EXPOSED>>> St. Louis Public School Lesson Plan on #Ferguson and Gentle Giant #MikeBrown – Part 2

Mike Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014.
brown robbery stroe
Michael Brown robbed a local Ferguson convenience store shortly before his death. Then Brown smashed police officer Darren Wilson in the face and wrestled the officer for his gun before he was shot dead.

At least seven black Ferguson witnesses corroborated Officer Darren Wilson’s story. Officer Darren Wilson was not indicted by the St. Louis County grand jury after an extensive investigation.

But facts be damned.
St. Louis public schools have put together a lesson plan for students on how to teach students about Ferguson and Gentle Giant Mike Brown.

** Part One is here.

Here’s more on the St. Louis Ferguson plan…

On page seven teachers are urged to use Hip-Hop music to teach about Ferguson.
(Refrain from using Mike Brown’s filthy rap lyrics)
mike brown lesson plan 7

On page 8 the teachers are urged to discuss racial inequality and the modern racism.
mike brown lesson plan 8

On page 9 teachers are urged to discuss the generations of racist laws in America.
mike brown lesson plan 9

Finally on page 12 teachers are to discuss the case for reparations.
mike brown lesson plan 12

You can read the entire document here.

This is an example of the racist porn they are teaching students in the St. Louis region.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Ferguson Activists Discuss Plans to Target White Areas (Video)

Lisa Fithian was a key organizer of the violent demonstrations that caused the shutdown of the 1999 WTO meetings in Seattle, Washington. She is an anti-capitalist revolutionary.

Anarchist leader Lisa Fithian held several training sessions this month for Ferguson activists. At least 600 “activists” have already been trained.

On Saturday one of her trainers told the attendees at a session that they were going to target white areas.

“Personally, I think we DONT need to be on West Florissant. I wanna advocate that we go on South Florissant because the people on South Florissant don’t look like me. The people on West Florissant look like me and they’re with it. So… I really don’t have anything to protest on West Florissant. So if I’m in the area I’m going to Ferguson Police Department.”

Anarchist Leader Lisa Fithian Accuses Conservative Journalists of Violence (Video)

Lisa Fithian was a key organizer of the violent demonstrations that caused the shutdown of the 1999 WTO meetings in Seattle, Washington.

Fithian is an anti-capitalist revolutionary.

Anarchist leader Lisa Fithian held training several training sessions this month for Ferguson activists.

Fithian tried to convince reporters the world is not a safe place for Socialist-Anarchists

“The world we live in is not a safe place… You probably know who Brandon Darby is, right? And Andrew Breitbart?… So that’s not a safe… You know Brandon Darby? Brandon Darby is violent.”

Brandon Darby, a former anarchist pal of Fithian’s, and currently is managing editor of Breitbart Texas.

VIDEO Captures Virginia Voting Machine Casting Ballot for Democrat When Republican Selected

The Republican Party of Virginia is monitoring an apparent problem with touch screen voting machines in Virginia Beach and other localities. The GOP has alerted local officials, as well as the Department of Elections.

They are reminding all voters using these machines to review their ballots carefully before they are cast.

Voting Machine Caught on Camera Casting Ballot for Democrat when Selecting Republican

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Top Illinois Democrat: Blacks Spend More Time in Jail, Than Church (Video)

A top Illinois Democrat was caught on tape saying many Rockford urban residents spend more time in jail than church.

Heidi Schultz, a former top staffer to Rep. Cheri Bustos, was forced to resign after her comments made the local news.
The Illinois Review reported:

Heidi Schultz, a former top staffer for Illinois Democrat Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (pictured above), is speaking out about the recording of her making racist remarks about Rockford residents.

The person Schultz accuses of recording her is Austin Quick.

“It’s him, no doubt,” said Schultz in an interview Thursday with WQAD-TV.

Schultz is heard on the audio tape describing part of Rockford as very urban and very poor, saying “Not people that, um, spend a lot of time in church. More in jail, than church.”

She says the comment she made was “wrong” and “inappropriate,” but argues that what is more wrong and inappropriate was that she was taped. She claims it was done illegally.

“It’s okay to out me,” said Schultz. “They’re going to protect him [Quick], but throw me under the bus? I’m disappointed that they would go to this new low of trying to go after somebody who isn’t even a candidate,” she said.

CAUGHT ON TAPE>>> Video Shows Voting Machine Changing Ballot from Republican to Democrat

A voter in Moline, Illinois recorded his vote switching from Republican to Democrat.
He posted the video online:

Truth Revolt reported:

A Moline, Illinois man filmed his votes on an electronic voting machine erroneously switching to the Democrat candidate after he had selected his preferred Republican candidate.

The man explains that he had heard about the machines having problems on the news and decided to film when it started happening to him. The clip shows the error happening in two separate categories.

Some who have watched the video posted to YouTube say the man’s fingers are touching too high on the display and therefore he is to blame for the error. Slow motion frames are included in the video for added clarity. Perhaps the angle of the camera lends to the uncertainty.

County Clerk Karen Kinney, as indicated in the video, assured that “there is nothing wrong” and believes because only Republicans are complaining, it must be a part of some larger conspiracy. She also cites “human error” — recalling a woman with “three-inch long fingernails” complaining that her GOP votes were switching to Democrat.

However, this is not the first complaint of its kind. Another Illinois county experienced the same problem in its local library Monday.

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Bill Whittle: ‘President Coward’ Left People to Die Once Again (Video)

Progressive President Barack Obama left US hostages to die in Iraq, just like he did in Benghazi.

Barack Obama watched American heroes dies in Benghazi real-time.
Now he’s watching as ISIS beheads US hostages in Syria.

Bill Whittle has coined the term “President Coward” to describe how Obama always puts his personal image ahead of the lives of American citizens.

He delayed the mission to rescue James Foley and other ISIS hostages because he didn’t want to be “Carterized.” He sent the men in the rescue helicopters back to their bunks as he watched our people die in real time at Benghazi. And he delayed the Osama bin Laden raid for MONTHS out of fear of what a failed attempt would do to his re-election chances.

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