VIDEO: Triggliots Go Bonkers, Campus Cops Try To Shut Down Trump Event

vlcsnap-2016-06-11-00h51m34s46The Portland State University Students For Trump chapter were back at it, this time holding an event called “BUILD THE WALL”, where they literally brought a replica wall to campus.

At first campus police told them they could not bring it on the university property because it is a “structure” and they didn’t have a permit. What’s quite interesting about that is the fact that the wackjob SJW groups on campus have been getting away with violating “policy” after “policy” over and over during their protests and marches. They use amplified devices, march through the halls of the buildings screaming and yelling, they literally took over a PSU board of trustees meeting that cause the board members to flee, and they staged a “die in” in the street, all of which were ignored by campus police and, as far as this author can tell, no punishment was handed down. If there were, then they were so light that it did not cause any of the students to think twice before doing it all again at the next protest.

The students began setting up The Wall off campus, then realized what cucks the campus police are and that none of the policies would be enforced, so they returned to the park blocks in the heart of the campus. This time a city park Ranger decided to tell them the wall had to go. The students made the case that The Wall was a “sign” and not a “structure”. The Ranger cucked himself off and the students continued on, with police monitoring both on the ground in uniform, and in plain clothes from the balcony of a nearby building, where an officer had a video camera and was filming the event.

While there was no mass counter protest, as previous Students For Trump events have seen, there were several passers by who decided they would try to get into it with the Trump supporters. The most eccentric of them were these two, where

the female says to the group “You all are intolerant… I don’t want to coexist with this hate” as they discussed illegal immigration. She asks if anyone has tried to get citizenship in another country, and a Trump supporter responds with “No, because I love my country.” The Trump supporters start to chant “USA! USA!” while the male dissenter starts shaking and screaming “WAIT A MINUTE! WAIT A MINUTE!” as the worried look overtakes him apparently triggered by the chant of USA, while a look of disgust overtakes the female as she calls them “pathetic”. The dude loses it and starts going off. “YOU THINK SHOUTING USA IS THE ONLY THING YOUR PATRIOTISM MEANS?!?!?!” as the chant morphed into “BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WALL!”

The female goes on to hold a long drawn out quote from poet Robert Frost, while insulting the Trump supporters’ IQs. “You are the party of ignorance” she says, as the male starts to have a break down. He steps away while the female continues to engage. After a brief exchange about past Presidents and policies, she goes “I can’t believe what you are doing. You are making people unsafe. You are making people unsafe.” When asked to clarify how the Trump supporters are making people unsafe, she responds with “Look how combative you people are”, even though she’s the one who came over and started calling people “idiots”. One man pipes up and says “If this is unsafe, maybe you should take a trip to the other side of the Mexican border” while the female says “I will spend the rest of my life making sure…” but then doesn’t finish. “We’re gunna make it against the law for this” says the SJW female. “Free speech will be against the law, according to the tolerant left” says a Trump supporter. She responds with “We are going to expand the definition of ‘hate speech’ to include what you are doing right here”, as she then starts shaking her head in disgust with the mere mention of the Constitution. “Well, good luck with your pasty, white bread America you want so badly” she comes back with. The last question lobbed her way was “What other federal laws should just be ignored?” to which she says “I’m done”. “If you want one federal law to be ignored, should, say, the gun laws be ignored? Should the civil rights act be ignored?” as a look of total confusion overtakes her. “Why aren’t you protesting Mexico’s southern border wall?” as she storms off, flipping the bird to everyone.

Also on hand were LGBT Trump supporters, as others took to chalking the sidewalks with pro Trump slogans and imagery, including a chalk wall. Mainstream media asked the Trump students to clarify on the race issue. One old bag and her daughter (?) went on about how Trump’s immigration policy is racist, and while a Trump supporter is calmly responding, the young hagling just says “Let’s go. Fuck Donald Trump” while, as usual, flipping everyone off.


    • beamerican says

      One of those guys should have taken one for the team and gallantly asked her out on her first date, so she wouldn’t be so angry and hostile to an opposing view.

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  1. Deserttrek says

    the middle video is almost unreal …. the two chubbie libs are a clear example of the lack of estrogen in women and the excess of estrogen in too many young white males

  2. says

    God Bless …
    (please excuse the religious reference, but I wouldn’t want anyone to feel compelled to seek a safe space from something they don’t have to read *phew*) … ~◔^◔~

    God Bless America’s young people who can recognize Shieße from Shinola.
    The anarchists, La Raza Lawyers, SEIU thugs, BLM, Bernie / Hillary supporters and the rest of the violent ¡Si, se puede! crowd can pound sand – preferably in Baja, Mess’ko.

  3. drattastic says

    The liberal air head wants to expand the definition of hate speech to include anything she doesn’t agree with. Liberal logic 101.

    • SplashAvoca says

      Because then she’ll have the power of the gulag to SHUT YOU UP!! And she means to use it.

  4. Screwhead22 says

    The idea that occurs to me when I see these college age SJW screaming for safe spaces and wanting to rip up the Constitution to keep from hearing ideas that offend them is that this is the Day Care Generation.
    Think about it: Mom and Dad not providing much of a safe space for their little kids as they are both away at work, a room full of screaming needy children and a few stressed out day care workers trying to keep order, and those kids grow up needing to be “protected” from hurtful language and people who disagree with them.
    I am willing to admit I could be wrong, but I still think this is something to consider.
    Maybe they just need good, old fashioned disciplining…/sarc

    • salg says

      day care and pre-school are to create places to indoctrinate children before they reach the age of reason. the left uses high taxation to force mothers into the workplace so the left can indoctrinate their children.

  5. Don Keller says

    If I was that nasty skank, I’d be more worried about how I could ever get laid being that mean and ugly…

  6. Mel says

    The blonde girl gave a cogent argument to the intolerant liberal emotional (Robert Frost poem holder) girl as to why she was supporting Trump.

    The intolerant liberal girl had no argument to present so after her failed emotional hollow argument hit bottom, her answer is to turn and walk away and flip off those who argued with her effectively.

    This is why the youngsters in college need to be presented with both sides, so they can KNOW all angles and don’t get emotionally attached to the paper argument.

    Good job young folk!

  7. The Concerned Conservative says

    WTF is a “Triggliot”? Someone please clue me in. Thank you.

  8. says

    Fat ass pajama boy loser with its lesbian fat chick who doesn’t want to co-exist with this young dudes that believe in Trump, so let her jump off of a bldg.

  9. PFKMan23 says

    Unreal. I went to pretty liberal university (University of California Santa Cruz), and things were weird, but no where near this insane.

  10. halevi says

    Watching this video, the Trump supporters seem like the adults and the anti-Trumpers seem like rebellious children.

  11. redking says

    Why didn’t anyone ask them what they think about the wall in Israel? That would be alright for those two, right? Borders for Israel, open borders for America.

    • SplashAvoca says

      No. I think they would have condemned the Israeli wall. Anti-semitism is all the rage among the perpetually offended on college campuses these days.

  12. says

    These two effete liberals are the epitome of the group. It is clear that they have been so accustomed to sitting in their “c_i_r_c_l_e_J_e_r_k_s” only to hear “yeah, I agree”, “those people are idiots” blah, blah, blah and when confronted on their intolerance and ignorance descend into their unsafe zone. This is why being critically or physically challenged is important to one’s own development. I blame their parents, schools, and their peers.