Ferguson Business Owner Rebuilds Her Shop and Gets Robbed Again

One year after riots tore apart the town of Ferguson, the owner of a hair salon managed to rebuild her shop with help from Tea Party locals. Unfortunately, her new and improved situation didn’t last long.

Melissa Quinn of The Daily Signal reported:

A Year After Ferguson Rioters Damaged Her Shop, Woman Rebuilding With Tea Party’s Help Is Robbed Again

This week, on the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, a familiar image came out of Ferguson, Mo., as protesters faced off against police in the city just as they did 12 months ago.

For one business owner, a night of rioting and looting disrupted a year of rebuilding not just her business, but a community.

Over the course of last year, Dellena Jones, owner of 911 Hair Salon on West Florissant Avenue, found an ally eager to help her rebuild: the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition.

But on Sunday, a group of young men shattered the left window of her beauty salon as protests flared once again in the St. Louis suburb…

For Jones, who worked for more than a decade at the salon before taking over as owner in 2012, the burglary came after a year of struggling to get her business back on its feet.

“It’s been very challenging,” Jones said. “I’ve been trying to keep up the bills here and at home. It’s proven to be very difficult and challenging and almost impossible.”

Recent reports have suggested that many people in Ferguson are looking for jobs.

How can there be new jobs if businesses are continually destroyed?

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#SocialistLivesMatter: Major Ferguson Group Openly Touts Socialist Connections

Recently the activist group Ferguson Action published a flyer with the schedule of events for the 1 year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting.
The schedule of events is not surprising, marches, speeches and concerts.

But a closer look at the flyer reveals the groups troubling sponsors and associations.
Ferguson Action lists among others an ACORN front group called MORE, the anti-capitalist radical black organization OBS and most disturbingly The Socialist Alternative.

In the past these groups have been openly recruiting at the various events in Ferguson but now the movement is unabashedly partnering with socialists bent on the destruction of capitalism.

This movement is not just about fixing the relationship between the people and police is troubled communities. It’s not about fixing anything. It’s openly become a movement to destroy our way of life.

Ferguson, MO Mike Brown Solidarity Protesters: “Burn The Sh*t Down!” (VIDEO)

Mike Brown

On Friday night in Ferguson, MO individuals gathered to once again protest the death of Mike Brown. While several protesters chanted more peaceful slogans some, wearing masks, standing on cars, and waving upside down American flags, chanted:

“If they don’t give us our sh*t! Burn the sh*t down!”

One protester with a bullhorn admitted that he did not trust the system and that the protesters “talk out of control and out of rage” because they have been “pushed to that point”.

Chant begins around the 00:14 mark. Video below:

While tensions were high as people trying to get home were frustrated at a street full of protesters blocking their way, local news reports the protest was peaceful.

More protests are scheduled throughout the weekend in Ferguson and around the country.

(Image: Screen grab)

“People Of Color Are Allowed To Be Angry” Says Huff Po

Huff Po WritersThe 20-somethings at Huffington Post are attempting to enlighten world, once again, on why people of certain skin tones should feel certain ways.

In the article “11 Things White People Need To Realize About Race”, writers Emma Gray and Jessica Samakow tell white people how to think, “The same way men need to be forced to confront, interrogate and reckon with masculinity in order to address sexism, white people need to face their whiteness. And it is not the responsibility of people of color to educate white people about race.”

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Because whiteness is viewed as the “default,” white people have the privilege of distancing themselves from the concept of race or denying it altogether. The first step towards combating structural racism is acknowledging its existence — and the ways in which cultural ideas about whiteness prop up those structures.

2. Confronting privileges and structures far larger than yourself — ones which you may feel you have little-to-no control over or no idea how to change — will always be uncomfortable. But… tough shit. “The entire discussion of race in America centers around the protection of White feelings,” wrote Metta. (See: “white fragility.”)

3. Pretending that you don’t see race simply means that you haven’t had to. Guess what? That’s the epitome of privilege. 

4. You need to recognize that you benefit from white privilege in order to move the conversation forward.

You don’t get to choose whether you benefit from white privilege or not — it’s the structures in place that automatically grants it to you. Denying that only makes you complicit in continuing that cycle.

5. #BlackLivesMatter doesn’t suggest that other lives don’t — it’s about making sure that black lives do.

6. People of color are allowed to be angry about racism. Don’t dismiss that anger, take it in.

As white people, we have to accept that anger is a natural response to being systematically oppressed. And it can be an effective tool.


Rutgers Professor: White People Are “The Face Of The Oppressor”


After making headlines earlier in the year for her rant about “A**hole God” and “White Supremacist Jesus”, Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper is back at it again, with another op-ed on Salon. This time, she rants about the Sandra Bland tragedy, and how all white people are the “face of the oppressor”.

White power. Black submission. It’s the oldest trick in the white supremacist handbook. The officer might think he wanted Sandra Bland’s respect. But what he really wanted was her fear. And the fact is: He is entitled to neither. She did not owe him either her respect or her fear. When his white maleness and his badge didn’t elicit the first, he used the power of that badge to compel the second.

There is a way that white people in particular treat Black people, as though we should be grateful to them — grateful for jobs in their institutions, grateful to live in their neighborhoods, grateful that they aren’t as racist as their parents and grandparents, grateful that they pay us any attention, grateful that they acknowledge our humanity (on the rare occasions when they do), grateful that they don’t use their formidable power to take our lives.

When we refuse gratitude, they enact every violence — they take our jobs, our homes, refuse us respect, and kill us. And then they demand that we be gracious in the face of it.

Black gratitude is the prerequisite for white folks to treat us like human beings. But in my faith tradition, we define grace as “unmerited favor,” as undeserved, unearned. And it is God’s grace toward us that compels our gratitude toward God. Not so in a culture of white Supremacy. In a culture of White Supremacy, White people get to be God without grace. Black people must give all the grace and act grateful for opportunities to do so. If we stumble on the wrong day with the wrong white person, we pay for it with our lives.

White people resist seeing themselves in the face of the oppressor. That mirror reflection is almost too much to bear. I get it. So then they resent the person that holds up the mirror. But let me just say as directly as I can: White people must begin to see themselves in the faces of the mostly white police officers who keep committing these atrocities against Black and Brown people. This will not stop until you recognize that you are them. These officers are your brothers and sisters and aunts and cousins, and sons and daughters and nieces and nephews, and friends, and church members. You are them. And they are you.

It’s a hard truth. It’s a truth that will infuriate each and every white person that floats through life on the cloud of individuality, fooling themselves into thinking that the assumptions, presumptions and privileges of growing up white in a white supremacist society somehow missed them, while touching an alarmingly large number of people who look just like them.

Dr. Cooper has a Ph.D. in American Studies from Emory University and is an assistant professor of “Women And Gender Studies” and “Africana Studies” at Rutgers University.

More “Reparations” Talk At Commie Conference

Sean BlackmonWhat would socialism look like in the United States? Sean Blackmon, member of Party For Socialism And Liberation, is here to liberate your mind from the capitalist, white privileged way of thinking! (VIDEO BELOW!)

“The very concept of socialism is so misunderstood and maligned in the American conscious, mostly due to the distortions of the buguious media” he says, “We are scientific socialists. Which means that our analysis is based in material conditions, the way things actually are, not fantasies…. Capitalism as we know it has taken about 500 years to develop, so getting rid of the ravages of it won’t be an overnight process”

He goes on to fantasize about what an American socialism would look like. “Under a socialist government, every person would have unrestricted access to food, clothes, shelter, health care, quality education, and gainful employment. Jobs would be a right, with a 30 hour work week, with benefits provided by the government, including free childcare. Poverty would be eliminated by providing a living wage for all… No one would pay more than 10% of their income on housing.”

“The destruction of white supremacy will be a priority of the new socialist government, with reparations being paid to black Americans for the centuries of unpaid labor and super exploitation under enslavement, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, and other forms of institutionalized disenfranchisement. All government treaties with Native Americans will be honored and restitutions will be made for the land and resources stolen by the deposed capitalist class.”

He goes on to make the case for why socialism would work here, where it failed elsewhere, and, ironically, ends up making a case against socialism. “You may be asking if a socialist revolution in American can even be possible. The answer is yes. Emphatically YES! In fact, in this country, the early stage of building socialism would look completely different than it ever has, because the vast resources and technological advancements that exist here would mean there would immediately be a situation of abundance. There would be enough housing and doctors and food for everyone, not just in this country, but around the world. Unlike in countries that have revolutions, but were still struggling to overcome underdevelopment, and the legacy of colonialism and feudalism, after the old system was overturned… Because of the advancements that we have in America, we would be spared that process.”

He is right about one thing; America DOES have an abundance of those resources, thanks to NOT being a socialist society.

He then praises the countries where socialism has existed. “We’ve seen revolutions and efforts to build socialism over the last century in places like Russia and the Soviet Union, China, Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam just to name a few, and we see a profound and transformative process underway today in Venezuela.”

“True liberation cannot come from making slight adjustments to the status quo, but the changes that we seek, the society that we seek to build and indeed the WORLD we seek to build can only come through revolution!”

So maybe the rampant poverty and starvation that exists in those marxist/socialist/communist countries really IS their ideal. Maybe they don’t consider those places to be failures. Maybe misery, to them, is success.

Of Course, Rachel Dolezal Just HAS To Be Anti Gun

RachelDolezalAntiGunDuring her time as a guest columnist for The Inlander, a Spokane based alternative newspaper, the now-infamous Rachel Dolezal once penned an article stating her opposition to basic gun rights in neighboring Idaho, where she spent several years teaching at North Idaho College.

In the piece from March of 2014 titled “A Nutty Gun Policy – Why allowing concealed weapons on Idaho campuses is a special kind of stupidity“, she states her opposition to ending the firearms prohibition on Idaho college campuses.

As a college professor and mother of an Idaho college student, I am horrified that state lawmakers passed a bill allowing concealed weapons on university campuses. With Republicans outnumbering Democrats 4-1, some may not be surprised at the 50-19 House vote in favor of the bill. I, however, am shocked that rational human beings, mothers and fathers of children, who are among the lawmakers, would set aside their humanity to support such a dangerous measure.

One of my concerns with this legislation is the juxtaposition of ongoing racial tensions in the state, with the gun count aligning strongly with the white conservative majority. Some parents fear sending their children of color to campuses in Idaho because of the state’s stigma, the lack of meaningful diversity and the absence of prejudice-reduction curriculum in many schools. Add an outrageous upsurge in gun murders of black youth recently by white adult perpetrators across the nation (most of which went unpunished), and tell me that I shouldn’t be alarmed at allowing guns on the campus where my black son is completing his degree. I dare you to tell me that I should believe the hype perpetrated by the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association, which supported the bill, that students packing guns makes campuses safer. No, I agree with the Boise State University president that this bill will do just the opposite. It will endanger everyone on campus and will strike a specific type of fear into students and faculty of color.

A second concern I have is the fact that concealed weapons are made for no other purpose than to kill human beings. I have heard the “hunting” defense for gun ownership. It is true that Idaho is a great wild-game-hunting state, but concealed weapons are not typically deer-hunting rifles. Hopefully we can agree that there is no wild game hunting to be done on campuses. And with a staggering rate of one in four female college students being sexually assaulted, how will the presence of guns affect the safety of our girls?

My third issue with the bill, which only awaits the governor’s signature before becoming law, is the somewhat preschool level of training that is required to obtain a campus concealed weapon. No background checks, no sensitivity training or anger management classes, no lengthy explanation as to why this person feels the need to go to class armed — just eight hours of training is required. Not training by a law enforcement professional, either — just any random NRA instructor will do.

Although I taught at North Idaho College for the past eight years, I am now concentrating my instruction in the state of Washington and don’t plan on going back, if for no other reason than the passage of this bill. I can’t imagine trying to navigate tension with students over grades and assignments knowing that a loaded pistol could be pointed at me from under the student work desk. That is a special kind of terror that I hope never to face.

Rachel Dolezal, formerly of the Human Rights Education Institute in Coeur d’Alene, is an award-winning artist and activist who teaches courses in art, Africana history and culture at area universities.

What a wonderful example for the anti gun hoplophobes (She doesn’t think people go through background checks before getting their concealed carry card?).

Many of her arguments are shot down on a site by Students For Concealed Carry On Campus. www.concealedcampus.org lays out many of these tired, rhetoric talking points and debunks them one by one.

For example, the violent crime rates have not gone up, no shoot-outs have occurred during debates, and no teacher has been threatened or shot because of issuing bad grades at any of the 150+ campuses on the campuses where it is not illegal for students to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

Jay Z Posting Bail For #BlackLivesMatter Protesters

gty_jay_z_grammys_thg_130403_wmainHip Hop mogul Jay Z has reportedly been sending thousands of dollars to bail out the SJW protesters in Baltimore and other cities who have been arrested.

Screen capture of dream hampton's tweet, claiming that Jay Z wired him thousands of dollars to bail out protesters in Baltimore.

Screen capture of dream hampton’s tweet, claiming that Jay Z wired him thousands of dollars to bail out protesters in Baltimore.

Complex magazine discovered and screen capped a series of tweets from someone named “dream hampton” (intentional lower case), who has worked with Jay Z in the past and has been a social just organizer and documentarian. hampton stated “When we needed money for bail for Baltimore protesters, I asked hit Jay Z up, as I had for Ferguson, wired tens of thousands in mins.”

Mr. Z has a net worth of approximately $520 Million, and has been involved with such mega corporations as Budweiser and multi national bank Barclays. He is a part owner of the Brooklyn Nets, owns a record label and a clothing company, Rocawear, which imports clothing made is southeast Asia countries. He also owns a Bombardier private jet.

Jay Z is definitely down with the struggle, and has so much in common with the ordinary, everyday protesters. No 1% activity going on here.

Oregon Rep Cites “Economic Oppression” For Baltimore Rioters

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.02.30 PM
Oregon state Representative Lew Frederick took to the House floor this past Tuesday, April 28th, to address the riots in Baltimore.

Parts of his speech included the following lines:

“It would also be easy, as many commentators have, to say that the rioters are just thugs. I’m not gunna make excuses for violence, there are no excuses, there are however, explanations. probably the most important thing to remember about this kind of riot is that it is an eruption of built up pressure. When people have nothing or little to lose, and lots to be angry about, it’s a dangerous condition.

“These riots are not a response to one incident. They are are a response to sustained violence in the form of relentless oppression. Economic oppression and unfair targeting, including violence, are not separate issues, but part of a system that those targeted see as coordinated. When they lash out, it may seem indiscriminate, when it seems that the whole world is against you, everything looks like an appropriate focus of rage.

“There are provocateurs who see this as opportunity to make trouble, and others who intentionally provide the opportunities. The whole picture is much more complicated than you will see on the news. City leaders in Baltimore call for order as they obviously should and we all should. This disorder is an emergency, but what will they do about the disorder that some communities experience on a daily basis?”

Disturbing New Aggressive Blockade Trend At UC Berkeley


A student who appears to have just given blood attempts to get through the blockade in order to get to class

Over the last week, there have been 2 separate instances of UC Berkeley students forming blockades across one the main entrances to the campus to raise awareness and protest, uhhh, stuff, or something. Because the system!

The Daily Californian reports:

A group of about 50 students and some community members gathered at Sather Gate on Tuesday, (April 14th,) protesting police brutality and what they called a hostile campus atmosphere for the underrepresented minority population.

Initially led by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, the protest was organized as part of a series of coordinated responses nationwide to police brutality.

More than 50 individuals blocked pedestrian traffic through the passageway under Sather Gate.

On a few occasions, passers-by’s attempts to break through the blockade were met with violent responses. UCPD spokesperson Lt. Marc DeCoulode said there were three reports of assault during the protest, while no arrests were made.

One protester referred to black students as “endangered species” while others voiced their displeasure at the display of intolerance. “This type of thoughtless, angry protesting is the essence of the problem of campus climate,” student Nicolas Jaber said. “As long as students resort to these tactics, we will never be able to come together and have a thoughtful discourse about race and gender.”

In the video posted by the Daily Californian, the wackjobs are heard chanting “UC BERKELEY’S RACIST AS HELL! SHUT IT DOWN, SHUT IT DOWN!” Supposed student Jonathan Verdugo says they are “raising solidarity”, while getting into physical encounters with students trying to pass to make it to their class, including minorities and one student who appears to have just given blood. Verdugo goes on to identify himself as an illegal alien. “Most of the people honestly do understand that the idea behind the blockade is to disrupt business as usual, and that’s why its an inconvenience, it’s purposely doing so, in order to convince people to recognize the inconvenience that black youth and people of color face on a daily basis” says Sierra Barton. Gabrielle Shuman adds “They’re literally doing what we’re talking about, in trying to jump over us and ignoring us… They feel that entitled that they don’t need to listen to what we’re saying, so honestly, it’s frustrating”

The protesters ceased their blockade at about 4:00 PM, when groups of students trying to get to class started bull rushing the line of arm-linked wackjobs.

But that wasn’t the end of it. The professional protesters gathered up again on Saturday, April 18th, this time lead by the Black Student Union.

After assembling in front of Sproul Hall holding Black Lives Matter signs and speaking into megaphones, the students marched to Sather Gate about 11:30 a.m. For more than an hour, they remained lined up in front of the gate, tying rope across it. By about 1 p.m., they reopened the gate.

“This inconvenience is nothing compared to the inconvenience that black students feel on this campus,” said Myles Santifer, chair of the BSU and a UC Berkeley junior.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people streamed through campus for Cal Day, an annual event held to showcase the campus, particularly to prospective students and parents. Although a few people attempted to push through the gate — one man tripped as he tried to struggle through — most people walked around it.”

In addition to protesting in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, which emerged after police killings of unarmed black men in various places across the country, the students spoke of 10 demands made by the BSU to Chancellor Nicholas Dirks. Released last month, the demands include proposals to hire two full-time black admissions staff members and to rename Barrows Hall to honor Assata Shakur, an activist who has been dubbed a terrorist by the FBI.

caldayprotest_rgarner-900x580Note the “Assata Taught Me” shirt. This is in reference to the above mentioned Assata Shakur. Shakur was a militant Black Panther activist who was involved in shootouts with police, and indicted on robbery and kidnapping charges. In all, she was found guilty of Murder 1 and seven other felonies. She was sentenced prison, only to be broken out by armed members of the Black Liberation Army, who took hostages and stole a van. Shakur eventually fled to Cuba, where she supposedly remains today. This is the “hero” these morons want to name a building after.