for people promoting this filth.

    • Tatiana Covington says

      But suppose they really innately are like that? Besides, the kids’ lives are their own. They were born free. So leave them alone in peace and freedom.

      • GOP -> Built that says

        Pedophile Nugent was a draft dodger who bragged about taking a shiite in his pants to avoid Vietnam .. Duggar was too busying finger fcking his two younger sisters .. typical RightRetard cowards like the 5 Rom$ey boys who never served.

    • jamson64 says

      J Smith, because he is sooo consistent, will be along anytime to teach you about logical fallacies.

  5. Tatiana Covington says

    Actually, the real reason for all this publicity and all these feature articles is to sell magazines and newspapers and grab a bigger audience share. In other words, the real motive force of the world: MONEY! And nothing whatever else. This stuff sells. If it didn’t, then you’d never hear a word about this.


  6. otto says

    All I can say is I remember hearing nothing about ‘transgender’ issues until about 3 months ago when an orchestrated HAIL STORM of ‘transgender’ related stories, emergencies and crisis (read: diversions) began.

  7. Stuck_in_Ca says

    Imagine the freaks that want to work there, who go out of their way to work there.

  8. Paul says

    when the president’s daughter attends Harvard, i hope a male walks in on her in the shower, Ma. just passed the bathroom,and shower bill….

  9. carlzilla says

    Should be raided for child abuse. There is no such thing as transgenderism. Sad mental disease promoted by sodom loving liberals who want to destroy western culture.

  10. jamson64 says

    Child abuse. The parents and those that run these camps should be locked up.