Thousands of Bernie Sanders Supporters Now Plan to Run For Public Office

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders supporters have taken his message of socialism to heart and now many of them are planning to run for public office. The scary thing is that some of them will win.

Business Insider reports:

BERNIE SANDERS: Almost 7,000 of my supporters just signed up to run for office

Bernie Sanders has inspired thousands of supporters to express interest in running for political office.

After the Vermont senator made an impassioned plea to his supporters during a Thursday-night webcast to carry the “political revolution” forward, his campaign released a statement claiming that nearly 6,700 of his people said that they’d be interested in seeking elected office.

The supporters went to a portal on Sanders’ campaign website,, and signed up to receive more information about running at the local or state level.

The campaign said that roughly 11,000 expressed interest in either running or volunteering to help other Sanders supporters run.

The Democratic presidential hopeful, who has yet to suspend his campaign – although the primary season has ended and he’s won fewer pledged delegates than presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton – called the response “extraordinary.”

“I have no doubt that with the energy and enthusiasm our campaign has shown that we can win significant numbers of local and state elections if people are prepared to become involved,” Sanders said in the release. “This will be part of transforming our country from the bottom on up.”

Just what America needs…

An army of socialist politicians who think climate change is a greater threat than terrorism.


  1. Jim says

    Following in the master’s footsteps – not getting a paying job until age 40, then going into government. Wow, what a concept.

  2. MicahStone says

    “Thousands of Bernie Sanders Supporters Now Plan to Run For Public Office”
    —well, they aren’t qualified for any real job !!!!

  3. Bob says

    We can only pray that they get the same crowds as Bernie Sanders, and thus we get even more footage of them screaming “America was never great”

  4. salg says

    thousands of public officials that believe the worker has no right to the fruits of their labor. if a worker doesn’t have the right to the fruits of their labor they are a slave. gee when we get rid of that evil capitalism thet spread wealth to more people in history to replace it with an economic system that concentrates all wealth in the hands of the rulers that will be paradise.

    • Box says

      right…..”you didnt build that” anyway so why would you be entitled to reap the fruits?

  5. oldguy says

    In the Army, we would dig a little trench around our tents to divert rainwater around our tents. Encourage these Bernies to provide our drainage against the Democrat party.

  6. Amerikztan says

    In 1923, as Germans suffered massive inflation, a small lunatic named Adolf was gaining a small following in local beer halls among an enraged citizenry. He failed in his attempts to win local elections as he invented ‘barnstorming’ to small towns, exploiting the German’s rage, and similarly urged his followers to run. Hitler served about 10 months in jail for inciting the riots after his appearences. In the 10 years leading up to Hitlers run for local chancellor, the future nazi party Loyals began winning in local elections, and exploiting the frustration of Germans struggling with their wheelbarrows of german currency and gold to purchase a loaf of bread to change laws in order to garner enough support for Hitlers rise to power. Liberals are like that today as they attempt to steal the criticisms of Barack Obama and hhis similarities to the nazi formula, and apply it to a possible Trump Oligarchy. Considering the alternative Estrogen Nazi party envisioned by Hillary, Trump is the populist solution to a continuation of Obama’s Distopian ‘great society’. Sanders is hoping to exploit millenials neglect of history to overcome Hillary’s leftist appeal as her history continues to drain her electability.

    • Msgr_Moment says

      Reality check: Sanders isn’t the candidate fanning the flames of hatred towards foreigners (and American-born Muslims and people of Hispanic heritage). Or are you going to tell me that old RWNJ bullshit about Hitler being a socialist who seized everybody’s guns?

      • Amerikztan says

        No, Sanders is fanning the flames of hatred toward capitalism, Americans, and the United States. are you alleging trump is fanning flames by telling you the truth? Since 9/11, Muslims have been responsible for the majority of violence in the name of their ideology, not Christians. Trump, or his supporters didn’t kill 49 and injure 50 in the Orlando nightclub, shoot Kate Steinle in San Francisco,shoot up an office party in San Bernadino, shoot service men and women at Ft. Hood, drive by two military bases in Chatanooga Tennessee kiling 8 more, bomb and shoot up Paris, Brussels, or rape countless women across Europe. Pay attention : They were Muslims, and Muslim sympathizers.
        Hitler DID disarm Germans, and slaughtered millions you LWNJ. Looks like YOU have MORE ‘stuff to look up’ and LEARN.

        • Msgr_Moment says

          Yeah, like that Muslim in Charleston, Sandy Hook, Oklahoma City, and the list goes on. 200 killed in the US from gun violence the week following Orlando. Daesh (That’s the name they don’t want to be called, fwiw) WANTS you to hate. They WANT you to believe that they are behind it all. That’s what “terror” is all about. As near as I can tell this guy in Orlando was a nutjob who was not sent here to commit terror, he just liked to talk tough. Like you. You have a shiny semi-automatic penis substitute like he did?

          • Amerikztan says

            No. Those were liberals,lunatics, and extremists. The 200 killed in the U.S. were just a week in Democratic Chicago. As near as I can tell you can twist anything like a screw. He may not have been SENT, but he was self-radicalized. He made nearly a dozen calls establishing his alleigance to Islam to cover his gay shame.. Sandy Hook was a lunatic who snapped, stole his mother’s gun while in a psychotic rage. Charleston was an angry radicalized white supremist, much like Omar Mateen was motivated for HIS radical belief. You are the first LMNJ to suggest an Islamic group was behind his personal guilt rampage, but his history already has exposed his years of self loathing inspired by his interest in Islam. His wife, and ex-wife confirm that. kid. As near as I can tell, you are a raging liberal lunatic grasping at straws in fear of Trump. After 8 years of Obama, and the threat of Hillary Clinton, Trump is standing up to your flawed belief system. and I am correcting your flawed defense. Go hug an Ebola plushy in your safe room, kid. Maybe you should lock the door too.

          • Msgr_Moment says

            So how do you do something about this epidemic of violence? I’m really curious. What do we do about this violence? Or are you content with having so many people killed? Ooops, sorry. I forgot. We’re at “war”. Worked so well for Cheney.

          • Amerikztan says

            Fire Obama, Shut down your liberal news ‘sources’, and by correcting fools with facts, kid. Any more stupid questions? You need to research multiple sources. what makes you think I like all of this killing by crazy liberals, Bernie supporters, blackliesmatter ? Put down your screwdriver, liberal and back away.

          • Msgr_Moment says

            These murderers were liberals and Bernie supporters because that fits your narrative, and believing otherwise would upset your worldview? I’m seriously curious, but people like you hang out in hate rooms like this and work yourself into a lather about how Obama is going to take away your guns. Why? Probably you think that because he’s a blah. Racism, accelerated by hanging around with other paranoids. Are you in a militia as defined in Article II of the Constitution? If not, you don’t need to the firepower to turn your deer meat into ground round at the same time you kill it. But, yeah, hang around in this circlejerk of hate and keep telling yourself that Obama is going to take away your guns. Were you shitting yourself in the Air raid shelter during Jade Helm? Maybe you should go back and wait out this election.

          • Amerikztan says

            I’m not a hater, and I do not hang out at rawstory, HuffPo, or politico with raging haters like you. You can’t be taken seriously, and if you WERE curious, you’d stop parroting your party captions, and learn to discern truth. Obama may try to take away guns, but you need to ask youself why they haven’t repealed the second amendment yet. It looks like you are working up the lather, I’m just wiping your face, kid. Go ahead. Copy and Paste ANY racism from me. Maybe YOU need to read the articles, not just the comments, and checking your votes up. Maybe you should do more than a fraction of the research I’ve done. Go stuff your liberal militia in your Tweets.

          • Amerikztan says

            You are a Moron, and I will not waste any more lessons on you. Take your invective somewhere else you perverted agnostic.

          • Msgr_Moment says

            “Lessons”. Wow. Should I feel entitled and honored, should I await your bill, or should I consider you a pompous, condescending shit?

  7. Seamus says

    Seven thousand potential slugs on the taxpayer’s dime. What an inspiration the 40 yr old bum has been. Remember, he didn’t get a regular job til he was forty, and he’s been on the gov’t teat ever since.