Bill Nye The Lying Guy! “Over 50% Of Americans Care About Climate Change” (VIDEO)

Bill Nye

Bill Nye, the not so science guy, has gone from a beloved childhood icon to a ridiculous caricature who spouts propaganda in an effort to push the fiction that is man-made Climate Change.

But now, thanks to a recently released video, we can add outright liar to Mr. Nye’s list of titles as well.

On Tuesday December 30, 2015 Fusion, a You Tube channel geared towards influencing young people, released a video showcasing Bill Nye and his opinion on the politics of Climate Change. In the video Bill Nye explains that according to the most recent poll more than 50% of Americans in the United States now connects Climate Change with human activity:

The most recent poll says that over 50% of the voting populace in the United States now connects Climate Change with human activity.

This is a new thing everybody. This is a turning point. This could be the tipping point where now if somebody wants to get elected president, he or she is going to have to address Climate Change in a rational way consistent with scientific observation.”

The problem is, as the screen shot below from the video demonstrates, the “most recent poll” Mr. Nye refers to was from a Gallup poll done in March of 2014! Holy calendar Batman! That’s over a year ago!!!


A much more recent poll, taken in November of 2015, says that 97% of Americans don’t even care about Climate Change. Which makes Mr. Nye either a big, fat, liar or worse. An ill-informed moron with the memory retention of a newt because he obviously fails to understand what any two year old would. That a poll taken over a year ago is in no way, in anyone’s book, considered even close to being “the most recent”.

Well, I’ve had enough of poking fun at Mr. Nye. Now I’m going to go out and take my family for a ride in the country in the most recent Ford sedan…the Model T.

The Bill Nye video is below:

Communist China Uses Obama’s Tyrannical Tactics TO PERSECUTE CHRISTIANS

Communist China

President Obama’s habit of utilizing parts of the American Government as a weapon against those who don’t agree with him, such as illegally using the IRS to persecute the Tea Party, is a tactic worthy of any Communist despot. Even though this realization is lost on most Americans, it doesn’t appear to have been lost on, or forgotten by, actual Communist despots.

The Big News Network reports that the despotic Communist Chinese government’s anti-Christian campaign is still in full swing. As a matter of fact, the Chi-Com government just recently forced yet another Christian group to remove the cross from atop their church.

To add insult to injury, if the pastors of any these Christian churches decide to defy the government’s order to remove the cross, the Chi-Coms swing into full-on Obama mode and subject the Christian pastors to audits and financial reviews while some are even detained for supposed embezzlement.  All of this is done in an effort to stop the rise of Christianity in Communist China:

“Authorities in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang have removed another cross from the roof of a prominent Protestant church in Wenzhou city, known as “China’s Jerusalem” for its high concentration of Christians.

The cross on the roof of the Xialing church in Wenzhou’s Lucheng district came down on Monday evening, defying a bid by two elderly members of its congregation to prevent it, church members told RFA on Tuesday.

“They arrived at about 7 p.m., maybe five or six people [in the demolition team], but there were a lot of plainclothes police there too,” a church member who asked to remain anonymous said.

…The ruling Chinese Communist Party has launched a three-year “urbanization and beautification” campaign in Zhejiang, ordering local governments to revamp old neighborhoods, industrial sites, and urban villages and to demolish “illegal structures” by the end of 2015.

Zhejiang authorities have said they are merely “relocating” the crosses from the roofs of churches to the interiors.

Local Christians have staged sit-ins in churches and on rooftops, sung hymns to security guards, written letters of protest and displayed small red-painted wooden crosses across the province in protest at the move.

Church members say their groups are also being subjected to audits and financial reviews, with some pastors detained on suspicion of “embezzlement” after they resisted the demolition of crosses.

U.S. Chinese Church pastor Guo Baosheng said the cross demolition program, initiated under the administration of President Xi Jinping, is motivated by political ideology.

“This shows that the political ideology behind the demolition of crosses will continue, as part of the campaign for the sinification of Chinese Christianity,” Guo said.

“[They want to] minimize the social impact of Christianity, and slow down its rapid rise.”

Sadly, if any of the Chinese Christians wished to immigrate to the United States by rightly claiming they were being persecuted by their government it is more than likely they would be denied entrance. Because under the Obama administration, if you’re not Muslim or come across our borders illegally you’re not welcome here, especially if you’re Christian.

Because President Obama knows that one Communist despot always covers the back of another Communist despot. It’s the unwritten rule… of tyranny.

(Above: President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping)

(Image: Washington Times)

New Zealand Conservationist: “Population Growth Is The Cause Of Climate Change”

Large Population

Even though the radical theory known as the Population Bomb, which foretold how world overpopulation would destroy mankind in the early 70’s, has been proven to be untrue, its fear mongering principles are still alive and well today. But instead of an irrational fear based solely upon mankind’s destruction due to overpopulation, it has now morphed into an irrational fear based on how world overpopulation is causing Climate Change which in turn will lead to the destruction of mankind.

Scoop reports that Tony Orman, a well known New Zealand Conservationist, hunter, and author is claiming that the recent United Nation’s Paris Climate Conference was a complete waste of time since it failed to address the real cause of Climate Change, growth in the world’s population:

“The human population growth factor in global warming is being ignored says a Marlborough conservationist Tony Orman, also an author and immediate past chairman of the Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of NZ (CORANZ).

His comment was made following the just concluded United Nations global-warming talks in Paris.

The world’s most senior politicians have debated ways to combat accelerated climate change. But it’s voluntary and besides it’s a sticking plaster approach – treat symptoms but ignore the cause. There’s one very important undebated factor – people” he said.

…People drove cars which belched emissions, coal fired power stations belched and jet planes farted “gases and particles — which contribute to climate change.” Humans demand resources, flush toilets, use chemical insecticides and pesticides and throw away garbage.

“Humans or more particularly numbers of people, are the primary cause of environmental degradation and global warming. The more people, the more demand for resources. More people require more meat and milk – more cows. More people means more cars which means more emissions. Gimmee more, more and more”.”

Mr. Orman goes on to tout the now debunked theory of the “Population Bomb” as a credible source for his concerns and then laments that the government of New Zealand has failed to come up with any kind of “population control” policy.

On a totally unrelated note, in 2008 President Obama appointed John Holdren to be his Senior Adviser on Science and Technology. Director Holdren was a known supporter of Paul Ehrlich, the author of the 1968 book titled, The Population Bomb.

It seems Mr. Orman may not be the only one who believes that controlling the population is the way to combat Climate Change. The Obama administration may very well share the same view. At least, one of the President’s closest advisers does.

Fortunately Mr. Orman doesn’t have a bone to pick with the United States since the Obama administration already has a “population control” policy in place. It’s known as… Planned Parenthood.

Image: Mirror.UK

TV Broadcaster’s Union Endorses Socialist Bernie Sanders For President (VIDEO)

crazy bernie

In recent years the American people have begun to believe that those who work in the mainstream media lean left politically. Frankly, hard left. As a matter-of-fact so hard left that many of us just assumed most of those in the mainstream media are outright Communists. Well if a recent union presidential endorsement is any indication, the American people are more right, than wrong.

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) consists of a dozen or so unions from several diverse professions. The most eyebrow raising being The National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians (NABET-CWA). The NABET-CWA represents most everyone in the Broadcast industry from all the major networks: NBC, ABC, and Fox, among others. From anchors and writers, to producers and directors, even the news station’s truck drivers, everyone falls under the umbrella of the NABET-CWA. And according to the NABET-CWA they all were allowed to vote in the CWA Presidential Poll in order to help the union to decide which candidate to support. The results are disturbing.

Last Friday CWA President Chris Shelton announced that after tallying the results of their member poll the union is endorsing Socialist Bernie Sanders for President:

CWA members have made a clear choice and a bold stand in endorsing Bernie Sanders for President,” said CWA President Chris Shelton. “I am proud of our democratic process, proud of CWA members, and proud to support the candidate whose vision for America puts working families first. Our politics and economy have favored Wall Street, the wealthy and powerful for too long. CWA members, like voters across America, are saying we can no longer afford business as usual. Bernie has called for a political revolution – and that is just what Americans need today.”

After the announcement, while CWA members chanted “Bernie, Bernie!”, Senator Sanders took to the podium to say that he is proud of the CWA endorsement and that he looks forward to working with the CWA to create a “political revolution” in the United States.

While the News Guild, which represents print journalists, is also a member of the CWA the Guild did not take part in the CWA poll. The Guild has a standing mandate to abstain from endorsing political candidates in an effort to keep their “objectivity”.

So remember, as you watch your favorite mainstream news broadcaster on television tonight rest assured that what was once considered paranoia, is now proven to be true. Those who spoon feed you the news everyday are at best Socialists, and at worst Communists, but in the end they are really just…un-American.

Video of the CWA President’s announcement and Bernie Sander’s reaction below:

Mexican Gov Official: There Is A “Wall of Racism and Xenophobia” In America (VIDEO)

mexican foreign Minister

Since President Obama feels it’s appropriate for him to travel to other nations in order to bad mouth the United States, I guess it’s only logical if foreign officials from other countries follow Obama’s example and come here to insult us to our face.

During a recent visit to the Migration Policy Institute in Washington D.C., Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu gave a speech where she stated that she is working to bring down the “wall of racism and fear, exclusion, and extremism” in America:

We’re betting on the future through innovation working closely to bring down, rather than to build the wall of racism and fear, exclusion, and extremism that has become so dangerously fertile and appealing in many context. But what we truly hunger for and what there is a pressing need for in this area is courageous leadership to face the challenges and accomplish these goals. It is our responsibility to change the narrative of immigration by acknowledging immigrant contributions, working closely across borders, and most importantly by spreading a message of tolerance.”

Video below:

Minister Massieu also pointed out that the desire for border security in America is an irresponsible and dangerous narrative of xenophobia and exclusion:

These conditions have unfortunately been met in some places by an irresponsible and dangerous narrative of xenophobia and exclusion that wrongly portrays immigrants as security concerns. It is our obligation to stand up to this trend and think of pro-active policy solutions rather than instilling fear and hatred and resorting to (unintelligible) statements. These narratives are simply unsustainable. And these narratives sell among some audiences due to misinformation about the impact of migration.”

Video below:

Considering the Mexican government has invested so much time and energy in helping illegals enter the United States in order to benefit from the influx of American money many send back to their families in Mexico, I would suggest that Mexico has a vested interest in keeping an open border between Mexico and the United States. Because if Americans finally wake up and demand strict border control the Mexican government stands to loose millions if not billions of dollars.

Which is why Minister Massieu isn’t really worried about American “racism” or “xenophobia” but is really worried about losing all those American greenbacks which help keep her almost 3rd world country… afloat.

Socialist Green Activist Unhappy With UN Climate Agreement For Not Going Far Enough (VIDEO)


While President Obama and John Kerry are celebrating the signing of the recent United Nations Paris Climate COP 21 agreement, Progressive Climate activists are already calling it a sham.

Naomi Klein, Canadian Author, Socialist, and Climate activist who met with the Pope this year to discuss how to fight Climate Change, is not only already pointing out that the COP 21 agreement is non-binding and therefore not legally enforceable, but during a protest on Saturday after the signing of the COP 21 agreement she stated that this agreement is so weak, as it pertains to fighting man-made Climate Change, that it means world leaders are willing to set the world on fire:

Our leaders have shown themselves willing to set our world on fire and we will not let that happen.  Our mood today is not one of despair but rather a clarifying sense of commitment and purpose.  We knew that these were not the real leaders.  We knew that the leaders were in the streets, that the leaders were in the fields, that this city is filled with climate heroes.

Despite their beautiful words, our leaders remained trapped in a broken system and a crashing worldview based on dominance of people and the planet and that worldview simply does not allow them to align their words, their goals, with their actions.

And so the gap is increased between the rhetoric and the goal of safety and the reality of the epic danger they are allowing to unfold.  And the gap is increased between the expressions of solidarity with the most vulnerable and the reality of those leaders consistently putting the interests of the rich and powerful before the interests of the vulnerable, and indeed the interests of all humanity.

Our leaders have none of the courage that it takes to stand up to the corporate interests that are responsible for this crisis.  They can’t even say the words “fossil fuels” in this text.  So it is up to us to do what they so clearly refuse to do, which is to stand up to the polluters and make them pay.”

While any U.N. global agreement adopted by the Obama administration is disturbing to contemplate, it’s nice to know that this particular Climate agreement is not only not legally binding (which means the next President can throw it on the rubbish pile where it belongs) but that it’s not as Progressively radical as it could have been. Which is why Progressive nut jobs like Naomi Klein, and other radical Climate activists, are calling the COP 21 agreement a wholesale “fraud”.

Hilariously, the irony is lost on Socialist Climate activists, like Naomi Klein, that the reason why the COP 21 agreement is a fraud probably has a lot to do with the fact that man-made Climate Change is itself a fraud. But don’t tell them that, their collective heads just might burst into flames.

Video below:

Obama Strikes Back! President To Force U.S. Into New International Carbon Market

Obama Strikes BackEven though Obama’s Cap and Trade schemes have failed to pass several times here in the United States, it appears the President is now getting ready to strike back at his detractors.

According to Bloomberg Business, the Obama administration is planning to force the U.S. into helping create and participate in a new international carbon market in order to hasten the transition to a carbon free economy:

Eighteen nations including the U.S., Japan and Germany will work together to develop international carbon markets to help speed the pace of emission reductions under the Paris climate deal struck Saturday, according to the New Zealand government.

The nations will develop standards and guidelines to ensure trading of carbon credits has environmental integrity, according to a statement sent by Jonathan Franklin, spokesman for Tim Groser, New Zealand’s climate and trade minister.

 Saturday’s deal by envoys from more than 190 countries gathered in Paris allows cooperation between nations to meet emission-limitation pledges. It also creates a new market to promote sustainable development, speeding carbon cuts by state entities and private companies. China plans to create the world’s biggest carbon market by 2017, about double the size of 10-year old European program, currently the largest. China and India aren’t part of the 18-nation group.”

Even though the Obama administration is using the new U.N. COP 21 agreement as the reason for participating in this newest carbon trading scheme, it is clearly just a flimsy excuse to yet again do an end run around the American people since the U.N. agreement is non-binding and therefore not legally enforceable.

Once again, this is just another example of how The President of the United States is under some dark delusion that he is indeed… an Emperor.

Chinese Communist Police Shoot Unarmed Protesters For Protesting TOO LONG!

Chinese Police

With the growing fight over gun rights in America, stories demonstrating the importance of the 2nd Amendment are necessary to counter the anti-gun lunacy of the left. Sadly, thanks to totalitarian, Progressive nations like Communist China, those stories are not in short supply.

Radio free Asia is reporting that on Thursday in the city of Linyi in the Shandong province peaceful cab drivers who were protesting the loss of business to unlicensed cabbies were shot by police because the protesters had been protesting too long:

Police in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong opened fire on protesting taxi drivers after thousands of them took to the streets in protest over unlicensed cabs in Linyi city, protesters told RFA on Friday.

“She had gunshot wounds in both legs, one of which was very serious,” the sister of one taxi driver hit by police gunfire told RFA from the hospital.

The 43-year-old taxi-driver, surnamed Yang, had turned her head to investigate the source of the gunshots, and looked down to discover blood pouring from her legs, her sister said.

“There was a big hole in her leg; she was injured in three different places,” Yang’s sister said. “The bullets ripped through her blood vessels and tendons, and some stayed embedded there.”

The shots rang out as armed riot police faced off with some 3,000 angry taxi drivers on Tuesday in a protest against unlicensed cabs booked with WeChat’s Didi app stealing their business, which had lasted for several days in downtown Linyi, protesters said.

Unconfirmed reports said the police had explained the gunshots as a “misfire.”

“If they didn’t take guns to the scene, then they couldn’t misfire, could they,” taxi driver Lu Qiumei told RFA. “Personally, I don’t believe this weapon was accidentally discharged.”

A fellow taxi driver surnamed Liang said the protesters had already gathered several times outside the Linyi municipal government buildings in protest at their loss of business.

“We didn’t do anything to escalate the situation,” Liang said. “We weren’t carrying any weapons, but the police fired on us using anti-terrorism guns with lead bullets, not plastic bullets.”

“Later, the city authorities told us that this was because we had engaged in extreme activities by demonstrating for such a long time,” he said.”

Gee, imagine that. A totalitarian, Progressive government willing to shoot its own citizens all because they have been protesting too long.

And yet there are still anti-gun nut jobs who wonder why Americans have and protect the 2nd Amendment.

Sometimes, you just can’t fix stupid.

(Image: DossierTibet)

SoCal Communists Who Support Violent Revolution Begin “Educating” Hispanic Community

SOCAL Commies

The Progressive left is quick to try and label the “right-wing” as terrorists, but are purposely blind when it comes to the violent radicals among their own. The Progressive belief seems to be that if the ends justify the means, as long as no one notices what those means are, then anything goes.

Case in point.

Several years ago I exposed the Youth League of the Southern California Communist Party USA’s (SoCal CPUSA) plan of going on a nationwide “Red School Bus” tour in an effort to educate the public about their beliefs. The catch was one of their beliefs involved the use of violent revolution in order to spread Marxism. While their website has since been scrubbed it can still be found, with their violent belief system still in tact.

The SoCal CPUSA and the CPUSA at large, after having been exposed as violent radicals, have since denounced violence as a viable alternative. But the organizations still openly display images of Che Guevera, who murdered thousands in the name of Communism, and proudly display flags of tyrannical Communist nations such as the U.S.S.R. (seen above) who murdered tens of millions of people in the name of Marxist equality. I believe this is a case of actions speaking louder than words.

Fast forward to 2015 and the SoCal CPUSA is at it again. But instead of touring the country attempting to influence Americans, they have decided to stay closer to home and brainwash the locals.

According to the CPUSA website the SoCal CPUSA is now holding Marxism classes targeted specifically at the California Hispanic population:

“The Southern California district of the CPUSA, has been connecting with various social justice groups for several years, which has made it possible for us to join together and hold several activities in the community.

One such event was a 6-week introductory course on Marxism in Spanish. At each session we had a home cooked meal which facilitated the participant’s attendance by not having to stop and have dinner elsewhere. This allowed us to socialize for half an hour before each session.

The courses included, imperialism, historical materialism, dialectical materialism, methodology, women’s equality and Latin America and the path to socialism.

We chose this order because we believed it was important to discuss the current stage of capitalism that we live under, then begin to take a look at history and connect the question of imperialism. We then chose to present dialectical materialism to demonstrate the scientific element covering the general laws. We proceeded to attempt to put the previous three classes together to discuss a method of looking at our current situation: how to make an analysis of our reality, develop a strategy and tactics.

The SoCal CPUSA also held a Day of The Dead ceremony around Halloween in and effort to reach out to the large Hispanic community. They displayed pictures of prominent dead American Communists, one of which being Lucille Ball. Lucille Ball had denounced her Communist Party affiliation in 1936 and claimed she only joined the party to pacify a crazy, hard-core Socialist grandfather. But that didn’t stop the SoCal CPUSA from exploiting the star’s fame. Pictures of the event can be seen on the SoCAl CPUSA Facebook page.

So rest assured that while your government is busy pointing fingers at those of us on the political right screaming “terrorist!”, that there are violent radical Progressives who are busy educating their neighbors about how evil the United States truly is and developing tactics on how to “fundamentally transform” it…by any means necessary.

UN Chief: Nations Should Replace “National Perspective” With “Global Vision”

Ban Ki Moon

The Progressive left is trying very hard to erase borders in an effort to create a new “just and equal” society under the guise of a one world order. But for that to happen the nations of the world must cease thinking of themselves as autonomous nation states and embrace a new “Global Vision”. At least that’s what the head of the United Nations is urging them to do.

On Monday, during a press conference at the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, France known as COP21, U.N. Secretary General BAN Ki-moon stated that the nations of the world need to replace their national perspective with a “global vision” in order to fight man-made Climate Change:

“The member states have expressed their concerns and their aspirations and their views loud and clear. All the developed and developing countries. Particularly countries from small islands developing states, vulnerable group of countries, and the views of civil society and indigenous communities have all been compiled. But they have been working very hard since Peru Summit meeting. I really applaud their commitment and hard work.

Now there are still many brackets, it’s a matter of choice now. I’m asking them to expedite their negotiations. They should have a global vision. Now what they have been expressing, I believe they have been expressing their views based on global vision, but in some cases there were a lot of national perspectives. Now we have to go beyond these national perspectives and have to agree on global visions.”

Updated text for the new global climate agreement is scheduled to be released on Wednesday of this week but only if, as Secretary Moon pointed out, the member states of the U.N. can agree to set aside their national perspectives and embrace the new “global vision”.

While the exact conditions of the agreement are not yet known it is clear that the “global vision” will include the fundamental transformation of the Western nations into Socialist states, while forcing some type of carbon credit trading system upon the world.

In other words, your life is about to become much less free and living it will be much, much more expensive.

You can watch the entire press conference here.