Race Activists at Mizzou Hijack Vigil for Orlando Victims And Make it All About Them (VIDEO)

Mizzou Orlando Vigil PT

Student supporters of Black Lives Matter at the University of Missouri hijacked a campus vigil for the victims of the Orlando terror attack and made the event all about them.

From Legal Insurrection:

In another banner moment for the University of Missouri, student race activists hijacked a vigil for the victims of the Orlando terror attack this week.

The College Fix reported:

WATCH: Mizzou race activist hijacks Orlando vigil as gay community rebukes her

A vigil Monday planned by several University of Missouri student organizations was supposed to honor victims of Sunday morning’s deadly shooting rampage in a popular gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla.

It turned into a blame session against Mizzou’s LGBTQ community for not being intersectional enough.

Latino activists, including a Mizzou official, scolded the mostly white gathering for ignoring racial issues. That led one attendee to fume on Facebook that the organizers had invented a “race issue” out of a “homophobic attack” by gunman Omar Mateen.

The attack on the Pulse nightclub took place on Latin night, with most victims Latinos in their 20s and 30s.

At the event outside the Boone County Courthouse in Columbia, Mizzou graduate and activist Tiffany Melecio chastised the crowd for putting the interests of the LGBTQ community above those of “people of color.”

“I wish this many people came out to our racial demonstrations and our Black Lives Matter movement,” Melecio told the crowd, which The Columbia Missourian estimated at more than 800.

Watch the video:

In a sane world, these activists would have been booed off the stage.



  1. olddog says

    Groids jus besin Groids..YO…weeees bes needin “Free Stuff”…ya’ll bes Wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyycist and “Stuff”…

  2. steveo says

    OMFG, crystallized idiocy. There is no message, the speaker is a victims victim. She should drop to her knees and thank the almighty that people did not start throwing up. You have to ask who are the losers who gave birth to these people in the crowd. What motivates these imbeciles (IQ 26-50 to listen to this malarkey.

  3. I-RIGHT-I says

    “they never take into consideration shades like mine”
    Power to the Shades!

  4. Etienne Pasquier says

    That mouth-breather is one despicable piece of human garbage!
    I couldn’t get through the first 30 seconds without being infuriated–I had to stop right there.

  5. Cornbread_Noah says

    Used to be a good school, now it’s a toilet full of cupcakes and paid protesters feigning anger.

    Time to shut it down.