THE VIEW: Host Says Trump is Working With ISIS to Kill Americans (VIDEO)

Joy Behar Trump

The women of The View say stupid things all the time but at some point it crosses a line and now is one of those times.

View host Joy Behar actually claimed this week that Donald Trump is working with ISIS to kill Americans.

NewsBusters reported:

The View: Orlando Shooter Had No Ties to ISIS but Trump Is ‘Working With ISIS to Kill Us’

It’s hard to believe, but it seems like the women at The View say crazier things as each day passes. On Tuesday’s program, the panel was one-sided with no token conservative co-hosts on-board and consequently things got a little out-of-hand. The ladies discussed the Orlando shooting again as more information came out, and discussed who was to blame. ABC’s Sara Haines and Whoopi Goldberg outright denied the shooter had any ties to ISIS and downplayed the idea that Islamic terrorism was even the reason for the attack at all.

Instead, Joy Behar suggested, the blame should be put on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump…

JOY BEHAR: The thing about Trump though, he’s the recruiter in chief.


BEHAR: He is basically working with ISIS to kill us. They are working together. Just remember what I’m saying.

Watch the video:

At what point do these idiots get held accountable for saying such inaccurate and slanderous things?



  1. drattastic says

    So I guess there are people who are actually dumb enough to buy this…of course there are, obama two terms…

  2. Jim says

    Was she chewing her cud? I saw her jaw moving from side to side. I will admit the critical determination by not hearing a “mooooo” was not realized. That may be because cows have better table manners then Behar.

  3. formwiz says

    Just let her go.

    If ABC ever realize these harpies give America its impression of the Left, they’ll pull the plug in a heartbeat.

  4. Pat Henry says

    OMFG who even watches that stupid show anyway? Probably 800 pound unemployed women with no life that’s who. Who cares what they say on that show? I’m glad somebody actually watched it to let us know the crazy crap they are spewing! Cable TV is a dying medium and this stupid show is just one of the many programming failures that are leading to the cable TV demise.

    • Peter Wiggin says

      It appears he made no suggestion of mispeaking…and leaked State Department e-mails from Clinton servers clearly shows the rational by the Obama administration as to why they were training al-Qaeda in Iraq against Assad’s Syria…

  5. LouAnnWatson says

    joyless blowhard’s whole career was made possible by her first husband, who was a new york t v producer…another shrill “independent feminist warrior” ala hillary clinton

  6. crewchief68 says

    The same is in the minds of many, BUT, it’s Barack Obama they see as the person who appears to be aiding ISIS by his action of inactions.

  7. Aquastar says

    The Left is going apoplectic trying to deflect from the fact there have been at least 8 attacks (and counting) under their watch.

    With almost one hundred dead and over 300 wounded.

    The death toll mounts and they kvetch about gun control, Trump, and racism while we run a greater and greater risk of being victims to a group our own govt refuses to acknowledge.

  8. Dawn says

    More Leftist False Flag Distractions over Guccifer 2.0 Hillary email release exposing Obama/Clinton arming ISIS/AlQueada
    The Insane Left or Is It Just Evil ?
    All Criminals, Marxists & Terrorists Want Citizens Un-Armed !