“White Woman Of Color” Feels Guilty For Not Being Oppressed

vlcsnap-2016-06-29-15h49m42s46The SJWs appear to have crossed over into new territory. This half Croatian, half Lebanese college student gives a speech about how she is a “white woman of color”, and how she is not judged or profiled like other students who wear hijabs. She feels guilty that she is seen as “an innocent doe eyed white girl… I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for not receiving the same treatment that my fellow Arabs are given. And it hurts me, knowing that I cannot feel the same pain that my people possess”

So, is she oppressed because she’s not being oppressed? Do others need to oppress her to relieve her of this guilt? Is it now racist to NOT oppress people? This girl to seems to have the best of both worlds, as she can flaunt “white privilege” when she needs to or she can be an oppressed woman color when that card needs to be played.

This was part of a presentation titled “The White Elephant in the Newsroom: The National News Narrative and the Color of Terrorism” during Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month” in April.

Earlier in the event, they studied the profiles of mass shooters and how the media frames them, and related it to race. Apparently half black is considered white when the person is question is a criminal, because the presenters, Teela Foxworth and Imran Haider, claim that Umpqua Community College shooter Christopher Harper-Mercer is white, even though he is bi-racial.

By that logic, President Obama is just another old, rich white guy, Stephen Curry won the MVP because of his “white privilege” that oppressed LeBron James and Kevin Durant, and Russell Wilson is just another white quarterback.


  1. HARP2 says

    And it hurts me, knowing that I cannot feel the same pain that my people possess”

    Move to Syria to feel it.

    • Mabel Evans says


    • Cory Hayes says


  2. Benji0804 says

    Join Islam and know oppression first had. We really need a world war, people are being coming to blind
    to what Islam is and men are becoming to feminine.

  3. El Conquistador says

    What just happened? She can’t feel the pain “her people” feel every day? Can she feel the pain “her people” bring every day?

  4. FlamingLimousineLiberal says

    Someone please find a sand flea to beat, rape, and control this under-oppressed woman. She’s clearly missing out on life’s finer experiences.

    • Amerikztan says

      Really? Get your imitation hemmerhoids out of my grill, cup-flake.
      As to the unsociable unjustified worrier: We feel your…um,…lack of ‘pain’.

        • Amerikztan says

          I don’t diagree with your sentiment, just your uneccesarily crude and crass language to communicate it. Can YOU still sit down? See? that’s the difference between yours and my style.

  5. Destiny Storm says

    There is no such thing as “white privilege”. Just another race baiting buzz word, used by the left.

  6. drattastic says

    She needs to take her victim status craving ass to ISIS “terrortory”( yes spelled that way on purpose) and let them show her how a real Arab man treats a woman.

  7. Lost Cannon says

    I think we should send her on a trip to the middle east (perhaps Libya) or some place where ISIS has a foothold, then she can get all the oppression she desires. Perhaps she’ll be sold off as a sex slave or even better yet married off to an 65 year old Imam.

  8. Seamus says

    She’s obviously mentally unstable. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to experience what other people experience. She’s fraud. The only cure? Put on your stupid, oppressive hijab. Then you can contact the prez of Obamistan and he’ll give you the prezidential medal of Oppression (formerly Freedom).

  9. JY1 says

    There’s a scientific name for this mental disorder or “link”:


    There are people she can pay to giver her some hurt.

  10. BenFranklin says

    As soon as Socialism comes into power she will feel the equal oppression of the Socialist party…

  11. GOP -> Built that says

    She should certainly join the Republican party …there is no shortage of oppressed, victimized sore losers there.

    • Arcadia Berger says

      Since the 2016 election, of course, the Republican party is now the home of whiny sore winners….

  12. politicallynaive says

    Good…how ’bout moving to Detroit or North East D.C. when graduating…You’ll love it there……

  13. Amerikztan says

    I cannot sympathize with this Socialized Unjustifiable Worrier princess.
    She has feigned pain on the brain.

  14. Coldshatter the Deplorable. says

    She can come make me a ham sandwich and do my laundry and clip my toenails if that will ease her conscience?