‘War on Humans’: New Film Exposes the Real Goals of the Radical Environmentalists

If you believe the ultimate goal of the radical environmental movement is to stop “man-made climate change” by getting people to drive electric cars and by taxing companies for carbon emissions tax, guess again.

A recently released documentary reveals the tree-huggers’ real aim is to “save the planet” by greatly reducing the human population – perhaps by as much as 90 percent.

“The War on Humans” is a 30-minute film produced by the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think tank that deals with issues relating to science, culture and bioethics. In the film, director John West exposes the dark side of America’s extreme environmentalists, who reject the idea that human beings should hold a special place in nature over the “non-human animals.”

More to the point: The extremists believe humans are a “plague on the planet” and the only cure is massive depopulation. To achieve that ambitious plan, the radicals have developed a long-range strategy for carrying it out, as “War on Humans” makes clear.

Phase One is a propaganda campaign to get people – particularly school children and university students – to buy into the premise that human beings aren’t inherently better than other specious. In fact, humans might be worse because their selfish actions are responsible for destroying the earth.

To that end, the environmentalists have been using the nation’s education system to convince the upcoming generation that human activity is the sole cause of climate change. They’re also communicating their “humans are destroying the planet” message through popular Hollywood movies, most recently 2014’s “Noah.”
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With Nation’s School Lunches Fundamentally Transformed, Michelle O Eyes ‘Talking Shopping Carts’


First, Michelle Obama seized control of your child’s school lunch and made it “healthy.” Now, the First Lady wants to change the way you buy groceries.

A new 80-page report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture explains that federal bureaucrats hope to use a variety of tools to modify the way Americans select food items at the supermarket.

The stated goal is steer consumers toward fruits and vegetables – and away from sugar- and fat-laden items. The plan is in line with “Michelle Obama’s stated second term agenda to ‘impact the nature of food in grocery stores,’” reports FreeBeacon.com.

While the feds’ plan deals mostly with the 47 million Americans who participate in the government’s food stamp program, it would indirectly affect all consumers.

According to FreeBeacon.com, the federal busybodies want to provide food-stamp shoppers with “incentives” for making healthy food choices – such as discounts or free movie tickets – and even talking shopping carts that will notify them when they’ve selected enough healthy items.

The high-tech carts – which would cost every grocery store about $30,000 to provide – would be physically divided and color coded to help consumers select approved food items. It would also “have a system installed so that when the shopping cart reaches its healthy ‘threshold’ it would congratulate the customer,” FreeBeacon.com reports.
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Pro-Palestinian Protesters Fail in Effort to Keep Jewish Student Off University Board


The Israeli-Palestinian may be based in the Middle East, but it’s causing tension and turmoil at one of the largest universities in the United States.

On Wednesday, regents for the University of California (UC) confirmed Jewish student Avi Oved as the 2015-16 student member of the university’s governing board, despite angry protests from pro-Islam, pro-Palestinian student activists.

The activists claim Oved’s pro-Israel views disqualify him from representing UC’s 230,000 students, a sizeable number of whom want university leaders to boycott Israel and any companies that do business with it, SFGate.com reports.

“Oved opposes boycott and divestment, and has helped defeat such resolutions at UCLA,” the news site adds.

The pro-Palestinian activists’ also criticize Oved for accepting a donation to his student government campaign last year from a pro-Israel philanthropist who has allegedly “tweeted” anti-Islamic statements.

“(Oved) cannot represent all the students without a conflict of interest,” Marium Navid, a Muslim student from UC Davis, told the regents.

Student Azka Fayyaz, accused UC regents of being “complicit in Islamophobia” by selecting Oved, while students snapped their fingers in support, reports SFGate.com.

That’s a stunningly silly charge considering that just last year, UC regents selected a Muslim student who is an outspoken pro-Palestinian activist to serve on the university’s governing board.

But facts don’t matter to ideological extremists who are interested only in advancing their worldview.

Sam Levine, executive director of the western region of the Zionist Organization of America, defended Oved by noting the only reason some UC students oppose him “ is because he’s Jewish and pro-Israel.”

“There’s a strong anti-Semitic attitude on many college campuses, and it’s discriminatory,” Levine said, according to DailyCal.org.

This entire episode is just further proof that America’s institutions of higher learning – where individuals are supposed to be exposed to a variety of ideas and beliefs – have become some of the least tolerant and diverse places in the entire Western world.

School Charged Family $500 a Month to Allow Son’s Service Dog in Classroom


Sometimes it seems as if the adults running America’s schools have less common sense than their students.

Case in point: Arkansas’ Cabot School District is under a federal investigation for attempting to charge the family of a disabled first-grade boy $125 a week to bring his service dog with him to school. The district says the money is needed to pay for a dog handler to attend classes with the student and his service dog, TakePart.com reports.

Kitty Cone, the attorney representing the boy’s family, believes the district is violating federal law, namely the American with Disabilities Act.

“Under these laws, a public agency may not charge for a reasonable accommodation, such as a private dog handler, as a condition of attending the school,” Cone tells TakePart.com.

Cabot school officials initially denied access to the boy’s service dog by telling the family they could provide the same services as the boy’s dog does. That was quickly disproven, however, when the parents pointed out the service dog is specially trained to identify when their epileptic son may experience a seizure.

Apparently, that’s when district officials compromised and offered to allow the dog in school – for $500 a month.

Federal officials are expected to announce in the next few weeks whether or not the district has violated the law with its outrageous demands.

TakePart.com reports there have been “numerous cases … in recent years across the United States about students’ rights to have service animals with them at school.”

Professor Lex Frieden, the chief architect of the Americans with Disabilities Act, tells the news site that fussbudget school leaders should be aware that restricting service animals from the classroom could put them on the wrong side of one or more state and federal laws.

SEIU Wins: Deficit-Plagued L.A. School District Raises Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour


The Los Angeles Unified School District’s annual budget deficit over the past four school years has averaged half a billion dollars – $508.5 million to be exact.

But LAUSD’s progressive leaders aren’t letting a chronic money shortage stop them from pursuing “social justice” for its support workers. According to DailyNews.com, the district has tentatively agreed to a “historic” labor contract that will raise the minimum wage of cafeteria workers, custodians and other service personnel to $15 an hour.

The deal “will lift nearly 20,000 LAUSD school workers and their families out of poverty,” boasts the Service Employees International Union, the labor group representing the school employees, in a press release.

CBS Los Angeles reports:

“In addition to the minimum wage increase for workers earning below $15 an hour, the agreement includes pay increases of over 6 percent for all others workers, restoration of special education work hours, and increased staffing hours, according to SEIU.”

“This historic agreement showcases how labor unions and school districts can work together for the good of our entire communities,” said SEIU official Courtni Pugh.

Who knew “social justice” could be so easy and so pain-free?

Actually, it’s not.

The feel-good $15-an-hour minimum wage rule will cause even more financial distress for the beleaguered district.

LAUSD officials filled their previous budget deficits by using one-time federal handouts, laying off teachers and non-instructional staff, and cutting student programs. Since the district hasn’t shown a resolve to keeping its expenses below its revenue, the $15-an-hour rule will likely blow a hole in the budget and make the half-billion dollar deficits of yesteryear look modest in comparison.

And that will likely result in Los Angeles students seeing their academic and extracurricular offerings scaled way back to pay the higher wages. It’s also possible that LAUSD leaders will be forced to lay off a bunch of service workers to pay the salaries of the lucky few who remain.

Of course, SEIU and the other unions could always pressure state lawmakers into raising taxes again, but even the most wild-eyed leftist has to understand that well will dry up if overused.

Any way it’s sliced, this $15-an-hour minimum wage hike is going to cause major problems for LAUSD families, taxpayers and employees.

The lesson here is two-fold: Not only is there no such thing as a free lunch, but one person’s “social justice” is another person’s “raw deal.”

The Tax Man Cometh: Bipartisan Senate Plan Would Raise Federal Gas Tax by 12 Cents

gas tax

Americans may soon look back at $4-a-gallon gas as “the good old days.”

U.S. Senators Chris Murphy (D – Conn.) and Bob Corker (R – Tenn.) are pushing a plan to increase the federal gas tax by 12 cents over two years. The senators’ plan would also “index” the hike to inflation, essentially making their plan a perpetual tax increase.

If enacted, the senators’ plan would raise the federal gas tax from 18.4 cents to 30.4 cents per gallon, the Associated Press reports. The fed’s per-gallon diesel tax would jump from 24.4 cents to 36.4 cents.

Critics say the plan would increase taxes by $164 billion and stunt economic growth.

The last time Congress raised the gas tax was in 1993, and the decision is said to be one of the factors that led to the “Republican Revolution” of 1994. Our brave D.C. leaders understand that raising the gas tax could once again prove highly unpopular with voters, which is why they may wait until after the midterm elections in November to debate the gas tax hike, the AP notes.

Labor unions and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce support the tax hike plan and say it’s a necessary “investment” in U.S. infrastructure. Supporters also note that current gas tax revenue has flat-lined in recent years because people are driving less – perhaps due to the high jobless rate – and buying more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Corker, who critics say is a “Republican in name only,” says the gas tax hike plan wouldn’t violate his earlier pledge not to raise taxes because it would be offset by extending federal tax cuts in others areas, such as allowing federal taxpayers to deduct their state and local taxes.
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Progressive Writer Contends ‘Atheists Can’t Be Republicans’


Progressives like to portray themselves as champions of tolerance and diversity, and a few of them truly are.

But for most progressives, diversity and tolerance are only acceptable when they involve things like sexual behavior, gender identity or skin color. Their “I’m okay, you’re okay” philosophy does not extend to the realm of ideas and opinions; in those areas, leftists demand conformity.

Atheist writer CJ Werleman is a typical progressive, as the title of his just-published book, “Atheists Can’t Be Republicans,” makes clear.

The nub of Werleman’s argument goes something like this: Individuals become atheists because they refuse to believe in things that can’t be measured, tested, or proven. Therefore, since Republicans’ entire political platform is based on myths and debunked theories, rational-thinkers simply cannot belong to the Grand Old Party.

Werleman explains his, ahem, logic in a recent Alternet article:

Atheists can’t be Republicans because the economic and social policies of the Republican Party have been proven abjectly false and dangerous. Much in the same way religion is false and dangerous. In other words, atheists who cling onto modern U.S. conservative ideology are hanging onto ideas that have either been proven mythical at worse or remain unproven at best. If atheists applied the same litmus test to their political ideology as they do to theology, then clearly an atheist cannot be a Republican.

The Grand Old Party (GOP) is not only a theocratic sponsor, it’s a party that has been proven wrong on just about everything in the past three decades or more: from evolution to climate change, trickle-down economics, that the Iraqis would greet us as liberators, that the Bush tax cuts would lead to jobs. It didn’t. It added $3 trillion to the debt.

They were wrong when they said the stimulus would trigger inflation, that austerity stimulates an economy in recession and that universal healthcare is worse than slavery, and they continue to prescribe debunked policies. That is when they aren’t carrying out a reenactment of the American Civil War in the chambers of the U.S. Congress i.e. obstruction, nullification, and disruption.

(Obviously, Werleman likes to paint with a broad brush, and has little use for a serious analysis of the issues he lists in rapid-fire style.)
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Former Montana Governor: Southern Men Are ‘Effeminate,’ Eric Cantor Is On My ‘Gaydar’


Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat, said in a recent interview that southern men come across as “effeminate.”

“How do I say this … men in the South, they are a little effeminate,” Schweitzer told National Journal in a recent interview.

He added:

They just have effeminate mannerisms. If you were just a regular person, you turned on the TV, and you saw Eric Cantor talking, I would say—and I’m fine with gay people, that’s all right—but my gaydar is 60-70 percent. But he’s not, I think, so I don’t know. Again, I couldn’t care less. I’m accepting.

Schweitzer is said to be a potential Democratic presidential candidate for 2016. If the former governor does run, voters south of the Mason-Dixon line will likely remind him “a southern man don’t need him around anyhow.”

Feds Strip Washington Redskins of Six Trademarks Deemed Offensive to Native Americans


The NFL’s Washington Redskins are paying a huge financial price for not kowtowing to the p.c. police who are currently running the federal government.

From USA Today:

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (part of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) canceled six trademark registrations owned by the Washington NFL club today, ruling that the term “Redskins” was disparaging to “a substantial composite” of American Indians when the marks were granted between 1967 and 1990.

The Washington team can appeal and retain its federal trademark rights in the meantime. And even if the club loses on appeal, it can continue to use the name, as it has for more than 80 years. But without trademark protection, others could potentially use the team’s name and logos to sell merchandise with impunity, although owners of unregistered marks can still try to protect them through state statutes or common law.

The announcement comes on the heels of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s declaration that he would boycott Redskins games until the franchise changes its name.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder apparently knew the government was considering stripping him of the trademarks. In a 2013 interview with USA Today, Snyder addressed the possibility by saying he would “NEVER, you can use caps” consider changing the name.

Welcome to Obama’s America, where federal officials are more worried about punishing a football team for an offensive nickname than they are about fixing the economy, controlling the southern border, or preventing Iraq from falling back into the terrorists’ hands.

New Jersey lawmakers scramble to protect teachers – not students – from the negative effects of Common Core

teacher power

Lawmakers in New Jersey’s Assembly have voted overwhelmingly in favor of legislation that would pause the use of Common Core-aligned tests in teachers’ job evaluations – for as much as two years – until officials study the issue.

NJSpotlight.com reports:

The bill would create a task force to review the impact of the new Common Core standards and the accompanying Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) testing.

Most importantly, it would delay the use of the new tests to measure schools and teachers until the task force’s review was complete. The bill doesn’t put a precise time frame on the review, but it could be up to two years.

The measure passed the state Assembly on Monday by a vote of 72-4.

No surprise, the New Jersey Education Association – the state’s powerful teachers union – supports the delay because it would protect educators from having their job reviews affected by how their students perform on the new standardized tests, at least for a while.

(The federal government used its No Child Left Behind waiver program to nudge New Jersey and other states into linking teachers’ evaluations to students’ test scores.)

Democratic Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, one of the lawmakers leading the “delay” effort, said she expected bipartisan support for her bill but was surprised it was so “overwhelming.”

“It reflects the anxiety level across the state,” Jasey told NJSpotlight.com.
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