Hillary Gets Heckled During Economic Speech

Hillary econ speech

Hillary Clinton gave a speech on the economy today and was interrupted by a heckler at the end. Rather than acknowledging the interruption, she spoke over him and then the crowd started applauding.

Mediaite reported:

Heckler Interrupts Hillary Clinton Economic Speech

A heckler interrupted Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s economic policy speech Monday, shouting questions about the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.

It was difficult to hear what exactly the man was shouting on the video broadcast, but journalists present report that the man was shouting, “Will you restore Glass-Steagall?” and was booted by security.

The heckler was escorted out of the event by security.

Here’s the video:

(Image: YouTube)

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to Speak at La Raza Convention

Bernie and Hillary

(Image: DC Whispers)

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will both attend and speak at the convention in Kansas City on Monday.

FOX 4 News of Kansas City reported:

Thousands expected for La Raza Convention

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thousands of Hispanic leaders from across the country are coming to Kansas City Friday.

Over the next five days they will attend attend a conference sponsored by the National Council of La Raza at Bartle Hall, this national group intends to promote the positive aspects of the Latino culture while providing valuable resources to Hispanic leaders.

Some of the conference is open to the public. There will be free health screenings and a family expo. It is expected to attract more than 40,000 people to downtown Kansas City.

Democratic presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will fly to town Monday to speak at the conference.

La Raza, which means “the race,” is a left-wing group which has been accused of encouraging illegal immigration to the United States.

The report says that all of the Republican candidates were invited to attend but declined.

Classy! Bums Now Openly Peeing on the Street in de Blasio’s New York

Bum peeing in NYC

(Image: The New York Post)

In a little reported move in May of this year, New York’s city council moved to decriminalize public urination.

That news has apparently reached the city’s bum population.

From the New York Post:

20 years of cleaning up NYC pissed away

Here’s an up-close look at a quality-of-life offense the City Council wants to decriminalize.

This urinating vagrant turned a busy stretch of Broadway into his own private bathroom yesterday – an offense that would result in a mere summons if Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and her pals get their way.

Wrapped in rags and a Mets blanket the hobo wandered into traffic at around 10:30 a.m. and relieved himself as cabs, cars and buses whizzed by between West 83rd and 84th streets on the Upper West Side.

He finished his business at a nearby garbage bin, then strolled back to the front of a Victoria’s Secret store at Broadway and 85th Street, where he camped out for the rest of the day.

Not everyone is thrilled with the new policy:

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton — who in the early ’90s implemented a “broken windows” approach to policing to dramatically cut crime — is against the new plan, saying such offenses lead to more serious crimes.

Bill Caprese, 38, who lives on 82nd Street with his 6-year-old daughter, was appalled by the street urinator.

“It’s absolutely a failure of government. It’s a total abject failure,” he said. “The mayor could fix it. The governor could fix it. We need asylums.”

Enjoy your new progressive utopia, New Yorkers.

This is the world you voted for by electing de Blasio.

Illegal Immigration Activist to Host MTV Documentary Called ‘White People’

Jose Vargas

(Image: YouTube)

An illegal immigration activist named Jose Vargas, who happens to be an illegal immigrant himself, will host a new documentary for MTV called ‘White People’ which aims to explore the issue of white privilege.

MTV, which used to show music videos, has apparently joined the social justice cause with Rolling Stone magazine which used to write music reviews before they began publishing false rape stories.

Here’s how MTV is promoting the program:

Watch The ‘White People’ Cast Get Real About Race In This New Trailer

Working on the new MTV documentary “White People” has sent Pulitzer Prize-winning filmmaker and journalist Jose Antonio Vargas all over the United States. In his travels, he teamed up with 5 young people to dig deeper into what it really means to be white in our country and why it matters.

In the newest trailer, you meet the cast of young people who appear in the film — and they bare it all. Sharing thoughts, feelings and personal stories about their race, they help Vargas further explore ideas like white privilege, affirmative action and racial identity: All with the goal of starting some real and honest conversations in a thoughtful, judgment-free environment.

You can watch the trailer below.

It’s worth noting that if you substituted the word ‘white’ for any other segment of the American public, MTV would probably have a lawsuit on its hands. How is this not racist?

CHA-CHING! New York City to Pay Occupy Wall Street Thugs Over $300K

(Image: Investment Watch)

In case you haven’t heard, a number of Occupy Wall Street “protesters” are cashing in on claims of police brutality from their destruction of Zuccotti Park in 2011.

In a sense, New York taxpayers are being charged twice. First they had to pay to clean up the mess left by the OWS crowd. Now they have to pay for these settlements with the NYPD.

For a crowd that claims to be against Capitalism, the OWS folks sure seem to like cashing in.

CBS News reported:

NYC reaches settlement with Occupy Wall Street protesters

NEW YORK — The city has agreed to pay a total of $332,500 to six Occupy Wall Street protesters who said police unjustly blasted them with pepper spray in an episode that helped propel the movement into the spotlight.

The settlements, reached in recent weeks, range from $52,500 to $60,000 per person in cases arising from Occupy’s early days in September 2011. They’re among a number of payouts the city has OK’d over its handling of the protests against economic inequality while fighting some other claims.

The city’s Law Department said Monday the latest settlements were in the city’s best interest; the New York Police Department didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. The protesters’ lawyers said the lawsuits held police accountable for their actions.

Did anyone hold the OWS folks accountable for their actions after they ruined a public park, destroyed local businesses, and annoyed the entire community?

Here’s a question no one seems to be asking…

Why was it necessary to pepper spray Occupy Wall Street protesters?

Nothing like that ever happened at a Tea Party.

World’s Strictest Gun Control Fails to Prevent Drive-by Shooting in Germany

Gun Control

(Image: American Vision)

Any act of violence that claims the lives of innocent people is nothing to joke about but if Democrats are to be believed, gun violence can be prevented by stricter gun control laws.

Germany has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, certainly in Europe, yet gun violence can and does still take place there. The Telegraph UK reported Friday:

Two dead in Germany drive-by shootings

Two “courageous” mechanics overpowered a gunman suspected of killing two elderly victims in drive-by shootings in southern Germany on Friday.

The two workers managed to wrestle the suspect to the ground when he pulled over at the petrol station after allegedly gunning down an 82-year-old woman and a male cyclist, 72.

Police said they do not yet know the motive for the attacks, which took place around 10am local time when the 47-year-old gunman, named only as Bernd G. under German privacy laws, ​ allegedly ​ fired at his victims from a silver Mercedes convertible in Leutershausen in the Ansbach district in northern Bavaria.

Here’s how the Library of Congress website describes gun control in Germany:

The German system of gun control is among the most stringent in Europe. It restricts the acquisition, possession, and carrying of firearms to those with a creditable need for a weapon. It bans fully automatic weapons and severely restricts the acquisition of other types of weapons. Compulsory liability insurance is required for anyone who is licensed to carry firearms.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Obama has repeatedly called for greater gun control in the U.S. and Hillary Clinton has already indicated that she would also push the issue.

The Washington Post reported Friday:

Hillary Clinton’s push on gun control marks a shift in presidential politics

In her standard stump speech, Hillary Rodham Clinton talks about fighting income inequality, celebrating court rulings on gay marriage and health care, and, since the Emanuel AME Church massacre, toughening the nation’s gun laws.

That last component marks an important evolution in presidential politics. For at least the past several decades, Democrats seeking national office have often been timid on the issue of guns for fear of alienating firearms owners. In 2008, after Barack Obama took heat for his gaffe about people who “cling to guns or religion,” he rarely mentioned guns again — neither that year nor in his 2012 reelection campaign.

But in a sign that the political environment on guns has shifted in the wake of recent mass shootings — and of Clinton’s determination to stake out liberal ground in her primary race against insurgent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — Clinton is not only initiating a debate about gun control but also vowing to fight the National Rifle Association.

Politics shouldn’t eclipse the constitutional rights of the American people but when has that ever stopped a progressive before?

Time Features Progressive Saint Elizabeth Warren on Their Latest Cover

(Image: Time Magazine)

Time Magazine has graced the cover of its new issue with a picture of Elizabeth Warren, the self proclaimed intellectual parent of the Occupy movement.

The New York Times won’t list Ted Cruz’s new book on their bestsellers list but Time, one of America’s most influential magazines, will give a positive cover story to the left’s favorite lawmaker:

How Elizabeth Warren’s Populist Fury is Remaking Democratic Politics

Begin with the anonymous pamphlets left scattered amid the ketchup and mustard packets at Hillary Clinton’s Fourth of July weekend rally in Hanover, N.H. “As Secretary of State, I saw how extreme economic inequality has corrupted other societies,” the sheet read, quoting Clinton from a speech. Those words appeared just above the corporate logos of companies whose employees gave the most to Clinton’s campaigns—JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, among others. A punch line followed: “Do you believe her?”

Here’s the punchline to the story. A writer at Boston.com (which is owned by the Boston Globe) has tried to claim that the Time cover and story are unflattering.

I kid you not:

Hey look, another magazine cover story about Elizabeth Warren as a scary ghost

Elizabeth Warren appears on the cover of Time magazine this week alongside the suggestive headline, “Who’s Afraid of Elizabeth Warren?”

“She’s hounding Obama, haunting Hillary, and paving the way for Bernie Sanders. How she’ll shape the 2016 race,” the tagline reads.

The cover portrays Warren as a Hound of the Baskervilles-like presence, “haunting” and “hounding” the political powers that be. If that sounds familiar, that’s because Time is the third magazine to recently put the Massachusetts senator on its cover next to some description of her scariness and ghoulishness.

Maybe the writer can get back to us when Warren gets the Michele Bachmann treatment on a magazine cover.

What Media Bias? NY Times Won’t Include Ted Cruz’s Book on Bestsellers List

Ted Cruz A Time For Truth
(Image: FOX News Latino)

Despite the fact that it’s already selling very well, the New York Times won’t include Ted Cruz’s new book on their bestsellers list. If more people were able to learn about Cruz and his positive vision for America, they might actually like him and the New York Times can’t have that.

Dylan Byers of Politico:

N.Y. Times keeps Cruz off bestseller list

The New York Times informed HarperCollins this week that it will not include Ted Cruz’s new biography on its forthcoming bestsellers list, despite the fact that the book has sold more copies in its first week than all but two of the Times’ bestselling titles, the On Media blog has learned.

Cruz’s “A Time For Truth,” published on June 30, sold 11,854 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen Bookscan’s hardcover sale numbers. That’s more than 18 of the 20 titles that will appear on the bestseller list for the week ending July 4. Aziz Ansari’s “Modern Romance,” which is #2 on the list, sold fewer than 10,000 copies. Ann Coulter’s “Adios America,” at #11, sold just over half as many copies.

Cruz’s publisher contacted the Times and got a predictably lame response:

This week, HarperCollins, the book’s publisher, sent a letter to The New York Times inquiring about Cruz’s omission from the list, sources with knowledge of the situation said. The Times responded by telling HarperCollins that the book did not meet their criteria for inclusion.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, it should. In 2008, as the media was going ga-ga over Barack Obama, the New York Times refused to publish an op-ed by John McCain:

The Times and the McCain Op-Ed

The Op-Ed section of The New York Times has decided not to publish an opinion piece submitted by Senator John McCain in response to one published last week by his Democratic rival, Senator Barack Obama, on his plan for Iraq.

The decision occurs against the backdrop of the candidates’ dueling visions on the war in Iraq and how to handle the war going forward, particularly whether there should be a timetable for withdrawal or “time horizons” as spoken by President Bush or a measured troop presence for the foreseeable future to maintain stability.

Keep all of this in mind the next time anyone tells you there’s no bias against conservatives in media.