#BlackLivesMatter Activists Angry They Can’t Ban White People From PUBLIC LIBRARY MEETINGS

BLM Nashville 2

Black Lives Matter activists in Nashville were surprised to learn that they can’t ban people from meetings at a public library based on race. They even suggested this policy is racist. Irony much?

USA Today reports:

Black Lives Matter meetings run afoul of library’s policy

Library officials have told Nashville’s chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement that meetings restricting those who attend by race aren’t allowed on public property.

The decision has outraged Black Lives Matter members. But Nashville Public Library officials said they’re following a library policy that specifies all meetings at their facilities must be open to the public and news media.

“The library didn’t cancel anyone’s meeting,” said library spokeswoman Emily Waltenbaugh, referring to a Black Lives Matter meeting Saturday that has been moved to a church. “We’re taxpayer funded. We have to be open to anyone any time.”

For the past few months, the Black Lives Matter movement here has had chapter meetings at the North Branch Library.

Here’s how BLM Nashville reacted:

BLM Nashville 1

Who are the real racists here?


VIDEO=> $15 Now Crybullies Stage Sit In @ Oregon Governor’s Office


The $15 Now communists stormed the Oregon capitol building again, this time staging a sit in right out front of the Governor’s office. They screamed about $15 now, rent control, homeless camp sweeps, and other unintelligible crap.

The Oregon state police observe and monitor in confusion, unsure what to do. This kind of disruption is supposedly not allowed inside the building, and signs and banners are not allowed, not to mention the blocking of hallways as it relates to fire code.

The protest lasted about 30 minutes, before the economic illiterates and Womens Studies majors finally got up and took their crybullying to the center of the rotunda, where they posed for photo ops with their signs and banners while shouting more wackjob chants.

VIDEO=> Portland State Dishonors MLK With #BlackLivesMatter Founders

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.01.44 PM#BlackLivesMatter co-founders Opal Tometi and Alicia Garza were the special guests of honor at Portland State University’s Martin Luther King Jr. event. The Stott Center gymnasium was sold out, and a live stream was set up in an overflow room.

The event started off with Chief Officer Of Diversity And Inclusion, Dr. Carmen Suarez, lecturing everyone about white privilege, and explaining how they’ve been embedding that notion in academia for years.

“Privilege. The concept of privilege has, for some time, been engaged in our studies and our discourse, and we’ve moved the concept of privilege out of the academic classrooms and research, to a foundational lens by which many us learned and examined individual, structural, and systemic social injustices. Light skinned privilege is something unearned that so many of us enjoy.”

The guests of honor openly said “I want a candidate that will take seriously, reparations for black people”.

But what about saying “all lives matter”? “But most of the time when we hear ‘all lives matter’ it’s not well intention-ed. It’s a way to silence a very important conversation that this nation needs to have around the foundations of this country. This country was built on genocide, theft of people’s land, and slavery. From the very founding of this nation, not all lives have mattered.”

And if you bring up black-on-black crime, you’re racist. “To me that statement, especially when it’s deployed by white folks, is a very blatantly racist way of engaging and relating”

Of course they hate capitalism and “hetero-normative ways of thinking about relationships.”

And they ended the festivities by ripping on black conservative actress Stacey Dash. “When i hear comments like that, I often think about who’s behind it, more so than I think about who the mouthpiece is. And the same comments that Stacy Dash is making are comments that I expect to hear from people like Donald Trump.”

#BlackLivesMatter Activists Want LeBron James TO GO ON STRIKE OVER TAMIR RICE

hi-res-fe467f82e49dd872c50e501c5f9525e6_crop_northUsing the hashtage #NoJusticeNoLeBron, #BLM activists are calling on LeBron James to sit out until “the DOJ imprisons the murderers of Tamir Rice”.

From The Root:

Social media has been on fire ever since word came down that the police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice would not be indicted. An Ohio grand jury made the decision Monday, and people immediately began passing around the same tweets and putting up the same social media posts that proclaim Black. Lives. Matter.

There have also been marches scheduled across the nation to protest the grand jury’s decision. But a particular call to action involves NBA superstar LeBron James. James is from Ohio and plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, so folks think that his involvement in the protest would strike a hard blow to the heart of America—especially since we’re knee-deep in the NBA season.

They want James to boycott NBA games until a federal prosecutor brings an indictment against the officer who killed Rice.

This effort is apparently led by Islamic Monthly columnist Tariq Toure, who posted the following flyer on his twitter feed.


THE FERGUSON EFFECT: How Progressives Are Trying to Hide Their Role in Violent Crimes

Ferguson riots

Leftists in politics and media played a role in the riots and fires of Ferguson which have impacted crime levels in other cities. Now they want to hide this reality from the public in order to keep it from becoming an issue in the 2016 campaign.

Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute writes at the Wall Street Journal:

Trying to Hide the Rise of Violent Crime

Murders and shootings have spiked in many American cities—and so have efforts to ignore or deny the crime increase. The see-no-evil campaign eagerly embraced a report last month by the Brennan Center for Justice called “Crime in 2015: A Preliminary Analysis.” Many progressives and their media allies hailed the report as a refutation of what I and others have dubbed the “Ferguson effect”— cops backing off from proactive policing, demoralized by the ugly vitriol directed at them since a police shooting in Ferguson, Mo., last year. Americans are being asked to disbelieve both the Ferguson effect and its result: violent crime flourishing in the ensuing vacuum.

In fact, the Brennan Center’s report confirms the Ferguson effect, while also showing how clueless the media are about crime and policing.

The Brennan researchers gathered homicide data from 25 of the nation’s 30 largest cities for the period Jan. 1, 2015, to Oct. 1, 2015. (Not included were San Francisco, Indianapolis, Columbus, El Paso and Nashville.) The researchers then tried to estimate what 2015’s full-year homicide numbers for those 25 cities would be, based on the extent to which homicides were up from January to October this year compared with the similar period in 2014.

The resulting projected increase for homicides in 2015 in those 25 cities is 11%. (By point of comparison, the FiveThirtyEight data blog looked at the 60 largest cities and found a 16% increase in homicides by September 2015.) An 11% one-year increase in any crime category is massive; an equivalent decrease in homicides would be greeted with high-fives by politicians and police chiefs. Yet the media have tried to repackage that 11% homicide increase as trivial.

Read the rest here.

Democrats have pandered to the #BlackLivesMatter movement in hope of political support but most Americans are more concerned about law and order.

Let’s hope the Democrats pay at the polls next fall.


HANDS UP DON’T SHOOT Gets Named One of the Biggest Lies of 2015

Hands Up Don't Shoot

Remember how hard the media pushed “hands up, don’t shoot” after the Ferguson protests? The lie was so obvious that even the liberal Washington Post has admitted it.

Ian Tuttle of National Review:

WaPo: ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ One of 2015’s Biggest Lies

Washington Post fact checker (yes, sometimes “fact”-checker) Glenn Kessler has released his list of “the biggest Pinocchios of 2015” — and guess what made the list:

“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”

This phrase became a rallying cry for protests after the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. Witness accounts spread after the shooting that Michael Brown had his hands raised in surrender, mouthing the words “Don’t shoot” as his last words before being shot execution-style. Democratic lawmakers raised their hands in solidarity on the House floor. But various investigations concluded this did not happen — and that Wilson acted out of self-defense and was justified in killing Brown.

A lie? Well, then it’s a good thing no one acted prematurely and propagated that story before it was confirmed!

The left loved this story because it featured two of their favorite claims:

America is racist and guns are bad.


Rabbi at White House Hanukkah Event Pushes Syrian Refugees And Black Lives Matter (VIDEO)

Left Wing Rabbi WH

Under Obama, absolutely everything must be politicized in a left wing way and Hanukkah is no exception. Rabbi Susan Talve’s blessing at the White House last week was a laundry list of leftism.

Here’s a partial transcript via NewsBusters:

With all the schmutz in the world, can you believe that we are here with the President of the United States and the President of Israel celebrating Hanukkah, in the White House?

And I know we bring many people here with us, each and every one of us.

I stand here today with my 90-year-old father, whose parents fled the Ottoman Empire. And as they passed by Lady Liberty they planted within us the promise that the gates would stay open for all immigrants and all refugees who would come to build America.

And I also stand here with my fierce family of clergy and Black Lives Matter activists who took to the streets of Ferguson to stand firm until all members of the community would see God in the face of the other.

Watch the video:

What a disgrace.


SURPRISE! GWEN IFILL Parrots DOJ Report That BLAMES COPS for ‘Antagonizing’ Ferguson Protesters

On the exact same day she was criticized by the ombudsman of her own network for antagonizing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Gwen Ifill went on the air and cited a Department of Justice report about Ferguson which blames the police.

Here’s the transcript from PBS:

GWEN IFILL: The Justice Department is out with its final report on how police handled the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, and it warns other towns to take heed.

The trouble in Ferguson erupted after a white officer killed Michael Brown, a black teenager, in August last year. The report says, in part: “The absence of trust between the police and many in the community negatively impacted the response of all agencies involved.” It also blames military-style tactics that antagonized demonstrators.

Here’s the video. Skip to the 2:35 mark to hear the Ferguson segment.

Ifill is so clearly leftist, that it’s stunning the GOP agreed to have her moderate the VP debate in 2008.


#BlackLivesMatter Activist Claims Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ is a VIOLENT STATEMENT

The #BlackLivesMatter activists who recently had an awkward meeting with Hillary Clinton were on CNN this week and claimed that saying ‘all lives matter’ is a violent statement.

MRCTV has the report:

CNN host Wolf Blitzer interviewed #BlackLivesMatter founder Daunasia Yancey and activist Julius Jones on Tuesday about the recent backlash the movement has been receiving with the tactics used to protest, that it’s not polite. Blitzer went easy on them – especially when it came to some of the ridiculous comments made taking offense to the concept that “all lives matter.” Jones called that a “violent statement.”

Here’s the video:

How is it violent to say that all lives matter?

Leon H. Wolf of RedState wrote a column for the Washington Post this week in which he said the BLM movement is wasting their time with Democrats:

#BlackLivesMatter is wasting its time with Democrats

#BlackLivesMatter protesters won’t find answers to these systemic causes of hostile police interactions with black citizens by asking Democrats, because Democrats are too invested in a system that drains revenue from individuals any way it can. And their candidates don’t have the incentive to run on a platform of cutting budgets, or eliminating the hidden regressive taxes on alcohol, tobacco and gas that help prop up big-city governments.

Read it all here.

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