Obama Makes First $500 Million Payment For Paris Climate Change Agreement

Obama on Mizzou

Remember when Obama recently went to Paris and agreed to commit massive amounts of U.S. tax dollars to fighting climate change? He just made the first payment.

The Guardian reports:

Obama administration pays out $500m to climate change project

The Obama administration has made a first installment on its $3bn pledge to help poor countries fight climate change – defying Republican opposition to the president’s environmental plan.

The $500m payment to the Green Climate Fund was seen as critical to shoring up international confidence in Barack Obama’s ability to deliver on the pledges made at the United Nations’ climate change conference in Paris in late 2015.

Obama is expected to announce a number of joint climate initiatives when Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau visits Washington this week, sources familiar with the plans said.

The White House is also working with United Nations officials to encourage countries to formally approve the Paris climate agreement ahead of a signing ceremony on 22 April.

At least 55 countries, representing at least 55% of global climate emissions, must ratify the agreement before it formally takes effect.

Administration officials said the initial $500m payment to the Green Climate Fund demonstrated that Obama would follow through on the promises of last December’s Paris climate agreement – despite February’s setback at the supreme court and threats by Republican presidential candidates to dismantle Obama’s agenda.

“Today, the United States provided a $500m grant to the Green Climate Fund,” a state department official said. “This grant is the first step toward meeting the president’s commitment of $3bn to the GCF, and shows that the United States stands squarely behind our international climate commitments.”

He sure is good at spending other people’s money, isn’t he?

Van Jones Mocks Marco Rubio, FOX News And Trans People (VIDEO)


While giving a speech at Portland State University this past October, Obama’s former “green czar”, Van Jones, made some several absurd statements, outlandish by even his standards.

He started off by telling the story of when he covered a Presidential debate for CNN, and was heading to the bathroom at the same time Marco Rubio was coming out. “As I’m going into the restroom, and out comes Marco Rubio. He comes out looking like (lost child face), looking for any human affirmation at all. He looked just like my kids”


Then, in a strange twist of fate, he subtly made fun of trans people, saying “You may be a particular gender or sexuality or race…often what we spend our time doing is raging at our fate. ‘Why don’t I have more of this, why wasn’t I born more of that'”

Of course he blames America for global warming. “1 out of every 4 greenhouse gas molecules up there cooking the planet has a SUV, a cheeseburger, a big screen TV and an American flag, right up there. You can see them. It came from the United States”

And you’re racist if you say “all lives matter”.

Even though Mr. Jones himself is seemingly scared of white people becoming a minority.

But then he ends by agreeing that racism should be treated by the CDC as a mental health issue.

Chef Forced to Remove Menu Item After Getting DEATH THREATS FROM VEGANS


Vegans are vegetarians who won’t even eat products made from animals like butter or cheese. You would think that folks who care so much about animals would be peaceful people. You would be wrong.

Time reported:

Chef Drops Foie Gras From Menu After Vegan Death Threats

A chef in the United Kingdom is backing away from including foie gras on a Valentine’s Day menu after receiving death threats from vegan activists.

The chef at Kings Arms at Fleggburgh opted out of serving the decadent dish during Valentine’s Day dinner this weekend after being subjected to “harassment” by activists who threatened to protest the menu, the Guardian reports. Foie gras is traditionally made by force feeding geese until their liver becomes enlarged.

Mark Dixon, an award winning chef, posted the Valentine’s Day menu on Facebook in January. For 50 pounds per person, diners could indulge in a specialty tasting menu that included vodka cured salmon and grilled halibut. Also on the menu, foie gras and chicken liver parfait which drew the ire of activists. Soon after the menu was posted, the restaurant was reportedly bombarded with phone calls, threats, and fake reservations.

So they won’t eat animals, but they’ll threaten to kill people who do?

Only leftists would think that makes sense.


The EPA Now Wants to BAN Hobby Race Cars

Hobby Race Car

The bureaucrats in Washington won’t be happy until they’ve made life absolutely miserable for everyone. The latest outrage is from the EPA which wants to ban hobby race cars.

The Watts Up With That blog reports:

The EPA is out of control – now they want to ban hobby race cars

Another example of government abuse of power, the EPA is seeking to remove more freedoms from American citizens in the name of the environment, by prohibiting the act of converting street cars into race cars. The sheer ridiculousness of this move to can be measured by how little of an impact it will have on the environment, given how little the number of cars converted into racecars per year.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a regulation to prohibit conversion of vehicles originally designed for on-road use into racecars. The regulation would also make the sale of certain products for use on such vehicles illegal. The proposed regulation was contained within a non-related proposed regulation entitled “Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles—Phase 2.”

The regulation would impact all vehicle types, including the sports cars, sedans and hatch-backs commonly converted strictly for use at the track. While the Clean Air Act prohibits certain modifications to motor vehicles, it is clear that vehicles built or modified for racing, and not used on the streets, are not the “motor vehicles” that Congress intended to regulate.

Our country is $19 trillion dollars in debt and this is what our leaders are worried about?

We’re in serious trouble.


Deputy Secretary of Defense Orders The Pentagon TO ADDRESS CLIMATE CHANGE


Early in Obama’s first term, NASA was ordered to do outreach to the Muslim community. Now the Pentagon is being ordered to address climate change.

Adam Kredo reports at the Washington Free Beacon:

Pentagon Ordered to Address ‘Climate Change’

A new directive issued by Pentagon leaders mandates that the agency work to “assess and manage risks associated with the impacts of climate change,” according to a copy of the Jan. 14 directive issued by Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work.

As the Obama administration focuses on a larger effort to push its climate change agenda, the Pentagon will now “address the impacts of climate change.” This includes engaging in “deliberate preparation, close cooperation, and coordinated planning” to “improve climate preparedness and resilience,” according to the directive.

The partnership will include state governments and the private sector.

Pentagon officials expect that the climate change effort will “help safeguard [the] U.S. economy, infrastructure, environment, and natural resources,” according to the directive.

If Obama had his way, every agency of government would become a tool for social justice.

This is what progressive rule looks like.


Obama Mocks Climate Deniers In Last State Of The Union Address


Past Presidents have utilized the bully pulpit provided in the State of the Union Address to highlight the problems in the nation while offering their common sense solutions. But shamefully President Obama has degraded the event to one where he spouts off his radical political ideology while mocking those who don’t share his views. Sadly President Obama’s last State of the Union was no different.

Eco Watch reports that President Obama actually mocked what he refers to as Climate Deniers by telling them they can still choose to think differently than he does, but they’ll be pretty lonely:

“In his final State of the Union address, President Obama made climate change one of the major themes of the evening, ridiculing those who would deny that climate change is a problem—and one that can be addressed through curbing greenhouse gas emissions from human activities.

Look, if anybody still wants to dispute the science around climate change, have at it,” the president said in his prepared remarks. “You’ll be pretty lonely, because you’ll be debating our military, most of America’s business leaders, the majority of the American people, almost the entire scientific community and 200 nations around the world who agree it’s a problem and intend to solve it.”

The hypocrisy that an American President, the leader of the “land of the free” where freedom of thought is supposedly openly embraced, used one of the most important speeches of his office in order to mock, almost threaten, those who think differently than he does, is lost on President Obama.

But while his behavior rails against everything the Founding Fathers fought for, it does embrace the tyrannical mannerisms of Communist despots. Much like the current Chinese Communist regime who openly mocks and persecutes its Christian citizens. Except President Obama’s actions consist mainly of persecuting “Climate Deniers” and “Tea Party” members with just a hint of Christian victims thrown in for seasoning.

So my fellow Climate deniers take comfort in knowing that while President Obama continues to shame the Office of President in the throws of his last term in office, rest assured that while under his regime we may be “lonely”, we are at least in good company.

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NASA Scientist: Texans Won’t Listen To Me About Climate Change Because I’M JEWISH (VIDEO)

While the Progressive Left would like you to think the definition of bigotry is when a right-wing, Christian, white person hates anyone who isn’t right-wing, white, or Christian. The ugly truth is bigots come in many shapes, sexes, colors, professions, and religious or political affiliations.

For example, while an intellectually honest person might suggest that those who don’t believe in Climate Change do so because they haven’t seen any real evidence to prove it exists. If you’re a Progressive Scientist working for NASA, it’s because the Climate Denier is antisemitic.

According to Rebel Media NASA climate scientist, Gavin Schmidt (pictured above), told an audience that Texans won’t listen to him when it comes to Climate Change because he’s a liberal, Jewish, atheist from New York:

There are some communities I can’t talk to because I’m a liberal, Jewish, atheist from New York City. Right? So if I go to Texas and try to tell people about Climate Change I’m probably the wrong messenger because we don’t have any shared values frankly.”

Video below:

(Image: Metcalf)

#Win! Environmentalists Lose Their Minds Over New App Which Brings Gasoline To You

Filld guy

If I had to devise a plan to anger those who embrace the fiction that is man-made Climate Change to the point where they would lose their minds, I might suggest setting a pile of tires on fire. But considering that’s illegal in most states, I might just do what a young entrepreneur in California has done. Haul around large tanks full of gasoline in the back of a gas guzzling, carbon emitting pick-up truck in order to deliver fuel to your front door.

In what I can only describe as an idea born from what must be evil genius, Christopher Aubuchon is Co-Founder of a new app called FILL’D which allows you to utilize your phone in order to have gasoline delivered to your door. In a recent interview with National Geographic Mr. Aubuchon says his new app is just allowing people to “get some of their time back” by eliminating their trip to the gas station.

But it’s doing far more than that. The idea of emitting carbon from the tail pipe of a pick-up in order to deliver more of the carbon creating fuel so that people can then emit more of said carbon, is also driving some environmentalists out of their minds.

For instance Alissa Walker, a writer for Gizmodo Australia, has so lost her mind over Mr. Aubuchon’s new app she has resorted to using foul language in order to describe those who might use it (edited for taste):

“But for those times when you are too busy using the petrol you put in your car to actually stop that car and fill it with more petrol. It’s like Uber for lazy pieces of sh*t.”

But it’s not the laziness of people that’s really wedged itself under her craw. It’s the fact that someone is creating carbon emissions in order to perpetuate more carbon emissions that really has her spitting mad:

“I’m not going to go into the myriad issues I see with leaving your petrol cap unlocked while you give a random person your credit card info and licence plate number and entrust they will fill your car with petrol at a fair price (plus $5 delivery fee!) while you’re not around. It’s more about the part where we’re paying trucks to chase us around our neighbourhoods attempting to stick spigots of future emissions into our car holes.”

So while Alissa Walker may decry the inventiveness of the American citizen because it rubs against her sensitive views on “how to save the planet”, I celebrate the Mr. Aubuchon’s go get’em moxie.

Because to me, whenever you combine the American drive to succeed with an idea which totally ticks off environmentalists, it adds up to…Win-Win.

TEN YEARS AGO Al Gore Said We Had Only Ten Years To Save The Planet From Global Warming

Al Gore pic

Rush Limbaugh has been keeping track of Al Gore’s fraudulent claim about global warming for a decade. Here we are ten years later and there hasn’t been an eco-armageddon.

Kerry Picket reports at The Daily Caller:

Limbaugh’s Al Gore Armageddon Clock About To Hit Zero After Ten Years

Former Vice President Al Gore made a prediction for the earth’s point of no return 10 years ago and talk radio host Rush Limbaugh held him to it since that day in 2006.

The countdown clock on Limbaugh’s site has been running for nearly 10 years since Gore’s apocalyptic prediction about the earth as a result of greenhouse emissions. Less than a month remains in the countdown.

Gore predicted, when his film “An Inconvenient Truth” was first released at the Sundance Film Festival, that the earth would be in “a true planetary emergency” within the next ten years unless drastic action was taken to reduce greenhouse gases.

CBS News reported at the time that Gore’s film predicted the worst-case scenarios would be a new ice age in Europe, massive floods in China, India, and other areas. Gore described himself as a “recovering politician” to the Sundance audience at the time and that he “benefits from low expectations.”

Here’s one thing that has happened in the last ten years…

Al Gore has become a multi-millionaire by talking about climate change.

That’s kinda funny, huh?


Wildlife Group: Millions of Americans Will Suffer Psychological Distress From CLIMATE CHANGE

Liberals continue to claim that Climate Change is the number one problem in the country. A new report from a wildlife organization is backing up those claims by simply making more outrageous claims.

Weasel Zippers reports via Gizmodo:

A report published by the National Wildlife Foundation finds that the majority of Americans can expect to suffer mental health problems as a result of global warming and warns that our mental health system is not equipped to handle it.

“The interplay between the climate realities we likely face and the potential psychological fallout from them was the subject of a conference convened in Washington D.C., in March 2009,” write Lise van Susteren, MD, and Kevin J. Doyle, JD, introducing their work. “A highly respected group of experts offered insights. Their thoughts, recommendations and supporting evidence are presented in this report.”

“The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States,” examines the hitherto undiscussed effects of increasingly prevalent extreme weather, sea level rise, drought and other impacts of climate change on mental health. How will we cope with a changing world?

“The incidences of mental and social disorders will rise steeply. These will include depressive and anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, substance abuse, suicides, and widespread outbreaks of violence. Children, the poor, the elderly, and those with existing mental health disorders are especially vulnerable and will be hardest hit.”

Next we’ll be told that Climate Change causes cancer.

Image: (SMH)