Play The “WhiteNESS & Social Justice Interactive”!

vlcsnap-2016-06-19-15h55m35s237Ever wanted to play a rousing game of “racial justice dominoes”? Or take the “white privilege survey”? Well now you can! Thanks to this interactive social justice display at Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month”, presented by PCC staffer Jeff Laff, manager of something called “YES To College”. This display also features large banners of white shaming rhetoric, which include mocking work ethic, self reliance, desire to succeed, being punctual (?), mocking those who want to be polite, planning ahead, and other things that lead to one being successful life. Apparently these things are bad and should be avoided. Also featured is the diversity wheel, the “iceberg concept of culture”, and saying that “white privilege, specifically, is an institutional set of unearned benefits granted to white people”. You can also play the memory game, where you get to match the definitions of whitey’s evilness to buzz words like “worship of the written word”, “objectivity”, and “sense of urgency”. Apparently it is bad to have a sense of urgency, and better to just be lazy and late.

If you dare get offended by any of this, that is your “white fragility” showing, and your defensiveness is your weakness.


  1. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    The lack of color diversity among those blocks and text is offensively racist.

  2. Tatiana Covington says

    Racist! Straightist! (Is that a word? It is now!) Those blocks should be rainbow-colored (oops, that’s racist!), I meant rainbow-hued.

    • Cornbread_Noah says

      Colored is ok. I’m 74 and spent half my life being called colored, it’s not offensive. Stupid is offensive…and the guy that thought this thing up is as dumb as dogs*hit.

  3. Ned says

    Political correctness and leftism is just organized antiwhite hatred.

    When are leftist tropes like diversity or mass immigration or so-called antiracism ever demanded of any nonwhite peoples anywhere?

    If diversity is such a strength, why are the oh-so-humane left giving this “gift” to European populations only, when there are so many non-white countries that “need” it much more?

    Open borders is the real white privilege

    Antiracist is code for antiwhite

    Diversity means chasing down the last white person

    This is straight W- G-

  4. Jim says

    Would anybody but a liberal create this? Liberals automatically profile everyone they encounter, by height, by gender, by size, by skin color, by clothing – everything. With that done, you go into the hate column because you failed several of their profile classifications. It’s the way they “think”.

  5. kazzer66 says

    When you are so self-conscious about your ‘inferiority’ that you have to denigrate other races and cultures, you’ve already lost the ‘game’.

    Sorry, but I’m not ashamed of my ‘white privilege’ we earned it through curiosity, hard work, bravery, creativity and imagination.

    Whining about a past that can’t be changed, and self-pity get you nowhere.

    • Cornbread_Noah says

      While thinkers were putting us on the moon…whiners were trying to drag us back to the 17th century. A guy in the military, years ago, said “man your people were in bondage, enslaved by the white man” and I replied “Man, my people were in the British Isles, my grandfather is from Glasgow and we were never in bondage”

      These cupcakes need to get over not being white…their problem isn’t “white privilege” it’s “self hate”. They need to put on their big girl panties and make something of themselves. Anyone can be a cry baby…it takes courage to be an achiever.

  6. starrrgirl says

    the left is always telling us not to stereotype people and not to be judgmental.
    does this list mean that the “aspects and assumptions of non-white culture” are immediate gratification, inability to plan for the future, dependency, entitlement, disrespect for others property, lack of good manners, irrational and subjective thinking, and broken families?
    how white of me to think that this is not a good sign for our future.

  7. nodhimmi says

    Gee, I am white and before all the nonsense, people said my worship of the written word meant I could Read! Freakin sad!

  8. Fredmertz13 says

    If those MORONs hate their whiteness so much do us all a favor and kill yourself. get rid of that part of the gene pool