Professor Says American Patriots More Dangerous Than Foreign Terrorists

DavidAlpherDavid Alpher has a PhD in “conflict resolution” and teaches at George Mason University. He also writes for some leftists website that no one’s ever heard of until now called The Conversation. His most recent article was picked up by Raw Story on June 1st, at the stroke of midnight.

Entitled “An expert explains why domestic extremists are a much bigger risk than foreign terrorists in America“, Alpher attempts to make a case for painting the modern Patriot movement as being the most dangerous group on the planet. The article originally featured a picture of a Trump rally, but was since replaced with a collage of the mugshots from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge takeover.

Alpher starts off by trying to blame everything on Trump, by saying:

Take America back from those who have stolen it.
Protect America from those who want to destroy it.
Restore the principles that these usurpers betrayed.”

These are the messages that have defined the GOP presidential race. They have been used for the past eight years to justify obstruction of the Obama administration, and are now being used to paint the democratic candidates as dangerous. In the late stages of the GOP primary as the rhetoric became increasingly xenophobic, they were applied to increasingly broad swaths of the American population as well.

Years of constant repetition by members of the GOP have given them an appearance of legitimacy, now strengthened by Donald Trump’s victory in the GOP primary contest and the party’s growing embrace of him as their standard-bearer.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party isn’t alone in using these messages.

Right-wing extremist groups use them as well, and to very specific ends: to define the conditions under which antigovernment violence becomes legitimate in their worldview.

I have spent nearly 15 years studying how the risk of violence grows within societies around the world, and running programs designed to stem the tide. I have seen rhetoric like this used to mobilize violence in countries like Iraq and Kenya.”

He then uses a picture of someone at the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014, where not a single shot was fired, no one was beheaded, no one was killed, and no one was tortured.

He goes on to say:

For months, Republican candidates traded shots claiming that each other, liberals, immigrants and Black Lives Matter protesters – to name a few – are to blame for the picture they’ve painted of a degraded America that’s fallen into hostile hands.

Apparently he is completely unaware of things like a Black Lives Matter leader getting hauled in for sex trafficking, or another pair who assaulted a decorated veteran, or Black Panther leaders calling for killing all white people, or 124 illegal aliens who were set free from jail only to eventually get hauled back on a total of 138 murders, or El Chapo’s drug cartel literally beheading people. This list could go on and on.

Alpher continues with:

Every violent group in history describes its own violence as the legitimate response to a threat that was forced on them. Groups survive in the long term when that description makes sense to enough of the population to buy them tolerance and safe space to operate, plan and grow. That’s true of terrorism and violent extremism – but because protesters and supporters alike view each other as enemies of the state and therefore legitimate targets, it also helps to explain the growing physical violence at Trump rallies. It should also provide a warning for what that as-yet-limited violence could grow into.

Once again, Alpher seems to be unaware that it is the people protesting Trump, not his supporters, who are starting violence at these events, such as the guy who punched a Trump supporter, or the riots that broke out Costa Mesa, where fires were started and cop cars were turned over. But he is right in the sense that people are concerned over what the “as-yet-limited” violence could grow into.

David Alpher throws in the token Timothy McVeigh reference, something that happened 20 years ago, as there are no recent examples of anyone actually getting attacked and/or killed at any Patriot function, gun rally, Trump event, Tea Party rally, or anything else remotely “right wing”.

He ends by saying:

In an age defined by the fear of terrorism, “taking America back from people who betrayed her security” has real power at the polls, as Trump can attest. But this strategy for winning elections isn’t just divisive. It’s creating a risk of violence that has already outgrown the threat it’s supposed to be a shield against.

Trump’s emergence as the GOP candidate has added fuel to the fire, especially while the GOP dithers over whether or not to embrace him and his message. Trump himself is unlikely to stop or be convinced of the effect he’s really having on American security. It’s left to the GOP to decide whether American security or winning an election is more important to them.

Rather than focusing on groups who speak positively about the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment while carrying Gadsden Flags, perhaps the domestic terrorists that Alpher is looking for are the groups who sport Che Guevarra shirts, make Atzlan references, carry #BlackLivesMatter signs, and draw checks from the federal government, as more people have been killed and harmed by those demographics than by anyone associated with the Patriot movements.

Meanwhile, maybe someone as delusional as David Alpher should be staying far, far away from any educational institution that young adults are attending.


  1. Arpad Deli says

    Tell the nitwit to “Get a haircut!!!,” and “Get a Job!!!”
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,
    PS I know it should be “Iuvat” but the I got typoed as a J on the first III% patch…so be it.

  2. The Thump says

    The Nazi Racist Assoc .. NRA .. has murdered more Americans than any Busch funded ISIS.

      • libsmasher says

        Leave it to the genius left to ask men and women to become enraged at pictures of a beautiful woman….they really do make it too easy to thwart them….

          • Screwhead22 says

            The problem is, you are so used to progressive woman, who look haggard, slovenly, and butch, that you can’t recognize nor appreciate a beautiful woman when you see her.
            Traditionalist women: they are smart, beautiful, and they make men like me want to be better men.
            So sad for you, the best you have is Grandma Shrillery and crazy Uncle Bill…

          • GOP -> Built that says

            So your ideal woman is a blow up doll?

            Likely the only one you have ever touched.

          • BigGaySteve says

            At least she doesn’t have balls like Mooschell. I have seen more feminine black tranny crack hoes in Baltimore.

    • Screwhead22 says

      She is more of a lady than Michelle. Or was it Michael?
      Not quite the lady that Obummer is though….

      • The Thump says

        Tramps are the pretty much of the standard women of the GOP .. those and dumb Stepford wifes… they only excel in life having their ankles wrapped around their necks .

        • Screwhead22 says

          If by “tramp” (good feminist values you have, by the way…) you mean beautiful, then fine. The vast majority of traditionalist women are gorgeous! I wouldn’t touch an ugly, nasty (both inside and out) progressive she-gorilla under ANY circumstances!

        • glamdeluxe says

          Such a chauvinist. I thought that kind of hate speech was frowned upon by liberals. I guess only when it’s being used buy a republican on democrat women.

          • The Thump says

            Not when it is directed towards the low information classes of GOP …. someone had to school those imbeciles on reality.

          • glamdeluxe says

            Nice double standard. The liberals in this country show their Stalinist ” My way or the highway” attitude . Good job comrade.

          • libsmasher says

            Low information voter is a term used to identify democrats, and is copyrighted. Please provide contact info
            For your lawyer….

          • Screwhead22 says

            Look-you are not schooling anyone. We, who are both traditionalist in our ideology and constitutionalist in our politics can recognize the whiff of troll a mile a way. You have no coherent arguments in favor of progressivism, you have neither the intelligence nor the concentration to do anything but insult, slander, and try to shock to get a response.
            Nice job.
            The choices on your side are a socialist, a political ideology that has NEVER in history worked in the long run and has to be forced onto the citizens of a nation through chicanery and, when that fails, by the business end of a gun.
            The other choice you have is a woman whose hands are so bloody, who lies, steals, cheats, and makes very little effort to hide her disgust at this nation and its citizens, and who may yet end up being perp-walked into prison before the general election.
            You are going to get the world you want eventually, and I and others like me will not be here to see it happen. Those of us who are Bible believing know it as the “Tribulation”.
            But I bet dollars to donuts you have nothing but contempt for the idea of God and all His followers. That’s OK. You have the free will to do so, and one day, probably sooner than later, all of us contemptible people will be gone, and you and your ilk can finally have what you want: the World on Your Terms.
            Good luck with that!

          • The Thump says

            Only imbeciles believe in that Bible garbage and the man in the clouds BS. I bet you believe in the Easter bunny too.

            Thanks for showing your true ignorance. Now crawl back under the bed. The adults are in control.

          • The Thump says

            …coming from an imbecile who thinks some homeless man crucified by the rich 1% Jews was some sort of savior .. you Jesus freaks are sure fck up bunch.

        • libsmasher says

          Kind of like Monica Lewinsky?? BTW, Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, and Laura Bush strike me as the opposite of tramps…..mischaracterization…denied!!!!!!!

          BTW, again. I like your avatar. Where can I get one with an elephant pointing the gun at the donkey?

          • The Thump says

            Laura Bush killed a student while driving drunk. Nancy Reagan was married and had an affair with Raygun who was married to another woman… of course RePukes deny history of all sorts so they ignored these hypocrites too.

    • Screwhead22 says

      Yep! Better then any Progressive First Lady or, (excuse me while I try not to barf) First Dude Bill….

  3. Joe says

    This article is sophistry. Just looking into any of the events offered to bolster the opinion of the author shows the author is lying about every incident to push a point that cannot be resolved by using the truth. This man is not a true professor. He is a liar.

      • Albert8184 says

        In other words, Joe is saying the professor is a political ideologue posing as an academic.

      • Joe says

        So I tell you what to do and you ask me to do YOUR research? Why not take some time and look into his claims by learning about the incidents he mentions? It is not the mark of a knowledgeable man to not research but to take wholesale the opinions and research of others without doing that research yourself.

        • glamdeluxe says

          I get it. You make a sweeping indictment with no information to back it up and everyone else is lazy. Bravo ingsoc 101. Winston would be proud.

          • Joe says

            You don’t see how your laziness and sloth are what keeps you in belief and away from knowing. Personal research is a mark of an adult. Demanding that others do the work you must do to know is the mark of an infantile. All you have to do is research some of what the author claims to ferret out the reality and to see his deception. YOU have to do this on your own. No one learns by not doing. To demand to merely be told by others what you wish to pick and choose is real shows a gargantuan sloth that is proof you are not interested in what really exists but want only to pick a bag of opinion that you find likeable relative to your present level of knowledge and beliefs. Being an adult means working. How about YOU research a few of the claims made by the author and then come back and show US your proofs that he is correct? Is this not exactly what you want from me and my refusal is what you are using to believe rather than to do the work involved in knowing? That you seem to simply believe what the author is saying without researching the claims yourself BEFORE BELIEVING them and want others to show you the facts on the ground rather than discovering them yourself is not the attitude of a man or woman but of a narcissist. Grow up and do some work on your own. The truth is out there but not for those that refuse to work to know it.

        • BigGaySteve says

          Wanting the same thing for your homeland as jews want for Israel makes you a knot sea

    • Albert8184 says

      Identity politics is the science of the Left Wing lie. Critical theory is the science of weaponizing history to be a propaganda flamethrower in the hands of the Left Wing.

  4. Screwhead22 says

    Progressives are, by far, more dangerous to the health of the nation than anything else. They have taken the long road through our social institutions, destroying them, and are set fire to what is left of this once great nation.
    Would that they all could be charged with treason and, if found guilty, afforded the strictest punishment the law will allow.

  5. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    “David Alpher has a PhD in ‘conflict resolution'”

    I didn’t read past that. Why would I?

    • Jim says

      The title means he is “conflicted” (read screwed up) and “resolute” (read determined to prove it).

        • GOP -> Built that says

          How is that GED and minimal wage career path working out for you over the past 20 years?

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          • quillerm says

            Thanks to Hillary and Sanders joining with the Black Lives Matter movement and their attacks on law enforcement, the number of police officers murdered in the line of duty has doubled since last year.

          • GOP -> Built that says

            Less union grunts payed for by tax dollars ! And no long term retirement needed either .. a real win-win ;;

          • Jack Gamatta says

            Can see you have a rap sheet and spent time in jail.I suggest therapy for your anger problem but under any circumstances with your attitudes you are going back inside inmate.

  6. oregun says

    He is another in a long line of so called scholars and scientists that have brought such amazing science as Global Warming or what we used to call the weather. The ending of all federal grants will stop all this pandering for money and influence. “Look I am no longer an obscure pseudo scholar”

  7. JERRY says

    this low life piece of shit has no besness teaching any thing in my country,he is worthless skum of the lowest form

    • Paul Reimer says

      He’s a great Professor and I’m sure glad to have him on our side. 🙂

    • AndreaNY says

      Just another leftist piece of scum who really does not appreciate what America has offered him, he and those that follow and admire him, need to leave , move to Somalia with their loved ones.

  8. JY1 says

    Professor David Alpher has a very genuine and valid statement about American patriots being dangerous to him…

    …because he is not on our side.

  9. another_engineer says

    Why can’t we ship these azzwholes to someplace like North Korea where they can spout their ridiculous crap while being tortured.

    • AndreaNY says

      Think to prove his point he should have the balls and move to Syria, Iraq, Kenya … give it a year and write a report about it then .

  10. Lou says

    This is the kind of guy that the cia should execute. This is a real ultra liberal mother fucker that don’t deserve living.

  11. ForestWilson says

    This man is Professor? This Professor is a man? He is a special kind of STUPID!!!

  12. Destroy D-Baggers says

    After reading this I’m reminded of an oath I once took, ” … all enemies foreign and domestic … “

  13. James Edge says

    Well Weatherman Underground Bomb builders, MS-13, Illegal Immigrants sneaking in from Mexican states that allow men to have sex with 12 year olds, Mexican cartels who threaten death to Presidential nominees, left wing brainwashing at the collegiate, High School, Junior High and Elementary schools are not domestic Terrorists? Apparently this professor is up for tenure-ship review and he is desperately trying to prove himself.

  14. Albert8184 says

    The professor is a subversive traitor. HE and his ilk are the most dangerous people in the country.

  15. libsmasher says

    Since when did conflict resolution involve the mediator taking a side? That should tell you everything that you need to know…..

  16. arcsinice says

    I see that der professor has a full beard. Obviously to hide the stretch marks……………….

  17. Snufy says

    What planet is that idiot from? Maybe if he ever had a real and meaningful job, he could see reality.
    Cocaine must be a hell of a drug.

  18. JustVisiting says

    PhD in conflict resolution, huh? I will be telling this to people for a few days, for sure.Funniest thing I’ve read in awhile…Oh, other than that Democrats still want Hillary even if she is indicted. That too, is hilarious. Possibly Hillary should hire David Alpher. That’s the ticket!

  19. brutisbear says

    I have to agree We Patriots, many of which are veterans have kicked ass everywhere we were asked to go!!! We are the Morality of this country, we protect what makes this country great, and destroy anything that will try to take us, as a NATION down!
    If they were not so evil and against the Constitution they would have nothing to fear from AMERICAN PATRIOTS! But they hate America and most of all our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS,PLUS THE DECLEARATION OF INDEPENDENTS…they know we are stronger than they will ever be!
    I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN PATRIOT! I wear his fear as a badge of HONOR as it is the government that needs to fear the people not the people in fear of the government

  20. Guest says

    The good professor neglects to mention the unexploded bombs that were removed from the OKC building that day. All caught on local news channel 4… Youtube it.

  21. SantaFeSteve says

    “Professor Says American Patriots More Dangerous Than Foreign Terrorists”. I think he is correct. Foreign Terrorists are not interested in preventing the U.S. from going Communist. They might even find Dr. Alpher to be a Useful Idiot. He fits the profile of a terrorist visually. I am familiar with the blog The Conversation. Some of their stuff is good some not so good. This guy is a hater. He is kind of frightening actually.

  22. OllieK says

    Another twisted pseudo-intellectual poisoning young minds to become useful idiots supporting the fascists who will become their masters. The sorry state of American “higher education.”

  23. I-RIGHT-I says

    As an American Patriot I say kill him after a fair and speedy trial for whatever of course.

  24. Beentheremovedaway says

    One wonders if his Theories have ever been put into practice? Or is it all just masturbation fantasies? 100K+ a year to dream up BS theories with zero real world applications.

  25. dkag7 says

    traitors should be dealt with… well once we get a govt that aint full of them

  26. quillerm says

    When was the last time American patriots burned homes and looted businesses? Never. Yet, the Black Lives Matter, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, and other leftist extremist groups have a long history of murder, violence, threats, intimidation, and even recruiting assassins to kill white people. But Professor Alper, being a brainwashed liberal makes horrific allegations against patriots while subversive leftists kill law enforcement officers, murder, rape, and assault people with impunity. Shine the light of truth on leftist academia and their propaganda evaporates like the morning mist.

  27. Paul Patriot says

    This guy has so much “education” and ” higher learning” stuffed in his head, that it has pushed out all traces of logic, common sense, and his ability to comprehend the fact that terrorists who would behead him in a second for not subscribing to the “religion of peace” are far more dangerous than patriots that want to uphold and defend the Constitution.

    I guess in his intellectual mind, and all the liberal progressives that think like this…..those who stood up against the British at Lexington and Concord must have “been more dangerous” than terrorists???????

    Over educated bean heads like this have no grasp of history and tyranny and hos those “evil patriots” May be the only voice in attempting to keep constitutional liberty.
    Of course, these type of “highly educated” folks seem to have a hatred for the Bill of Rights. Seems the more education one gets from university, the harder it becomes for the to appreciate how precious constitutional rights are, and how thankful we should be to those “dangerous patriots” who stood against tyranny on April 19,1775 in Massachusetts ( formerly a part of the USA) that started events that would allow us to be the most free people the world has ever known.

  28. L O says

    American Patriots More Dangerous Than Foreign Terrorists”

    Yeah, the British thought that too..

  29. obocaj says

    “Professing himself to be wise, he became as a fool” – paraphrased a bit…

  30. Sonokar says

    Lately, with all the violence created by the left wing progressives and directed at the right wing conservatives, I am beginning to identify with the Domestic Extremist crowd. In which case I have to agree with the good doctor of conflict whatever. Us WASPs are a formidable threat… well, that is once we get off our asses. They, whomever they are, will have to bring the fight to us though, because we’re still too comfortable to bother.

  31. Disgusted says

    This challenged person is the epitome of reason gone mad. The same mindset fiddles while Rome burns or parties in the Berlin bunker?
    This pathetic excuse for an American is the pinnacle of the Boobus Americanus genome. A complete waste of the food that grew him.

  32. Whiskey7 says

    A patriot is now an extremist? Would that mean in the same warped thinking a professor is now a moron?

  33. Fred Marsico says

    Based on the liberal logic, our Founders were terrorists as well. Maybe they need a lesson in what constitutes freedom and sovereignty versus being subjects of servitude.

    The formation of government (federal government) was to SERVE the People not rule over them.

  34. Steve says

    Lefties do feel this way, and there are certainly right wing groups that espouse violence (KKK, Aryan Nation, etc.), but I measure the propensity for violence by actual wanted lists. The FBI Domestic Terrorism list includes 14 individual names, four of whom are airline hijackers with no affiliation listed, two are members of Earth Liberation Front, two are Black Panthers, two are May 19 Communists, two are French Canadian Separatists, one is Puerto Rican FALN, and one is an anti-Vietnam War leftover. Not a right wing organization on the list.,

  35. Zenobia van Dongen says

    David Alpher is a liar.
    He falsely claims that in the US, Muslims are murdered on account of their religion. He makes this claim in a sneaky, underhanded way by falsely attributing it to a Washington Post article that says nothing of the sort.
    I wonder what the kill rate is for corrupt academics who disseminate lying Islamo-Fascist propaganda?

  36. Noah Hubbell says

    He didn’t even mention this conservative blogger, I can’t remember his name, getting arrested for waving around a gun at a peaceful protest. What an idiot that guy was.