Obama Doesn’t Tell Mosque To Cover The Word ALLAH For Speech Like He Did For JESUS At Catholic University

Obama Allah

President Obama speaking at Georgetown, a Catholic university (left) and President Obama speaking at the Islamic Center of Baltimore (right).

If there was one word which could describe President Obama’s Presidency (aside from failure, Progressive hell, and nightmare) it would be anti-Christian. From declaring that the United States is no longer a Christian nation to denying Syrian Christians entry into the country President Obama’s distaste for the followers of Jesus are as obvious as the nose on your face. But with less than a year left in his Presidency Obama hasn’t given up on dissing Christians at every opportunity.

For example, President Obama gave a speech at a mosque in the Islamic Society of Baltimore on Wednesday. While standing in front of a glass wall where the word “Allah” was written 99 times in Arabic calligraphy, the President took a stab at Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump by stating there was “inexcusable anti-Islamic rhetoric in the political sphere.” The White House staff were even gifted Qurans at the event (picture below):


What makes this entire event a slap in the face to Christians is that while giving a speech at Georgetown University in 2012 the White House told the Catholic school to cover up all religious signs and symbols, including the small letters IHS displayed inside the triangular pediment directly behind and above where the President would stand since the 3 letters signify the name of Jesus Christ (pictured top left).

So it should now be obvious to everyone that President Obama does indeed have a double standard when it comes to religions. Because if you’re a Christian organization you better cover up anything referring to Christ, even if it’s just 3 small letters, if you want the President to give a speech. But if you’re of the Muslim faith it’s ok to have a word wall with “Allah” written 99 times in large Arabic symbols directly behind where President is speaking. Because as we all know, President Obama’s America is no longer a Christian nation…that is, not if he has anything to say about it.

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Stacy On The Right: “Who Cares What Will and Jada Do?” (VIDEO)

Stacy Washington Insta

Will and Jada Smith’s boycott of the Academy Awards because of the lack of diversity in the nominees has the internet buzzing. But for one Conservative talk show host there are bigger fish to fry.

In a recent vlog Stacy Washington (pictured above), host of the Stacy on the Right radio show on 97.1 FM Talk in St. Louis, Missouri, puts Will and Jada’s boycott in the proper perspective by pointing out there are more important things to worry about:

I can’t believe this is a thing. We have Isis. We have our domestic policy in the tank. We have the highest number of Americans not participating in the workforce in the history of this country. We have our GDP growth lackluster for the past three years at less than 2%. We have foreign policy that stinks. We have allies that don’t call on us for leadership anymore. And in this country we have millions of Americans who actually think an avowed Socialist, Bernie Sanders, would make a good president of the United States of America which is governed by a Constitutional Republic. The antithesis to Socialism.

By the way 5000 Year Leap read it if you don’t understand they already thought about that. The Founders already thought about Socialism before they came up with the Constitutional Republic.

So I’m done OK? I’m done. Who cares what Will and Jada do?

You can watch Stacy’s epic rant below:

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HA! Hillary Clinton Ally Says New Bernie Sanders AD IS TOO WHITE!


As a member of the right-wing new media I take dubious pleasure in watching the Progressive left eat their own. Doubly so when the Progressives use their own politically correct tactics against each other. Much like a Hillary ally just recently did when critiquing Bernie Sanders’ most recent internet ad.

The Miami Herald reports that David Brock, a top Clinton ally who runs several groups helping her campaign, said that Bernie Sanders’ most recent ad shows that Bernie doesn’t think black lives matter:

“On Thursday, David Brock, a top Clinton ally criticized a new ad from Sanders, saying it presents a “bizarre” image of America, focused on white voters. A Clinton aide also appeared in a video questioning Sanders’ foreign policy.

Brock, a long-time Clinton supporter who runs several progressive groups aiding her candidacy said Thursday that a new Sanders ad was a “significant slight to the Democratic base.”

He added: “From this ad it seems black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders.

The uplifting, gauzy ad features images of his rallies as Simon and Garfunkel’s “America” plays. The people featured in the commercial are overwhelmingly white, with only a few individuals possibly representing other racial or ethnic groups. No words are spoken but the spot aims to highlight the grassroots support Sanders campaign has attracted.”

Is there anything more delicious than watching a Progressive hack use illogical, leftist political correctness in an effort to slam a Progressive candidate?

I think not.

Fortunately the 2016 presidential race promises to feed my need for leftist cannibalism in abundance. Now if we could only get the Progressives out of the Republican race, then I may have a perfect year.

Eh…I won’t hold my breath.

You can see the “offending” Bernie Sanders ad below. Try not to laugh too hard while watching all the “white” people…feeling the Bern:

Dem Senator Says Trump And Sanders Have One Thing In Common


While the Presidential race has most political pundits pointing out how their candidate is more conservative or progressive than the others, some are taking a different route. One politician in particular is pointing out some of the candidates’ similarities.

MSNBC reports that Missouri Democrat Clare McCaskill says while it’s not fair to do a direct comparison between the Socialist Democratic Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, and Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, it is acceptable to point out they do share one thing in common: anger.

McCaskill said it would be “unfair” to compare Trump to Sanders, but said “they are both tapping in to anger, they are both tapping in to a huge number of people in this country that have lost faith that the constitutional government we were given, which requires compromise, is working.”

Senator McCaskill is correct in that both Trump and Sanders are tapping into the angry American demographic with their direct and harsh rhetoric.

But what she fails to realize is that while those on the Conservative right wish to preserve the constitutional government we were given, the Progressive left and right seek to destroy it and replace it with what those like Sanders refers to as a “more Democratic Society”. Or as President Obama put it, they wish to “fundamentally transform” the nation.

(Image: The Hill)

Obama Mocks Climate Deniers In Last State Of The Union Address


Past Presidents have utilized the bully pulpit provided in the State of the Union Address to highlight the problems in the nation while offering their common sense solutions. But shamefully President Obama has degraded the event to one where he spouts off his radical political ideology while mocking those who don’t share his views. Sadly President Obama’s last State of the Union was no different.

Eco Watch reports that President Obama actually mocked what he refers to as Climate Deniers by telling them they can still choose to think differently than he does, but they’ll be pretty lonely:

“In his final State of the Union address, President Obama made climate change one of the major themes of the evening, ridiculing those who would deny that climate change is a problem—and one that can be addressed through curbing greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.

Look, if anybody still wants to dispute the science around climate change, have at it,” the president said in his prepared remarks. “You’ll be pretty lonely, because you’ll be debating our military, most of America’s business leaders, the majority of the American people, almost the entire scientific community and 200 nations around the world who agree it’s a problem and intend to solve it.”

The hypocrisy that an American President, the leader of the “land of the free” where freedom of thought is supposedly openly embraced, used one of the most important speeches of his office in order to mock, almost threaten, those who think differently than he does, is lost on President Obama.

But while his behavior rails against everything the Founding Fathers fought for, it does embrace the tyrannical mannerisms of Communist despots. Much like the current Chinese Communist regime who openly mocks and persecutes its Christian citizens. Except President Obama’s actions consist mainly of persecuting “Climate Deniers” and “Tea Party” members with just a hint of Christian victims thrown in for seasoning.

So my fellow Climate deniers take comfort in knowing that while President Obama continues to shame the Office of President in the throws of his last term in office, rest assured that while under his regime we may be “lonely”, we are at least in good company.

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NASA Scientist: Texans Won’t Listen To Me About Climate Change Because I’M JEWISH (VIDEO)

While the Progressive Left would like you to think the definition of bigotry is when a right-wing, Christian, white person hates anyone who isn’t right-wing, white, or Christian. The ugly truth is bigots come in many shapes, sexes, colors, professions, and religious or political affiliations.

For example, while an intellectually honest person might suggest that those who don’t believe in Climate Change do so because they haven’t seen any real evidence to prove it exists. If you’re a Progressive Scientist working for NASA, it’s because the Climate Denier is antisemitic.

According to Rebel Media NASA climate scientist, Gavin Schmidt (pictured above), told an audience that Texans won’t listen to him when it comes to Climate Change because he’s a liberal, Jewish, atheist from New York:

There are some communities I can’t talk to because I’m a liberal, Jewish, atheist from New York City. Right? So if I go to Texas and try to tell people about Climate Change I’m probably the wrong messenger because we don’t have any shared values frankly.”

Video below:

(Image: Metcalf)

#Win! Environmentalists Lose Their Minds Over New App Which Brings Gasoline To You

Filld guy

If I had to devise a plan to anger those who embrace the fiction that is man-made Climate Change to the point where they would lose their minds, I might suggest setting a pile of tires on fire. But considering that’s illegal in most states, I might just do what a young entrepreneur in California has done. Haul around large tanks full of gasoline in the back of a gas guzzling, carbon emitting pick-up truck in order to deliver fuel to your front door.

In what I can only describe as an idea born from what must be evil genius, Christopher Aubuchon is Co-Founder of a new app called FILL’D which allows you to utilize your phone in order to have gasoline delivered to your door. In a recent interview with National Geographic Mr. Aubuchon says his new app is just allowing people to “get some of their time back” by eliminating their trip to the gas station.

But it’s doing far more than that. The idea of emitting carbon from the tail pipe of a pick-up in order to deliver more of the carbon creating fuel so that people can then emit more of said carbon, is also driving some environmentalists out of their minds.

For instance Alissa Walker, a writer for Gizmodo Australia, has so lost her mind over Mr. Aubuchon’s new app she has resorted to using foul language in order to describe those who might use it (edited for taste):

“But for those times when you are too busy using the petrol you put in your car to actually stop that car and fill it with more petrol. It’s like Uber for lazy pieces of sh*t.”

But it’s not the laziness of people that’s really wedged itself under her craw. It’s the fact that someone is creating carbon emissions in order to perpetuate more carbon emissions that really has her spitting mad:

“I’m not going to go into the myriad issues I see with leaving your petrol cap unlocked while you give a random person your credit card info and licence plate number and entrust they will fill your car with petrol at a fair price (plus $5 delivery fee!) while you’re not around. It’s more about the part where we’re paying trucks to chase us around our neighbourhoods attempting to stick spigots of future emissions into our car holes.”

So while Alissa Walker may decry the inventiveness of the American citizen because it rubs against her sensitive views on “how to save the planet”, I celebrate the Mr. Aubuchon’s go get’em moxie.

Because to me, whenever you combine the American drive to succeed with an idea which totally ticks off environmentalists, it adds up to…Win-Win.

Progressive Rag: “Forget The 2nd Amendment”

2md amend

The 2nd Amendment in the United States Constitution was created for one specific reason. To allow the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government by protecting their right to own, maintain, and train with firearms. This Amendment was so important to the concept of liberty that our Founders included the words “shall not be infringed”. Which means the right of American citizens to own firearms shall be in no way limited or restricted. Period.

While that may have been the true intentions of America’s Founders, the Progressives of today see things differently.

For instance, President Obama sees the 2nd Amendment as just words “on paper” which he feels can be altered or limited based upon his will and desire. But he is not alone.

After the President’s recent Executive Orders limiting the 2nd Amendment, Progressives began coming out of the woodwork in support of limiting American’s right to bear arms. As a matter of fact, a recent article published in the Progressive rag, the Huffington Post, goes so far as to suggest it’s time to forget the 2nd Amendment. It even suggests we should hold those who promote guns and those who manufacture them responsible for all the dead children:

“We must deal with the reality that our society created both the trigger-happy cop and the boy he shot, who apparently thought it was cool to carry around a gun that looked like the real thing. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming Tamir Rice for his own death. I’m blaming the rest of us for not speaking out or acting to change our violent, gun-saturated society.

We should hold folks responsible for feeding this culture of entitlement, aggression and self-determination.

We must confront the police departments in America that view their black constituents as “the other” rather than as their neighbors.

The designers, manufacturers and marketers who fashion video “games” that glamorize guns and violence hold responsibility for the disintegration of civility and the callouses that have grown on young folks’ souls.

The NRA, its members and its funders should be shamed for creating a political climate where government fails to act even in the face of the slaughter of children. Politicians who pander to the gun lobby even in the face of the slaughter of children should be held accountable and removed from office at the ballot box.

Every arrogant, entitled jerk who walks in public with a firearm is making it more possible that some child will think that’s a cool thing to do – and die in the street.

Every multi-millionaire athlete who carries a handgun into a nightclub, all the rap or hip-hop artists who gratuitously contribute to the celebration of thug culture and every producer and director of film or television who profits from gratuitous violence should be confronted for their complicity.

Every person who profits from the production and sale of weapons, sponsors gun shows or otherwise advances the profitability of the gun culture shares the responsibility for the deaths of children.

And the parents and caregivers who purchase or allow their little boys or girls to purchase “toys” that replicate killing devices should get their minds right.

…I’ve just had enough with guns – all of them – in the hands of police, in the hands of children, in the hands of crazy white men in Oregon. Forget the Second Amendment or the grand jury decisions. Can’t we just put the damn guns down?”

Who wrote this anti-American diatribe you ask?

A Headmaster at a Progressive school in Manhattan of course. Who else?

As you can see the Progressive left isn’t just interested in limiting your 2nd Amendment rights. As far as their concerned, when it comes to dead children, you can just forget the 2nd Amendment all together. Because they claim if it saves just one child’s life, it’s worth the destruction of your liberty.

That is… unless that child is murdered and ripped apart by an abortion doctor. Then they couldn’t. Care. Less.


Hillary Says Oregon Militia Should Be Charged For “The Illegal Action They Have Taken”


In what has to be one of the best examples of hypocrisy in the new year, the same woman who was never charged for stealing furniture from the White House, or fined when her staff vandalized the White House, and who’s currently under federal investigation for an email scandal but will probably never see the inside of a jail cell for it, has suddenly decided to voice her legal opinion on the militia stand off in Oregon.

During a recent interview with The Las Vegas Sun Democratic Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, stated that the militia members in Oregon should be charged for the illegal action they have taken:

(Question posed by The Las Vegas Sun)

“Cattle rancher Cliven Bundy led an armed standoff with law enforcement nearby in Bunkerville in 2014. Now his sons are leading an armed occupation of a federal building in Oregon. How would you, as president, respond to those incidents?

(Hillary’s Reply)

Well, every incident where people are violating the law and potentially posing a threat to law enforcement and civilians has to be approached very carefully. I think that the federal and local law enforcement officials are very carefully trying to manage this so it doesn’t result in bloodshed.

I understand that the occupiers of the federal land have said that they will leave if the local community doesn’t want them, and from what I’m seeing in the news, the local community doesn’t want them. They should leave — leave peacefully — but they should be charged for the illegal action they have undertaken, trespassing, breaking and entering and the like.

It’s always best if we can resolve any kind of situation like this in a peaceful way, but people have to also be put on notice that the law has to be obeyed.”

While Mrs. Clinton failed to expound upon what other charges were covered under the term “the like”, one can speculate that she might support sending the militia to Gitmo in Cuba for interrogation.

But regardless, when it comes to the enforcement of the law in America, criminal charges are for the little people and not for royalty like the Clintons.

(Image: ABC News)

Irony? Al Jazerra Mocks Oregon Militia As “Y’all Qaeda”


Al Jazerra was once referred to as the “terror network”. As a matter of fact, three Al Jazerra reporters were sentenced to three years in jail for aiding terrorists in Egypt.

While Al Jazerra doesn’t appear to mind getting into bed with Islamic extremists they seem to draw the line at American militia.

American news outlets have, for the most part, concentrated on why the militia have recently occupied an empty building in a Federal park in Oregon, Al Jazerra has instead decided to highlight how twitter is mocking the protesters by labeling them as “Y’all Qaeda” terrorists:

“As authorities adopted a wait-and-see approach to deal with a group of self-described militiamen occupying a United States federal building in the remote high desert of the state of Oregon, perhaps the strongest reaction to the siege has been on social media.

The group of armed men, holed up at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge since Saturday, have been mocked mercilessly over their protest against a prison sentence for local ranchers accused of burning government land and their calls for more armed “militiamen” to join them.
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And as US media organisations continued to struggle with ways to best describe those involved in the Oregon siege, a trio of hashtags emerged on Twitter to lend them a hand: #YallQaeda, #Yeehawd and #VanillaISIS.

If a news outlet who has had employees sentenced to prison for assisting Islamic extremists deciding to mock American militia by labeling them as terrorists isn’t irony, or at least hypocritical, then I don’t know what is.