Progressives Waste No Time Blaming Orlando Islamic Terror Attack On NRA And Guns

Pulse Shooting

After every terror attack like the one in Orlando this weekend, the left ignores all ties to Islamic terror and pushes their agenda for gun control. This time is no different.

Ed Driscoll of Instapundit has rounded up a few examples:


UPDATE: Transcript of Obama’s boilerplate speech on the incident.

Related: Trump Blasts Obama For Not Mentioning “Radical Islamic” Terrorism As ISIS Claims Responsibility.

It’s always the same.

The left ignores reality while pushing their agenda.



  1. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    He was not Caucasian, Christian, he had a legal/valid license to use/carry firearms all over FL, and was, legally trained as a security officer to use firearms. Rut-roh! What or who to blame!?

    Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Communist meltdowns are adorable.

  2. Kevin R. says

    What we need is mandatory gun possession and training. It is unconscionable that those people were defenseless.

  3. MicahStone says

    1. Promotes LGBTQFXYZ perversions
    2. Promotes anti-LGBTQFXYZ muslim islamofascism
    3. => an Alinsky disruption of society.

    Let’s call this one: “Fast and Furious II”

  4. GOP -> Built that says

    The largest terrorist attack in America has been at an FBI building in Ok that killed 140 … done by GOP Taliban supporter and backed by the NRA.

    • scooter says

      You forgot a little dustup in New York city on 9/11/01, didn’t you? Dumbass. Oh, if you’re going to bring something up at least show the dead a little respect, if you even know what that is, and get the numbers right on the people that lost their lives.

  5. Bubba Gump says

    Anybody ever think this might be an inside job by the Libtards to push their agenda?

    • Amerikztan says

      If ya can’t abbeh,abbeh,abbeh,beat them with your brilliance, baffle ’em with your buh.buh.buh.buh.buh.buh B.S.
      I’m Bar- rack O-bama, a-a-a-and I ,…ebede, ebbede,ebbde, ….approve th-th-th-th-th-th-th-this uh,uh.uh,-uhm ameh,ameh- ,a-message.
      Th-th-th-th-that’s all there if Fo-fo-fo-fo-folks !

  6. Analog_Gamer says

    They are also posting pictures on social media of a rainbow hearts that say “Love not Hate” – How freaking pathetic. These innocent Americans were MURDERED by an ISLAMIC TERRORIST – Not a tornado!

    • Buster000 says

      … and those same people posting the rainbow hearts would be the first to physically attack you if you said you were a Trump supporter. How pathetic.

      • Analog_Gamer says

        I deleted all the rainbow hearts on my friends list. Not because they are pro gay, but because they are indoctrined social marxist.

  7. David in Texas says

    the federal government officially has no intention of protecting citizens, and furthermore seeks to remove the citizens means of defense.

  8. Stuck_in_Ca says

    GMA is twisting itself into knots trying to prove the guy wasn’t radicalized despite the fact he called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS. I’m sick of being lied to, Trump 2016!


    Cloward & Piven has almost accomplished its intended purpose, EXCEPT take the guns out of patriots hands.. This is not going to end well for Communist progressives!

  10. JY1 says

    Don’t forget “Anti-Gay-Hate”.

    Because the soon-to-be-named evil of “Hetero-Supremacy”, and all those Baptists, Anglicans, Lutherans, and other hate groups, who have preached the extermination of homosexuals and advocated throwing them off buildings and stoning them to death.

    How can the left seriously equate arguing loudly about letting drag queens use the girl’s junior high school restroom, to what islam does?

  11. MicahStone says

    Their REAL plan:
    OBOZO and the lunatic-left extremists are guiding both trains to create an Alinsky-inspired cataclysmic disruption of our society so they can further reduce or eliminate freedoms of American and move America closer to their goal of a fascist totalitarian state. Leftists abhor the Judeo-Christian foundation of America (which help produce its greatness and exceptionalism) and will do whatever it takes to destroy it.

  12. Dorisdwise3 says