EXPOSED: Veterans Affairs Department Ignores THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINTS


The Veterans Affairs Department is in a total shambles. Reports about the abuse and mistreatment of our veterans have disturbed the entire country.

But, perhaps the most alarming report is this one:

WASHINGTON – The chief watchdog at the Department of Veterans Affairs investigates less than 10 percent of the nearly 40,000 complaints it receives annually about problems at the agency, even when they concern potential harm to veteran health, Deputy Inspector General Linda Halliday said Tuesday.

The Office of Inspector General, which is responsible under federal law for rooting out mismanagement and abuse at the agency, simply doesn’t have the resources, Halliday said at a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

“There is a serious discrepancy between the size of our workforce and the size of our workload,” Halliday said. She said her office has roughly 650 professional staff members while the agency they investigate has more than 350,000 employees and a budget greater than $160 billion. “The OIG is not right-sized to respond to all the complaints that we currently receive.”

But that explanation was not good enough for VA whistleblowers at the hearing, who said that even the investigations her office does conduct are cursory and often target the VA employees who report problems – rather than the problems they are reporting.

“VA OIG investigations have been half-assedand shoddy,” said Shea Wilkes, a social worker at the Shreveport, La., VA who was criminally investigated by the inspector general after he reported hidden wait lists for care at the facility. “The VA OIG has not been independent, but is working with the VA to do damage control, white wash and intimidate truth-tellers and potential whistleblowers.”

This is the kind of treatment Veterans receive when liberals and progressives are running the show in Washington.

Image: (TheBlaze)

LIAR: Hillary Signed Off on Aide’s Side Work She Claimed SHE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Hillary Clinton being exposed yet again for another lie she has made on the 2016 campaign trail about her tenure at the US State Department.

This time around, as the Daily Caller notes, the lying scandal involves none other than Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin.

A newly uncovered document shows that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton personally signed off on a questionable employment decision she previously claimed she was not involved with.

Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin was able to work for the Clinton Foundation, Department of State and the private consulting firm Teneo Strategies as a Special Government Employee (SGE). When questioned about the arrangement, Clinton denied any involvement, but new documents obtained by Judicial Watch show that Clinton personally signed off on the position change.

Clinton signed the document March 23, 2012 to approve the change in title, according to the documents first reported by Politico.

The employment arrangement for Clinton’s deputy chief of staff raised questions about possible conflict of interest, particularly given allegations that Clinton used her position at the State Department to help the Clinton Foundation.

But don’t expect to hear about this scandal from the mainstream media.

BARF! Hillary And Lena Dunham Sit Down For Feminist Love-Fest The Media Calls an ‘Interview’

lena dunham and hillary clinton

Normally an interview with one of the most high-profile politicians is when the interviewer gets to ask really hard-hitting questions that all the other media outlets have not asked yet.

But for Hillary Clinton and liberal feminist actress Lena Dunham, this so-called “interview” between the two of them is a progressive love-fest that will make you want to barf. Here’s what Hillary tweeted about the interview:

And here are the hilarious Vines that the Washington Free Beacon posted today:

Insane White Liberal Jogger Blames Innocent Accident On WHITE PRIVILEGE (VIDEO)

white privelege

In universities across the country, college students are lectured to about “white privilege” and it seems we are finally seeing the real life impact of phony-outrage-culture that liberals love so much.

As the Daily Caller’s Blake Neff reported, the video below shows a minute accident with a baby stroller turn into a bar-room brawl because of supposed “white privilege.”

The video shows two men in a ferocious argument on the streets of Brooklyn, which appears have have broken out after one of them collided with the other while pushing a stroller. Somehow, this minor altercation escalates into threats of violence.

“Don’t fucking come at me,” the jogger warns his stroller-pushing nemesis. “I’ll kill you with one punch. You’re messing with the wrong guy. I fight for a living.”

The jogger then suggests that he deserves greater respect because he was an urban Daniel Boone, a brave pioneer who made Brooklyn inhabitable for the white race.

“The only reason white people like you live here is because I settled this fucking neighborhood for you!” he screams, arousing laughter from bystanders.

After a woman accompanying the stroller-pusher calls the jogger a “sick fuck,” the jogger begins an abrupt attack on white privilege (despite being white himself).
“You’re a sick fuck!” he screams. “White privilege! White fucking privilege! You pushed your stroller right into me, and all I say was ‘excuse you,’ and then you said, ‘fuck you fuck you!’ Fuck you, you white trash!”

The video ends with the confrontation still ongoing, leaving its final outcome uncertain.

Pretty soon, liberals will begin blaming car accidents between a white and black person on white privilege. Though that might already be happening somewhere in California.

DUH: New Comedy Central Host Thinks Racial Segregation is Still Happening In America

trevor noah

Not only are liberals destroying comedy, they also clearly do not know America history.

Comedy Central’s new host for the Daily Show, Trevor Noah, told Rolling Stone magazine in an interview this month that racial segregation is basically as big of a problem today as it was back in the 1950’s.

The 31-year-old took time away from preparing to debut his version of The Daily Show this week to have a conversation with Rolling Stone about what the political satire show will look like without longtime host Jon Stewart.

During the interview, the South African-born comedian said the show’s new era will launch Sept. 28 with more diverse writers and correspondents, and will be more focused on social media, while also remaining true to fan expectations of the Comedy Central institution.

When asked by Rolling Stone if acts of “racism” and “racist police violence” help feed a narrative that America is a white-supremacist nation, Noah said America still has a long way to go.

“I wouldn’t say America is a white-supremacist country, but I believe America suffers from a level of institutionalized racial segregation,” said the Johannesburg native. “And the effect of that is very similar to South Africa: It’s difficult to remedy that instantly.

“If you look at the legacy of slavery, if you look at the legacy of oppression…I mean even if you just look at women’s rights, take a step away from racial issues: Society has a long way to go in terms of getting women equal pay, equal recognition in the workplace, and so on,” said Noah.

Basically, Noah knows nothing about the fact that segregation has been all-out abolished in America for decades now. Nice try to drum up some racial division Noah. Better luck next time.

Image: (CNN)

Hillary Clinton Just Got THROWN UNDER THE BUS By Her Own State Department Over Emails

hils clinton smirk

Let’s hope Hillary Clinton is wearing an indestructible iron girdle today because her own former State Department just threw her under the bus.

On MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ today, Joe Scarborough says all of CBS’ sources from the State Department say that she was not authorized to use a private email account and that it was entirely her doing. Watch here:

Image: (ABC)

Watch John Boehner CRY During Pope Francis’ Address To Congress

john boehner

House Speaker John Boehner is known for being a bit of a cry baby, so it came as no surprise when the Ohio Republican Catholic started tearing up during Pope Francis’ address to the US Congress today.

Watch here:

Image: (Daily Banter)

The Left’s Favorite Native American Insists She’s NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016

liz warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren declared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert for the trillionth time that she is not running for president in 2016.

The Daily Caller has the video:

Warren is a progressive hero but like many politicians on the far left, she’s a notorious liar.

She claimed to be a Native American, but it’s quite clear that she’s white.

Image: (Liberty Conservatives)

SURPRISE! Planned Parenthood President’s Daughter Works For HILLARY CLINTON

Radical liberal feminists have to stick together these days.

This may be why Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign has hired none other than Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’ daughter.

As Breitbart’s Patrick Howley notes, Richards’ daughter has been hand-picked to be a top operative for the Clinton campaign.

Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, has seen her abortion-providing organization come under fire after a series of videos caught top employees trying to trade aborted baby parts in callous fashion.

Hillary Clinton, who said that she has only seen excerpts from the videos, strongly defended Planned Parenthood in her appearance this past weekend on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Clinton called the videos “misleadingly edited” and “intentionally taken out of context” and condemned a Republican “attack on Planned Parenthood.”

Clinton, who counts Planned Parenthood as a past donor, has a more glaring but little-discussed conflict of interest in this case. Her Iowa communications director is Lily Adams, daughter of Planned Parenthood boss Cecile Richards.

Adams is also the granddaughter of former Democratic Texas governor Ann Richards, who lost her 1994 re-election bid to George W. Bush.

No wonder Clinton continues to defend Planned Parenthood’s deplorable practices.

She has direct ties to the abortion giant.

Image: (Breitbart)