Rolling Stone Magazine Calls For Repeal Of The Second Amendment

Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone used to be a music magazine, but like many of our formerly great institutions, it has been ruined by progressives who have turned it into a vehicle for far left politics.

In this case, Rolling Stone found a left wing professor who was willing to write a column calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment.

Never let a crisis go to waste…

Why It’s Time to Repeal the Second Amendment

I teach the Constitution for a living. I revere the document when it is used to further social justice and make our country a more inclusive one. I admire the Founders for establishing a representative democracy that has survived for over two centuries.

But sometimes we just have to acknowledge that the Founders and the Constitution are wrong. This is one of those times. We need to say loud and clear: The Second Amendment must be repealed.

As much as we have a culture of reverence for the founding generation, it’s important to understand that they got it wrong — and got it wrong often. Unfortunately, in many instances, they enshrined those faults in the Constitution. For instance, most people don’t know it now, but under the original document, Mitt Romney would be serving as President Obama’s vice president right now because he was the runner-up in the last presidential election. That part of the Constitution was fixed by the Twelfth Amendment, which set up the system we currently have of the president and vice president running for office together…

In the face of yet another mass shooting, now is the time to acknowledge a profound but obvious truth – the Second Amendment is wrong for this country and needs to be jettisoned. We can do that through a Constitutional amendment. It’s been done before (when the Twenty-First Amendment repealed prohibition in the Eighteenth), and it must be done now.

You see, there was a horrible attack by a criminal with a gun. Therefore, according to the left, we have to take guns away from all the law abiding people who didn’t do it.

If that makes sense to you, you might be a progressive.



  1. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Yet you never hear calls to gun-grab and eliminate the Second Amendment when there’s more shootings and deaths in Chicago on any given weekend.

    Take away guns. Go ahead! Then what do you do when a sand flea waltzes into a club or stadium with a bomb?

  2. Kevin R. says

    And after repealing the 2nd amendment in the name of security what will be the next constitutional right to be taken away in the name of protecting our security, and the next right after that, and the next constitutional right after that?

    Our security is not to found in the taking away of rights but by upholding our freedoms, the first and foremost our right to self-defense. We are all of us, all Americans, a free and strong militia made up of individuals. Properly armed we are a force.

    A free society can defend itself from this insanity by freely defending itself. Unfortunately, the left has other plans. Screw them.

  3. MicahStone says

    “Rolling Stone Magazine Calls For Repeal Of The Second Amendment”

  4. salg says

    communists don’t believe in the bill of rights. after seven and a half years of Obama they feel brave enough to say it openly.

  5. E. Newton says

    Newspapers, network television, Hollywood, print magazines and academia all rely on lots of cash to operate. Those money requirements are what has allowed the left to control those resources. The internet is going to change all that, technology is going to change all that. The left is going to lose the iron gripped control they have had on this culture for the past 40+ years. It’s going to end.

    • formwiz says

      It’s already happened.

      We wouldn’t be having this conversation if the media was what it was 50 years ago.

  6. moovova says

    I think that’s great!

    Please, go ahead…repeal the 2nd Amendment…then pass a law banning guns. When you’re done with all that, there’s only one last little thing left for you to do…

    Come get our guns.

  7. JY1 says

    Magazines are still a thing?

    Given the content and quality of the writing in Rolling Stone Magazine, they might want to be more worried about the repeal of the First Amendment.

  8. Riprake says

    So… Rolling Stone’s staff aren’t armed? Hey, Islamic terrorists: the infidels at Rolling Stone are proud to announce that just like the infidels in that club down in Orlando, they won’t be able to shoot back if you go on a shooting spree in their headquarters.

  9. DarkAngelMichael says

    What a coincidence. Just today I was saying we should repeal Rolling Stone’s First Amendment rights.

  10. tjb357452 says

    The Rolling Stone has always been a mediocrity until recently. They’ll seize the reins of sub-mediocrity, and try to fill the tiny vacuum left by Gawker. They’ll be the equal of the Saturday Night Post before you know it, in a retro defunct sort of way.

  11. RubioMinion #309 says

    I am very disappointed with this stance by Rolling Stone Magazine. In the past they have stood for individual rights as well as exposed many rogue elements in both Politics and Business. They really need to re-think and re-neg on this stance concerning the US Constitution.

  12. American_League says

    If people understood the true reason for the Second Amendment, they would never consider its repeal. It was designed to keep America from suffering dictators the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Che, and Castro from within our government.
    It was to keep a balance of power between the government and the governed,

  13. Benji0804 says

    I stopped reading when he said using it for social justice and calling U.S. democracy.

    You don’t need a religious test, just use this.

    Clause 2: Protection from invasion and domestic violence

    and [the United States] shall protect each of them [the States] against Invasion; and on Application

    of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic

    Violence Banning Muslims is allowed under the constitution and this would fall under domestic violence.

  14. Zardoz1313 says

    Liberalism truly is a mental disorder: they are hell-bent on disarming lawful citizens. Tip to RS: put a great big GUN FREE ZONE on your front door. Your Islamic friends will thank you!

  15. Lord Haw Haw says

    Jebus. I’m a European, somewhat left-wing ‘person’ (I’ll leave the insults up to you!) and I am concerned about America’s gun culture, for your own sake. However, and it’s a biggy, I do think with the current situation, further gun control is not a good policy – there are hundreds of millions of guns in circulation, you have a long history of gun ownership and guns are one of the things that might help with attacks like Orlando. In this case, my main concern is that your constitution is one of the things that guarantees freedom, no matter how imperfectly. Once you start tweaking it where will it stop?

  16. DrJonnyChepe says

    Then Jann Wenner.aka Jann Simon Wenne, Rolling Stone co-founder and publisher, will give up his armed body guards. Lead by example. Rolling who?

  17. cgtstx says

    Why waste your time on this? Aren’t there any fake rape stories out there to print? This Rolling Stone is gathering no moss – just deceit and display.

  18. Don Keller says

    If a far left professor calls for a repeal and no one is around to read it, did the call for a repeal really happen?

  19. Seamus says

    ” I revere the document when it is used to further social justice and make our country a more inclusive one…” So, the Constitution must support is left wing agenda but otherwise, f it.

  20. hihellothere says

    (((Cohen))), the alleged constitutional scholar that penned the above screed, seems to have an agenda. I wonder what it is…

  21. Doc3 says

    We need to ban government unions including teachers unions and fire these progressive toadies.

  22. Nahalban says

    “Quick something anything to distract people from the UVA rape debacle. ” Rolling stone editor.

  23. Dawn says

    The Insane Left or Is It Just Evil ?
    All Criminals, Marxists & Terrorists Want Citizens Un-Armed !

  24. Andy Nash says

    Never never forget my fellow gun owners and even you gun haters….when it comes to the bill or rights (for you dems that’s the first 10 amendments to the constitution) the 2nd amendment protects the other 9.