Bernie Fans Are Asked “What If Trump Wins?”


Bernie Sanders supporter proudly wearing a Ho Chi Minh shirt, the leader of the communist North Vietnamese Army in the 1960s

Bernie Sanders supporter proudly wearing a Ho Chi Minh shirt, the leader of the communist North Vietnamese Army in the 1960s

Bernie Sanders makes an appearance in Salem, Oregon, May 10th, 2016, and we chat with some of the people waiting in line to see him. We get their take on Donald Trump, and what would happen in a Trump presidency.

There are references to World War III and revolution in the streets, while some Bernie-ites think Trump would get assassinated. “The military will shoot him” says one man, while another is worried that Bernie will get assassinated by Big Oil and/or Wall Street.

When asked what kind of rifle would be best to use on Trump, one young couple wearing “FUCK TRUMP” shirts respond with “Anything that could kill him… Anything that’ll finish the job.” Others think that right wing militia types will kill Trump.

One girl is spotted wearing a Ho Chi Minh shirt, saying that right wingers just don’t understand communism and don’t know how Ho Chi Minh is. There are the obligatory comparisons between Trump and Hitler, with one woman saying that Trump wants to have people wear labels like the Star Of David.

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ValHoyleLOSESFor ramming through the “universal background check” bill in last year’s state House, Oregon state representative Val Hoyle received a handsome payout of $250,000 from Michael Bloomberg. Personally. Not his Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund mega PAC, but Bloomberg himself is credited with the contribution.

The Willamette Week reported:

For a man whose net worth Forbes pegs at $44 billion, a $250,000 check is barely pocket change, but Bloomberg’s check is largest to any candidate in any Oregon race this cycle.

Howard Wolfson, a spokesman for Bloomberg, says the former mayor is going to bat for Hoyle because of her role in passing a 2015 gun bill. Hoyle then served as House majority leader and was the person responsible for rounding up enough votes to pass legislation in the House.

Mike is supporting Val Hoyle because her leadership in passing Oregon’s background check bill is truly notable,” Wolfson tells WW in an email. “No one in the country has worked harder —or more successfully—to take on the NRA than she has.

Hoyle *was* looking to move up the food chain from House Majority Leader to Secretary Of State, and faced 2 opponents in the democrat primary; Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian and state Senator Richard Devlin. The race looked to be tight all season long, but come election day, the Oregon DEMOCRATS sent Hoyle packing, giving the nod to Avakian with a 40%-32% lead, with Devlin picking up 27%.

The biggest contribution Avakian received this cycle was $20,000, and Devlin’s was $10,000.

In 2015, Hoyle had to route the “universal background check” bill through her own Rules Committee, fearing that it wouldn’t garner enough votes from her fellow dems in the Judiciary Committee, where gun related bills would normally go. Now we know why. She had to serve Bloomberg, knowing that a huge payout was waiting, not just for her, but for other House Democrat campaigns. The universal background check bill, SB941, eventually passed the House on a vote of 32-28, with 3 of her democrats defecting and voting against it.

After the big payday came, she, and other pundits, assumed she’d waltz to victory in the Democrat primary for Secretary of State. But the actual democrat voters had different ideas, instead sending a guy who wants to arbitrarily expand the role of Secretary of State well beyond its intended means.

The Oregonian opined:

Avakian is pledging to protect Oregonians from fraud, add civics classes to the curriculum for Oregon’s schools, ensure equal pay for women, champion promising candidates, rally for worthy causes and, while he’s at it, combat climate change. Considering his wide-ranging plan, we would not be surprised if Avakian were to trumpet a three-point plan for winning the war on terror as well.

It’s worth revisiting what the secretary of state does. The person holding the position, which is established in the state Constitution and further defined in Oregon statutes, serves as the state’s chief elections officer, state archivist and auditor of public spending. The secretary of state’s seven divisions are tasked with impartially and fairly interpreting and applying election law, auditing agencies to improve government efficiency, providing regulatory information to businesses and overseeing other duties in the public interest. The secretary also redraws legislative districts if the state Legislature cannot reach agreement.

Unfortunately, the activist job description that Avakian, currently labor commissioner, is selling to voters is fundamentally mismatched with the position that he seeks. That mismatch is further highlighted by the endorsements of organizations that are pushing his candidacy, even though the secretary of state’s core functions don’t have anything to do with their own missions. Avakian’s determination to secure and broadcast support from such groups suggests a campaign strategy based less on how faithfully he’d do the job than on how effectively he’d use it to deliver to the faithful.

Another of Avakian’s ideas: to use the secretary of state’s audit division, which conducts financial and performance evaluations of state programs, to dive into the workings of private companies that receive public contracts. Such audits, he said, could reveal whether private companies are violating wage-and-hour laws or are compensating women inequitably.

But the responsibility for investigating wage-and-hour violations and other possible misconduct by companies already belongs to the Bureau of Labor and Industries, the agency that Avakian currently heads as the labor commissioner. There’s little need for the secretary of state’s office to step in, especially when doing so could take resources away from auditing how state agencies are using public funds, a more critical part of the office’s mission. And it’s not even clear if the secretary of state’s office has the authority that Avakian envisions. He said that if laws need to be changed to allow that, “then we ought to change the law.”

This is the same state labor commissioner who oversaw the Sweet Cakes By Melissa debacle that continues to grab national headlines, where the bakery refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, and was eventually fined $135,000 by Avakian’s agency.

This is the guy whom the democrats chose over Bloomberg’s sweetheart, Val Hoyle.

Bloomberg has had a rocky path to victories in the Beaver State. Of his previous campaign benefactors, Governor John Kitzhaber resigned in disgrace after a big ethics scandal, state Senator Chuck Riley took heat for saying the Supreme Court was “right for the time” for upholding slavery in the 1800’s, and the open primary ballot initiative, Measure 90, went down in flames, even after Bloomberg tossed in over $2 Million to support it.

As if this weren’t enough, the extra ironic part is that Hoyle herself has been a big a megaphone for getting big money out of politics!

The Willamette Week story continued with:

There is some irony in the big check, however. Like her opponents, Hoyle has pledged to rein in Oregon’s unlimited campaign finance spending, saying if elected to the office that oversees elections, she’ll “get big money out of politics.

“Val is committed to reducing the influence of money in campaigns and empowering the voices of everyday Oregonians,” she writes on her campaign website.

Cody Chasteen, Hoyle’s campaign manager, says Hoyle’s acceptance of big out-of-state checks is a recognition of how things are, rather than how she’d like them to be.

13244736_10154025172825708_7929999780907241359_nHoyle had also received a $10,000 check from Gabby Giffords’ Americans For Responsible Solutions, another out of state gun control lobby. She brazenly boasted about how she took on the NRA, perhaps in an attempt to get even more money from these special interest PACs. Her loss should be heeded as a warning to all gun control groups and democrats who may be associated with such. Not even the democrat voters are buying what you’re selling.



UPDATE! Hoyle has sent out a concession email to everyone on her mailing list:


I want to thank you for your support throughout this campaign to become Oregon’s next Secretary of State. Although we didn’t win, I am extremely proud of the race that we ran and of my team. This has been a long, tough campaign, but I wouldn’t have traded a minute of it. In the last 10 months, I’ve traveled 27,000 miles and met people all across our state. They welcomed me and my family into their homes and their lives. I’ll never forget their stories.

I want to congratulate our Democratic nominee, Brad Avakian and I called him last night to offer him my support and endorsement. I want to thank my colleague Richard Devlin for running a spirited campaign.

I want to thank the thousands of people who voted for me in every county of this state and all those who donated their time, talents and money to this campaign. Your optimism and energy is what drove me forward and brought us close to an upset in this race.

I’m inspired by the many young people across this state who were engaged in politics for the first time by our campaign. Your commitment to fighting to expand voting rights will make our state and our country stronger in the years ahead.

This morning when I woke up I felt proud. Proud of the race that we ran, proud of the support that I received on the way and excited about the possibilities ahead. Going forward I’m going to do what I’ve always done: stand up for a better future for my community and this state. Between now and November do everything I can to support Ron Wyden, Kate Brown, Brad Avakian, Ellen Rosenblum and the rest of our Democratic ticket. I hope I’ll see many of you out on the campaign trail again this fall.

Please accept my deepest thanks for your friendship and support. It means the world me to me and my family.

All the best,


Bernie Supporters Stage Wiccan Style Ritual

vlcsnap-2016-05-21-02h19m10s63“This is feelin’ the Bern, so we are generating positive energy towards Bernie Sanders and positive progressive outcomes in our lives” says Leigha LeFleur, organizer of the “ritual for Bernie”. “We will be doing an energy raising, where we will build energy and put it into (the ballot box). We will put our energy into the ballots, and then we will release the energy into the universe, that our intentions can be manifested” she says, as they gathered in Woodstock Park in southeast Portland. One of the participants appears to be a dude wearing a dress and a wig.

After they are “smudged” with burning sage and a feather, they recognize the 4 directions. “Welcome west. Welcome water. Welcome the flow of oceans and the flow of emotions. Welcome the flow towards a more progressive left. Welcome west”… “Welcome North. Welcome earth and groundedness. Welcome roots that grow deep. Welcome all of the animals that live in all of the ecosystems on earth. Welcome grassroots of the political revolution that grow deep. Welcome north.” They then thank center, where they have candles, flowers, and a ballot box on a rug.

They stand around and talk about the things they want to see changed and accomplished, some of which include removing corporate money from politics, bringing back “the fairness in media act”, and outright saying they are “for redistribution of wealth”. They go on to do a spiral dance while chanting “be the Bern”, before doing another chant that goes “We are a circle, within a circle, that’s never ending, and no beginning”.

This was an actual Bernie Sanders event, listed on the campaign webpage

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 5.42.37 PM

Nutjob Students Protest Armed Campus Police At PSU

vlcsnap-2016-05-21-02h27m49s144The normal cast of characters were out in force on May 10th, as the students at Portland State University staged a walk-out to protest the arming of campus security.

It started off at the steps of the library, where they chanted “WE WANT REAL DIVERSITY NOT A POLICE STATE UNIVERSITY”. A small contingent from the Students For Trump group showed up, one holding a sign that read “Thug Lives Don’t Matter”, for which he was promptly attacked for by one of the members of Rose City Antifa, complete with an ACAB shirt (All Cops Are Bastards).

The highlight of the protest centered around a “die-in”, where the students stormed the street out front of the university president and administrator building, laying down in the middle of the road to symbolize being shot by the new campus police. This had traffic backed up for several blocks, including buses and street cars. “A lot of us who are abused, so to say, we’re gunna be laying down in the street, outside so Wim can see us, so he knows what he’s, what the board of trustees does to us, which is it kills us” one of them explained before the demo.

But before they ended up there, they took turns at the megaphone in different areas. At the library, one of them shouts that “The police are notorious for mishandling sexual assault cases, we all know that. They are often also rapists themselves”. Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone “We need to decouple from I.C.E., we need to not partner with federal immigration and we need to not partner with the joint taksforce on terrorism. If I am your next mayor, I’ll active decouple form these racist activities as well.”

One student is wearing a shirt with the red communist start on it, with the hammer and sickle inside the star, while a 3rd wave RadFem sports a patch that reads “dead men don’t catall”. Some of the signs read “Education is a right, not just for the rich & white” and “More guns = More violence”. The crowd chanted things like “DISARM PSU!” and the usual “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. Somehow, one student manages to intersect this protest by shouting pro Palestine things through the megaphone, while another says that “We are not here to merely meet your diveristy and inclusion rhetoric… Black lives matter is not a request. We’re not asking for your permission. We are done with politietely suggesting”.

Still another student claims that “Police are a tool of capitalism, to control people and to stay where they are, staying in slavery, staying in poverty wages, staying in riciulcous working condidtions”, while another shouts “We are fighting against racism, we are fighting against capitalism, and we are fighting against patricarchy… The system is made for the white male!”

One student, who looks like he just stumbled out of 1968, shouts “under capitalism, the main function of police is to break up srikes, unionization, and any other forms of visible protest against the unfair policies of the ruling class!” before going on a rant about multiculturalism, ending by saying that “All multiculturalism has done is bring the anti capitalist critique of this university to a politics of recogniition!”

Astute readers of Progressives Today will recognize this Somali Muslim female from a prior video, where the complained that Portland was too white and she was afraid that whitey would gun her down. She’s back to white about more of the same, saying “I’m a senior at Portland State University. I’ve been here for three years, some of the worst (laughs in Islam) three years of my life… So we all know, like, students of color, they’re not advocated for, uhmm, me and a lot of students of color, we have been trying to advocate for ourselves, and it’s a pity that we have to do so. So, like, the instructors don’t know how to teach us. There is a white supremacy group, multiple groups. mobilizing, putting hate all over the (laughs again in Islam) the campus, uhmm basically putting anti, uhh, Islamophobia stuff, anti black stuff, and who knows what they’ll do next. I mean, it’s not really a safe campus if you’re a person with like, a headscarf and you’re black. So a lot of Muslim students have not been advocated for. I mean, we have to pray in a dingy basement. That’s the only place we have to be a Muslim on this campus. So Muslim students, girls, have been, uhmm, called terrorists, Muslim students have been called terrorists, their hijabs have been pulled off, black students have been called the n word, we have a lot of inequitable stuff going on on this campus, yet the administration is not doing anything to stop it.”

Here’s the full speech from the kid who claims that police are a “tool of capitalism”, complete with someone cheering him on in the beginning by shouting “DOWN WITH CAPITALISM!” “Police were formed as a shadow to suppress slaves. They were used to control slaves in the south, and the north they were used to control labor rights. The police are a tool of capitalism to control people and to, stay where they are. Staying in slavery, staying in poverty wages, staying in ridiculous working conditions! Funding police, uhh, bureaus with, like, tons of, like, weaponry, militarized tanks, and in some cases, to keep black people poor. To keep control over black people.”

Well known Portland area communist and Palestine supporter Heidi Sipress also took to the megaphone, bashing Trump, G4S security systems, and capitalism, before going on about her love affair with Palestine.

All in all, it was a pretty typical day at Portland State University.

Angry Mestizo Librarian Goes Off On Whitey At College Event

vlcsnap-2016-04-29-09h52m31s245“Colonialism and Whiteness” was the name of the session, part of Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month” in April. This particular event was put on by PCC librarian Max Macias, and by the tone of his voice, he sure has one giant chip on his shoulder.

He starts off, like most of these “whiteness” events, trying define whiteness by saying “What is whiteness? Everybody seems to be having a problem with this idea. Whiteness is a concept that European people and culture are more important than anything or anyone else… This colonial system is created for and by Europeans for the benefit of Europeans. Everything was and is in relation to the European. This is a hallmark of the concept of whiteness. That everything is judged in relation to whiteness, and not something else.”

He goes on to bash Christians by saying “The racial hierarchy in combination with the destruction of these indigenous cultures by book burning, destroying cultural monuments, and using them to build churches. To build churches, right? That’s WHITENESS right there… As a matter of fact, when you look at a lot of these so called ‘illegal aliens’, they’re Indians. You can see in their faces. They have the right to migrate anywhere they want in their country. Not immigrate or emigrate, migrate. It’s their continent. How DARE somebody from somewhere else come and say that they don’t belong here, that WE don’t belong here, right?”

He also claims that Obama, Loretta Lynch, and Eric Holder “adhere to whiteness”.

And that’s part of a greater concept, that successful people of color are actually traitors! “I see people adhere to whiteness, that’s exemplified to me, in too many people of culture who achieve success, and they then distance themselves away from their color, and they cling to whiteness like it’s a lifesaver, and their ocean liner just sunk. cause they don’t want to fall back down into the darkness.”

Of course when the participant filming has an opportunity to ask Mr. Macias a question about borders and civilizations over the years, he gets chippy and continually interrupts the lady as she’s trying ask him her question. In fact, he doesn’t even bother to try to answer her question.

He concludes that “Whiteness is fluid. It changes. It’s not a thing I can point to and say ‘here it is, let’s look at it'”





Protesters Think Trump Is Hitler Reincarnated, Threaten Assassination

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.44.06 AMAs The Donald made an appearance in Eugene, OR, the VidMax cameras took to interviewing some of the anti Trump protesters. They make direct comparisons between Trump and Hitler, with another reference to Mussolini. One protester wants to literally shoot Donald Trump, and says she hopes someone does! A Hillary supporter says she’ll move to Norway if Trump gets elected.

“They shot Ronald Reagan” says one woman, “Why don’t they shoot this guy? I’m a chickensh*t, I’m not gunna shoot him, I would like to shoot him, just cause he’s a pompous ass.” One man with an IWW hat (International Workers Of The World, one of the most radical labor unions) says “He’s proposing Hitler’s initial plan of expelling people he doesn’t like. We already know what the final solution is. There’s no ideological force that’s stopping him, there’s no ethical force that seems to compel him. There’s no reason why he would stop at any point.” Meanwhile, the woman who wants to shoot him says Trump will go down in history as being worse than Hitler.

Meanwhile, the protest featured anti Trump communists berating a pro Trump Latino family with their children, communist hammer-and-sickle flags, red and black anarchist flags, antifa and anarchists in masks, pushing and shoving with near fights breaking out, Mexican flags, signs that say “Make America Aztlan Again”, and much more madness.

Also spotted in the protest was Triggly Puff’s long lost twin sister.

But all hope is not lost. Amongst the chaos was this young man, a Latino who is apparently pro Trump who was stating his case to the protesters, talking about how his family came to America the legal way and that the cheaters shouldn’t be given amnesty.

Self Flagellating Whites Repent With Reparation Promises

Uhuru Reparations

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement recently held its national conference in Florida. According to their website, they describe themselves as “an organization of white people created by and working directly under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party which leads the Uhuru Movement. The Uhuru Movement is organizing and uniting Africans around the world as one people struggling to liberate Africa and African people everywhere.”

At the conference, one of their leaders, Gazi Kodzo talks with guilty white cucks about why they owe reparations. It’s almost like a Saturday Night Live skit. Kodzo, who, apparently, is male, starts off the video by talking about “White Jesus” and “well trained male Saxons”, and he (?) says to (asks?) the line-up “Wutchyonameis”, which one can only presume is this person’s unique way of ascertaining what the subject’s name is.

The first person starts off by saying they owe reparations because “every freedom that I have and I’ve taken for granted my entire life has been made possible by wealth that my ancestors stole”, before Kodzo continues down the line. Apparently their greeting is to say “uhuru” to one another.

The others say they “have benefited from the wealth that was stolen from you, as have all my ancestors, the ones who owned slaves and the ones who did not. The Jews, the white Jews in Hungary, the fake Jews… The fake white Jews and “all white people owe reparations” because “as a white person, I sit on a pedestal of colonialism and slavery that built, not only the wealth of this country, but the whole European world. Therefore, all white people owe reparations and we’re coming to get it!”… “If you don’t give it, we’re comin’ to take it!”

They reach the conclusion that all the white people owe this person reparations NOW, yet none of them are seen opening their wallets to give Kodzo any money.

VIDEO: SEATTLE May Day, Cops & Protesters Square Off!

vlcsnap-2016-05-01-19h37m15s54(This story will be updated as the night goes on) The “Anti Capitalist March” has become an annual affair in Seattle on May Day. This year’s edition features police in riot gear, who closed in on the black clad anarchists as soon as the march started. Windows were smashed, fireworks were lit and thrown at buildings and police. Several police began pepper spraying the crowd, as the protesters threw debris at them. One officer used some kind of voltage based stun gun, and began firing into the crowd.

Later protesters threw rocks and launched molotov cocktails, and police responded with a series of flash-bang grenades in an attempt to break up the mob.

Earlier, police launched a series of flash-bang grenades in an attempt to get the anarchist mob to disperse.

Angry Feminists GO NUTS Over Cameraman At “Whiteness” Event

vlcsnap-2016-04-28-23h54m30s75“Whiteness & Feminism” was the title of the event, one of the many sessions that were part of Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month”. This particular event featured Portland State University instructors Roberta Hunte and Sally Eck.

The “whiteness” presentations are considered public events, take place in public college rooms, and are open to the public, often times joined by classes. In this instance, a “women’s studies” class taught by Kathy Casto was taking part in this event.

After introductions, Eck encourages participants to surround and block the cameraman, in an effort to intimidate him and get him to stop filming. The angry feminists go bonkers, blocking the view with papers and body fat. PCC “director of student life” Josh Peters McBride indicates that this is acceptable behavior by students.

After a minute or so, the cameraman leaves the room, and inquires with campus security as to the nature of what just happened. The Sgt. on duty, Terry Langly, confirms that such actions by students are, apparently, acceptable at PCC.

The cameraman returns with his camera on an extended monopod. One angry female (?) student decides to start filming him, while another storms out of the room, grabs a cardboard display board from the Autism awareness club, and uses it to block the camera, while standing on a rolling swivel chair.

Eventually the college admins are able to get the situation under control, after realizing they could be on shaky legal grounds if this persists.

Eck and Hunte had good reason for wanting the camera blocked. They obviously didn’t want their presentation to be seen by the sane world, as the entire event consisted of incomplete sentences filled with buzz words, catch phrases, and more utterances of “uhh”, “uhmm”, “and”, “so”, “right?” than you can you count. In fact, the entire session could have been condensed from 2 hours to 30 minutes if the “instructors” had the slightest idea of what they were talking about. Instead, it seemed like it was all just being made up as they went along. Let’s listen in!

They started off by trying to define “feminism”:

Listen to Hunte ramble on incoherently:

You’ve also got to challenge “colorblindness”, which used to be a concept pushed by the SJW’s back in the 80s and 90s, as a way of judging people by their character, skill, and achievements rather than by skin color. Apparently that is racist now, because it’s a way for white people to avoid having to hire people of color.

You are racist, even if you say you’re not, because racism is systemic and systematic, and you participate in that. You racist!

Also, you’re a white supremacist, by default, until you’re not.

According to the Portland State University website, Eck “is a fixed-term instructor in the Women’s Studies Department at Portland State University. Sally earned a B.S. in both Sociology and Women’s Studies, with an MS in Education. Currently her courses have included Girl power Capstone, Local Justice Capstone, Social Justice Education, Women’s Studies Inquiry, Gender and Education, and Spring Celebration. Sally has a personal commitment to issues surrounding Feminist Pedagogy, Oppression Theory, and feminist parenting.” She teaches such courses as “Feminism & Zines”, “Interruptions”, and “Gender & Education“.

Ironically, Hunte is an assistant professor, with a PhD in “Peace and Conflict Studies”. She teaches such courses as “Women of Color in the U.S.”, “Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality in the U.S.”, “Gender, Militarization, and Activism”, and “Global Feminisms”. Nice to see that “conflict resolution” sprung into action when she stood idly by while witnessing a conflict arise, thanks to her colleague.

PCC president Sylvia Kelley can be reached at 971 722 4365.

Protest Turns Into RIOT At DONALD TRUMP Rally, Costa Mesa, CA

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.30.49 PMA protest at a Donald Trump rally in Costa Mesa, CA, turned into a riot, as the mob of people began to smash up police cars and tried to flip them over.

Another car, apparently driven by a Trump supporter, spun donuts through the protesters before eventually speeding off, knocking over some protesters in the process.

Many of the protesters flew Mexican flags while flipping everyone off and shouting “F*** TRUMP!”

The protesters flooded the streets, blocking intersections, nearly getting run over at several points by irritated drivers.