Three Year Old Girl Brainwashed Into Saying WE’RE GOING TO KILL TRUMP (VIDEO)

3 year old kill Trump

You can tell how panicked the left is about Trump by how unhinged their behavior is becoming. If they didn’t see Trump as a threat, things like this wouldn’t be happening.

From BizPac Review:

‘We’re going to kill Donald Trump!’ 3-year-old girl brainwashed into saying shocking things

A disturbing video surfaced Monday of a girl telling her parents at the dinner table, “We’re going to kill Donald Trump.”

But the girl is reportedly only three-years old, and obviously doesn’t know who Trump is — the words were “put in her mouth” by her parents who kept encouraging her to repeat the sick statement.

The original video was picked up by Mark Dice, who reposted it on his YouTube channel after blurring out the girl’s face — something the parents didn’t bother doing.

After she made that declaration, you can hear her mother asking why he has to be killed.

“Because he’s bad,” the little girl replied.

“That’s right,” Mom agreed.

“Why is he bad,” her father asked.

“Cause he wants to take away our family” the girl answered, suggesting that the family is here illegally.

In his commentary, Dice reported that the family were Mexican nationals.

Watch the video:

Let’s hope the Secret Service and child protective services pay this family a little visit.



  1. The Thump says

    The victimized sore loser whiners are reaching the bottom of the cesspool .. the best they could dig up is a NYC con-artist on a third marriage to a Euro trash model whose only skill seems to be producing anchor babies.

    This is the new face of the GOP.

    • Buster000 says

      Hopefully it’s not just me but I would love a first lady like that. Beats the last ones by a long shot. Guess that’s the difference between exotic and barnyard, e.g deer/fox vs cow/pig/donkey/etc…….

    • JustSayBlow says

      better than a marxist con artist with a manly wife and dubious birth records.. the current face of the demomarxists…

    • Vae Victis says

      Why are you body shaming her, you sexist bigot!

      I thought the left was AAALLLL about “body positivity” and “free the nipple” and other feminist tripe?

      Oh, that’s right, leftists are AAALLLL about hypocrisy too.

  2. Don Keller says

    Oh, how cute! A little illegal welfare rat eating food paid for by our tax dollars and making fun of Trump.

    Sadly, this may be the most remarkable thing she or her illegal family may ever do in their lifetimes…

  3. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Catnip articles like this sure send the emotionally fragile into a frenzy.

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