Democratic Platform Committee Member Thinks NO ONE SHOULD OWN A GUN (VIDEO)

Bonnie Schaefer PT

If you think Hillary and the Democrats aren’t coming after people’s guns, guess again. A member of their platform committee recently made the party’s position on the issue quite clear.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

DNC Platform Committee Member Doesn’t Think ‘Anyone Should Have a Gun’

A member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee said at a planning event Wednesday that she does not believe anyone in the United States should own a gun.

“I really don’t personally think anyone should have a gun,” Bonnie Schaefer, former Claire’s Stores CEO and North Carolina resort and spa owner, said. “I mean that’s just my own philosophy.”

Schaefer proceeded to argue that nothing good can come from having guns available to the public.

“Nothing is ever solved when you have a gun in your hand, except the worst possible scenario,” she added.

Schaefer’s comments came during a discussion about gun violence in relation to the Democratic Party’s 2016 platform at the Mid-Atlantic Democratic Platform Forum in Washington, D.C.

Watch the video:

Do you think she feels the same way about the Secret Service members who protect politicians?


Actress Who Played Gun Toting Vigilante Thinks WE NEED MORE GUN CONTROL

Grace Chloe Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz played the violent gun slinging “Hit Girl” in the 2012 film Kick Ass and likely made a pretty penny doing it. Yet yesterday, after news broke of the shooting at UCLA, she tweeted this:

Apparently, Moretz doesn’t know that California already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country and that UCLA is a gun-free zone.

Someone on Twitter posted this reply:

Celebs who profit from movies that are heavy on gun violence should probably keep their mouths shut when it comes to gun rights.


Professor Says American Patriots More Dangerous Than Foreign Terrorists

DavidAlpherDavid Alpher has a PhD in “conflict resolution” and teaches at George Mason University. He also writes for some leftists website that no one’s ever heard of until now called The Conversation. His most recent article was picked up by Raw Story on June 1st, at the stroke of midnight.

Entitled “An expert explains why domestic extremists are a much bigger risk than foreign terrorists in America“, Alpher attempts to make a case for painting the modern Patriot movement as being the most dangerous group on the planet. The article originally featured a picture of a Trump rally, but was since replaced with a collage of the mugshots from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge takeover.

Alpher starts off by trying to blame everything on Trump, by saying:

Take America back from those who have stolen it.
Protect America from those who want to destroy it.
Restore the principles that these usurpers betrayed.”

These are the messages that have defined the GOP presidential race. They have been used for the past eight years to justify obstruction of the Obama administration, and are now being used to paint the democratic candidates as dangerous. In the late stages of the GOP primary as the rhetoric became increasingly xenophobic, they were applied to increasingly broad swaths of the American population as well.

Years of constant repetition by members of the GOP have given them an appearance of legitimacy, now strengthened by Donald Trump’s victory in the GOP primary contest and the party’s growing embrace of him as their standard-bearer.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party isn’t alone in using these messages.

Right-wing extremist groups use them as well, and to very specific ends: to define the conditions under which antigovernment violence becomes legitimate in their worldview.

I have spent nearly 15 years studying how the risk of violence grows within societies around the world, and running programs designed to stem the tide. I have seen rhetoric like this used to mobilize violence in countries like Iraq and Kenya.”

He then uses a picture of someone at the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014, where not a single shot was fired, no one was beheaded, no one was killed, and no one was tortured.

He goes on to say:

For months, Republican candidates traded shots claiming that each other, liberals, immigrants and Black Lives Matter protesters – to name a few – are to blame for the picture they’ve painted of a degraded America that’s fallen into hostile hands.

Apparently he is completely unaware of things like a Black Lives Matter leader getting hauled in for sex trafficking, or another pair who assaulted a decorated veteran, or Black Panther leaders calling for killing all white people, or 124 illegal aliens who were set free from jail only to eventually get hauled back on a total of 138 murders, or El Chapo’s drug cartel literally beheading people. This list could go on and on.

Alpher continues with:

Every violent group in history describes its own violence as the legitimate response to a threat that was forced on them. Groups survive in the long term when that description makes sense to enough of the population to buy them tolerance and safe space to operate, plan and grow. That’s true of terrorism and violent extremism – but because protesters and supporters alike view each other as enemies of the state and therefore legitimate targets, it also helps to explain the growing physical violence at Trump rallies. It should also provide a warning for what that as-yet-limited violence could grow into.

Once again, Alpher seems to be unaware that it is the people protesting Trump, not his supporters, who are starting violence at these events, such as the guy who punched a Trump supporter, or the riots that broke out Costa Mesa, where fires were started and cop cars were turned over. But he is right in the sense that people are concerned over what the “as-yet-limited” violence could grow into.

David Alpher throws in the token Timothy McVeigh reference, something that happened 20 years ago, as there are no recent examples of anyone actually getting attacked and/or killed at any Patriot function, gun rally, Trump event, Tea Party rally, or anything else remotely “right wing”.

He ends by saying:

In an age defined by the fear of terrorism, “taking America back from people who betrayed her security” has real power at the polls, as Trump can attest. But this strategy for winning elections isn’t just divisive. It’s creating a risk of violence that has already outgrown the threat it’s supposed to be a shield against.

Trump’s emergence as the GOP candidate has added fuel to the fire, especially while the GOP dithers over whether or not to embrace him and his message. Trump himself is unlikely to stop or be convinced of the effect he’s really having on American security. It’s left to the GOP to decide whether American security or winning an election is more important to them.

Rather than focusing on groups who speak positively about the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment while carrying Gadsden Flags, perhaps the domestic terrorists that Alpher is looking for are the groups who sport Che Guevarra shirts, make Atzlan references, carry #BlackLivesMatter signs, and draw checks from the federal government, as more people have been killed and harmed by those demographics than by anyone associated with the Patriot movements.

Meanwhile, maybe someone as delusional as David Alpher should be staying far, far away from any educational institution that young adults are attending.

Meet Portland’s Anti Gun “Acting” Police Chief


Donna Henderson, laughing as she’s being sworn in at her promotion from Commander to Assistant Chief in 2013

As Portland police chief Larry O’Dea takes his paid leave of absence, after he got drunk and accidentally shot a friend on a hunting trip then lied about it to cover it up, assistant chief Donna Henderson has been appointed as “acting” chief until the situation is resolved.

Henderson is not without her own sordid past.

For starters, in 2009, she was demoted from Commander to Captain as then-Chief Rosie Sizer reorganized the bureau. Then, in 2013, after being re-promoted to Commander and promoted again to Assistant Chief of Investigations, she can be seen laughing during the swearing in ceremony, as she’s taking her oath (not very seriously).

In 2014, she defending what is known as the “48 hour rule”, which is a rule that was implemented by the officers union that says that officers involved in deadly shootings or death in custody cannot be interviewed by internal investigations until 48 hours have elapsed.

Earlier in 2014, she appeared at the Oregon state capitol in Salem to testify in favor of SB 1551, that year’s “universal background check bill”. The bill eventually stalled in the legislature. She appeared along side disgraced former governor John Kitzhaber and gun toting hypocrite Mark Kelly.

The 2015 Donna Henderson broke bureau policy by allowing officers who were involved in a shooting to review surveillance footage before giving their official statements. This was also condemned by the U.S. department of justice.

Looks like we’re just getting started with Donna Henderson’s corrupt practices. If the “acting” tag is removed and she is promoted to full time chief, you can expect more stunts from her.

Bloomberg Owned Police Chief Moving Up To County Sheriff

vlcsnap-2016-05-30-02h16m53s12Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton is stepping down in August, on the heels of several ethics scandals that have come to light. These include dismissing a staffer who revealed that the corrections department uses unnecessary force, a female deputy was harassed and “fat shamed”, and, most recently, his souped up Dodge Charger cruiser that he ordered for himself on the county dime, against policy.

Set to take over for him on an interim basis is former Portland police chief Mike Reese.

Reese has recently become a bobble head for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety. He was at the state capitol last year testifying, twice, in favor SB941, the “universal background check” bill that eventually passed, and has been spotted getting involved with Gabby Giffords’ anti gun group, Americans For Responsible Solutions, which, coincidentally, was handled by the scandal plagued Hilltop Public Solutions, the subject of a recent story here on Progressives Today.

During Reese’s testimony in favor of SB 941 in 2015, he was unable to explain how the new law would work and how it would be enforced, as he was grilled by one of the Senators at the hearing, until committee chair, Floyd Prozanski, bailed him out.

Reese also inadvertently made the case against the background check bill by stating that criminals get their guns from licensed dealers or gun shows, both of which require background checks, or by stealing the guns.

He was even drafted by Bloomberg to star in a series of TV ads to raise awareness about the new background check law.

As Reese was making his way out from a Giffords event in Portland in February, he was asked about crime in the city going up after this new background check law had taken effect. Of course, he had no comment.

Lobbyist Firm In De Blasio Scandal Has Repeated Shady Dealings In Past

vlcsnap-2016-02-20-16h25m56s160As the Bill De Blasio scandal continues to unfold, the New York City mayor is taking accomplices down with him. DeBlasio is trying to keep certain ally’s communications with his office from becoming subject public records laws. One such group is the consulting firm Hilltop Public Solutions, which, as it turns out, has had their hands in many shady dealings throughout recent years.

The lobbying and PR firm has been very active in many states in recent years, including Oregon, Montana, and New Hampshire. The organization was involved with staging a press conference fluff session on behalf of Gabby Giffords’ anti gun group, Americans For Responsible Solutions, and an Oregon based anti gun group called Gun Owners For Responsible Ownership, where only invited media was allowed in to hear public officials discuss public policy matters relating to gun laws, and other media was ejected by Hilltop’s Colin Cochran and Jake Weigler, who has also has his hands all over other anti gun groups in the state, such as the Oregon Alliance For Gun Safety, and appearing at forums to discuss the matter.

Hilltop had their hands all over the John Kitzhaber scandal and the controversy over Oregon’s clean fuel bills. The Oregonian reported:

Despite the cost and complexity of the fuel standard, removing the 2015 sunset date has continued to be a priority of the environmental left, Kitzhaber and a nonprofit that sent tens of thousands of dollars fiancée Cylvia Hayes’ way. An adviser to Kitzhaber’s 2010 campaign helped create a $118,000 fellowship for Hayes through the Clean Economy Development Center, Nick Budnick and Laura Gunderson of The Oregonian/OregonLive reported recently. Of that sum, the nonprofit Energy Foundation contributed a total of $75,000 in 2011 and 2012. The foundation expected Hayes to develop communication strategies and build support for clean energy policies in the Northwest.

The Energy Foundation was focused specifically upon Oregon’s low-carbon fuel standard during a period in which it also was sending money to Hayes.

This fellowship has received much attention because the money was not accounted for fully on tax returns Hayes provided to The Oregonian/OregonLive. But the Energy Foundation gave another $25,000 to the Clean Economy Development Center in 2013. The CEDC’s role this time, says the Energy Foundation, was to oversee the work of a public affairs firm, Hilltop Public Solutions, to “help us achieve our goal of educating businesses, economic development organizations, and policymakers about the economic benefits that a continuation of the Clean Fuels Program would bring to Oregon communities.”

The Energy Foundation, in other words, was focused very specifically upon Oregon’s low-carbon fuel standard during a period in which it also was sending money to Hayes, who served as an energy policy adviser to Kitzhaber. In 2014, curiously, the governor decided to finish writing administrative rules for the low-carbon fuel standard even after lawmakers declined – again – to remove the sunset date.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.13.04 AMWeigler also runs his own campaign management and consulting outfit called Path To Victory.

Hilltop was also one of the consulting firms hired for 2014’s “No On 92” campaign, to oppose GMO labeling in Oregon. It was one of the most expensive campaigns in Oregon history, with Big Ag corporations such as Monsanto, Pepsi, Kraft, General Mills, DuPont, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Dow AgroSciences, and others kicking in several million dollars. According to Orestar, Hilltop Public Solutions profited $76,496 from the evil corporations that left wing groups are supposed to hate.

Some of the campaign finance reportings involving Hilltop Public Solutions in Oregon. Someone's getting rich!

Some of the campaign finance reportings involving Hilltop Public Solutions in Oregon. Someone’s getting rich!

Apparently Colin Cochran, the Oregon liaison for Hilltop, couldn’t even put together a proper press conference and sent out botched releases. The day after the 2014 election, the Portland Mercury reported:

In fact, Oregon’s result could be closer than the Washington and California measures. As I write this, the Secretary of State shows the measure losing by just 16,330 votes.

That might seem too close to call, particularly since Measure 92’s boosters were relying on late vote totals. But the O has quoted supporters who apparently acknowledge defeat (our calls haven’t yet been returned), and a group with the anodyne name Coalition for Safe Affordable Food just sent out a press release hailing the result. Oh, and here’s a newly sent statement from the No on 92 Coalition’s Colin Cochran. It appears to be a draft, because this is the first sentence.

“Oregon voters have [decisively] rejected Ballot Measure 92, which would have mandated a food labeling system in Oregon that doesn’t exist in any other state, and would have required misleading labels on some foods produced with genetic engineering.”

Cochran would do well to take that “decisively” out of brackets, and out of the thing altogether. Same with a quote from another campaign flack saying voters had “soundly rejected” the measure. This was no mandate.

Update, 11:40 am: I spoke with Cochran, the No on 92, spokesman. He acknowledged his statement’s wording was too strong, and said “someone in our campaign pulled the trigger a little bit early.” A new statement should be coming out shortly.

I also asked Cochran about the spare, overtly corporate (see photo in our Live Blog from last night) “media availability” room the campaign set up last night, rather than a proper campaign party where supporters might commingle over booze. He wouldn’t talk to me about it.

In 2012, they were responsible for a deceptive ad campaign in Montana, in which a phony pro gun and fishing organization, called Montana Hunters and Anglers, which was really just a left wing front group, created to sway outdoorsman voters to vote for democrat Senator John Tester.

ProPublica reported:

Many liberal groups active in Montana, including Montana Hunters and Anglers, were connected through Hilltop Public Solutions, a Beltway consulting firm.

Barrett Kaiser, a former aide to Montana’s other Democratic senator, Max Baucus, is a partner at Hilltop and runs its office in Billings. The Hilltop website notes that Kaiser helped with Tester’s upset Senate win in 2006. Kaiser is also a good friend of Messina, the manager of Obama’s 2012 campaign, who also once worked for Baucus.

Kaiser was on the board of the Montana Hunters and Anglers dark money group. Another Hilltop employee in Billings served as the treasurer for the Montana Hunters and Anglers super PAC.

Hilltop partners in Washington also helped run two other darkmoney groups that spent money on the Montana race: the Citizens for Strength and Security Fund and the Partnership to Protect Medicare.

The League of Conservation Voters and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana paid management fees to Hilltop.

No one from Hilltop returned calls, but Nayak and Love said they worked with Hilltop independently of other groups.

Outside groups are allowed to coordinate with each other or use the same consultants — they’re just not allowed to coordinate with a candidate. By working together, groups can disguise who is actually behind an ad.

In early July, for instance, the League of Conservation Voters gave $410,000 to the Montana Hunters and Anglers super PAC — almost all the money the group raised as of that date.

When the super PAC spent the money on TV ads against Rehberg later that month, the spots were paid for by what appeared to be an organization of Montana hunters, not some Washington-based conservationist group. Nayak said that was not a coincidence.

“We figured having a local brand like that and partnering with them on local issues made more sense than having a D.C. brand,” he said.

Equally deceptive, Hilltop Public Solutions was also behind the astroturf movement against free tax filing, which, as it turns out, was being funded by Intuit, the company that runs Turbo Tax. In 2014, Business Insider reported:

Over the last year, a rabbi, a state NAACP official, a small town mayor and other community leaders wrote op-eds and letters to Congress with remarkably similar language on a remarkably obscure topic.

Each railed against a long-standing proposal that would give taxpayers the option to use pre-filled tax returns. They warned that the program would be a conflict of interest for the IRS and would especially hurt low-income people, who wouldn’t have the resources to fight inaccurate returns. Rabbi Elliot Dorff wrote in a Jewish Journal op-ed that he “shudder[s] at the impact this program will have on the most vulnerable people in American society.”

“It’s alarming and offensive” that the IRS would target the “the most vulnerable Americans,” two other letters said. The concept, known as return-free filing, is a government “experiment” that would mean higher taxes for the poor, two op-eds argued.

The letters and op-eds don’t mention that, as ProPublica laid out last year, return-free filing might allow tens of millions of Americans to file their taxes for free and in minutes. Or that, under proposals authored by several federal lawmakers, it would be voluntary, using information the government already receives from banks and employers and that taxpayers could adjust. Or that the concept has been endorsed by Presidents Obama and Reagan and is already a reality in some parts of Europe.

So, where did the letters and op-eds come from? Here’s one clue:

Rabbi Dorff says he was approached by a former student, Emily Pflaster, who sent him details and asked him to write an op-ed alerting the Jewish community to the threat.

What Pflaster did not tell him is that she works for a PR and lobbying firm with connections to Intuit, the maker of best-selling tax software TurboTax.

“I wish she would have told me that,” Dorff told ProPublica.

Another instance in which CCIA solicited a letter wasn’t successful. Angela Martin, director of an Oregon nonprofit, said a PR professional gave her a sample anti-return-free filing letter last year for her organization to send to Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.

Martin knew the caller, Colin Cochran, who works for the firm Hilltop Public Solutions.

Cochran used “a lot of words that advocates would be sympathetic to, like ‘oh, it’ll hurt people with English as a second language,'” Martin said.

Martin was skeptical. So she asked Cochran who he was representing. He said he was working for the CCIA and, when asked, said yes, that Intuit is a member.

Cochran confirmed the details of his discussion with Martin, including that he was working for the CCIA. His firm boasts on its website of a “winning grasstops approach” 2014 “grasstops” is industry lingo for recruiting the support of community leaders.

Two other letter-writers told ProPublica they were approached by lobbyists, though it’s not clear who the lobbyists were representing.

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, The Granite Grok blog gave a warning back in 2014:

Hilltop Public Solutions has been implicated in connection with illegal electioneering, dark money, and other questionable practices in Montana, Missouri, Connecticut, and Oregon…perhaps Michigan as well.  That will all come out in the next few days and weeks, maybe even months.

So why should New Hampshire care?  Several members of their leadership team, including Pete Kavanaugh and Greg Wassestrom,  joined the lefts crowded pantheon of out-of-state Democrat vote-sealers from the 2012 election in New Hampshire.   They presented themselves as domiciled here for voting purposes from a residence in Manchester.   Hilltop Public Solutions has also been giving money to Jeanne Shaheen.  In past years their leadership has  donated to John Lynch, Andrew Hosmer, and Donna Soucy.   So they’ve expressed some interest in our elections and were very active for Obama in 2012.   That should concern you.

Granite Grok followed that up with another article just three days later, going into some detail:

The accusations against Hilltop Public solutions go something like this.  They set themselves up in a state, and along with third party and non-profit groups–many of which they create and direct–funnel tens of thousands of dollars from other Democrat groups into specific support for candidate campaigns, well…here’s an example.

Meanwhile, back in Montana, Hilltop was also hired for another politician, Kendall Van Dyk, in 2013.

Unfortunately for Van Dyk, many of the same national media outlets that mentioned him as a possible replacement for Baucus, also cited emerging scandals involving Schweitzer’s ties to dark money groups as a probable reason for the governor withdrawing his name from consideration for the post.

How this relates to Van Dky lies in his own ties to groups like Hilltop Public Solutions, which is currently under investigation by the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

In February of this year from the floor of the Montana State Senate, Senator Van Dyk derided conservative-leaning dark money group, American Tradition Partnership, while calling for the passage of legislation in the state requiring the full disclosure of anonymous donations to such groups.

“We shouldn’t be beholden to these shadowy outfits” said Van Dyk.

Unfortunately for Van Dyk, many of the same national media outlets that mentioned him as a possible replacement for Baucus, also cited emerging scandals involving Schweitzer’s ties to dark money groups as a probable reason for the governor withdrawing his name from consideration for the post.

How this relates to Van Dky lies in his own ties to groups like Hilltop Public Solutions, which is currently under investigation by the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

In February of this year from the floor of the Montana State Senate, Senator Van Dyk derided conservative-leaning dark money group, American Tradition Partnership, while calling for the passage of legislation in the state requiring the full disclosure of anonymous donations to such groups.

“We shouldn’t be beholden to these shadowy outfits” said Van Dyk.

And rounding it out with another trip back to Oregon, turns out Colin Cochran had been involved with the anti gun zealots back in 2013, as he was mentioned in an email from anti gun state Senator Ginny Burdick:

Many people have also asked how they can get involved. You can do four things to help in the effort to pass sensible gun safety legislation:

1) Come to the gun safety lobby day at the Capitol on April 4!

2) Have your neighbors, friends and family contact the state senator and state representative from their district and ask for their position on the bills. Urge them to sign onto the legislation and support it if it comes up for a vote. Members listen to constituents. You can find your legislator by entering your address here: . Sign up for newsletters. Attend town halls for your legislators and bring up the issue of gun safety at every opportunity.

3) Get involved in groups supporting gun safety. Ceasefire Oregon is a great organization and would love additional support.[email protected]. One Million Moms 4 Gun Control is another great organization that would love additional [email protected] and (503) 610-2749. You can also check out the Facebook page of a new advocacy group, Oregonians for Gun Safety at!/OregoniansforGunSafety.

4) If you are a member of law enforcement or a gun owner who is looking to make a difference, please contact Colin Cochran and let him know you are interested in getting involved. Email him[email protected].

Their ties to the green mafia don’t end with the Kitzhaber scandal. A supposed electric car lobby, Drive Oregon, has apparently brought Cochran on to assist with PR:

The Outreach and Communications Workgroup, the latest addition to the Energize Oregon Coalition, is chaired by John MacArthur of the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium and Colin Cochran of Hilltop Public Solutions, on behalf of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Tasked with promoting the benefits of electric vehicle technology and accurate information about vehicle and charging options, this evolving group is presently working to mobilize public support for the Clean Car Bill, while also working to coordinate more general EV outreach activities and information.

If Hilltop is the “solution” for the public, perhaps we’d be better off with the problem instead.

Tom Brokaw Tells College Students Owning Guns LEADS TO TERRORISM


Tom Brokaw recently gave a commencement speech at the University of Mississippi and told students gun ownership will lead to more terrorism. The stupidity of such a statement is appalling.

Townhall reports:

Tom Brokaw Tells College Students Owning Firearms Leads to Terrorism

It’s graduation season and thanks to universities’ overwhelmingly tendency to choose liberal speakers over conservatives, college students are being fed a bunch of nonsense right before they enter the real world. The latest case in point: the University of Mississippi had the honor of having NBC’s Tom Brokaw lecture them on guns during last weekend’s commencement.

“I’m appalled by the determination of organizations and individuals to arm more people without any appreciation of the consequence of evermore lethal weapons in our midst,” he said. “More guns and more firearm tolerance will mean more homegrown acts of terror.”

“Yes, we have a constitutional right to own guns … but with that right comes a personal obligation to be on guard against the promiscuous use of guns (and) not to pretend that no limits means no trouble,” he said.

Why do leftists who clearly know nothing about guns always insist on speaking as if they’re experts on the subject?



ValHoyleLOSESFor ramming through the “universal background check” bill in last year’s state House, Oregon state representative Val Hoyle received a handsome payout of $250,000 from Michael Bloomberg. Personally. Not his Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund mega PAC, but Bloomberg himself is credited with the contribution.

The Willamette Week reported:

For a man whose net worth Forbes pegs at $44 billion, a $250,000 check is barely pocket change, but Bloomberg’s check is largest to any candidate in any Oregon race this cycle.

Howard Wolfson, a spokesman for Bloomberg, says the former mayor is going to bat for Hoyle because of her role in passing a 2015 gun bill. Hoyle then served as House majority leader and was the person responsible for rounding up enough votes to pass legislation in the House.

Mike is supporting Val Hoyle because her leadership in passing Oregon’s background check bill is truly notable,” Wolfson tells WW in an email. “No one in the country has worked harder —or more successfully—to take on the NRA than she has.

Hoyle *was* looking to move up the food chain from House Majority Leader to Secretary Of State, and faced 2 opponents in the democrat primary; Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian and state Senator Richard Devlin. The race looked to be tight all season long, but come election day, the Oregon DEMOCRATS sent Hoyle packing, giving the nod to Avakian with a 40%-32% lead, with Devlin picking up 27%.

The biggest contribution Avakian received this cycle was $20,000, and Devlin’s was $10,000.

In 2015, Hoyle had to route the “universal background check” bill through her own Rules Committee, fearing that it wouldn’t garner enough votes from her fellow dems in the Judiciary Committee, where gun related bills would normally go. Now we know why. She had to serve Bloomberg, knowing that a huge payout was waiting, not just for her, but for other House Democrat campaigns. The universal background check bill, SB941, eventually passed the House on a vote of 32-28, with 3 of her democrats defecting and voting against it.

After the big payday came, she, and other pundits, assumed she’d waltz to victory in the Democrat primary for Secretary of State. But the actual democrat voters had different ideas, instead sending a guy who wants to arbitrarily expand the role of Secretary of State well beyond its intended means.

The Oregonian opined:

Avakian is pledging to protect Oregonians from fraud, add civics classes to the curriculum for Oregon’s schools, ensure equal pay for women, champion promising candidates, rally for worthy causes and, while he’s at it, combat climate change. Considering his wide-ranging plan, we would not be surprised if Avakian were to trumpet a three-point plan for winning the war on terror as well.

It’s worth revisiting what the secretary of state does. The person holding the position, which is established in the state Constitution and further defined in Oregon statutes, serves as the state’s chief elections officer, state archivist and auditor of public spending. The secretary of state’s seven divisions are tasked with impartially and fairly interpreting and applying election law, auditing agencies to improve government efficiency, providing regulatory information to businesses and overseeing other duties in the public interest. The secretary also redraws legislative districts if the state Legislature cannot reach agreement.

Unfortunately, the activist job description that Avakian, currently labor commissioner, is selling to voters is fundamentally mismatched with the position that he seeks. That mismatch is further highlighted by the endorsements of organizations that are pushing his candidacy, even though the secretary of state’s core functions don’t have anything to do with their own missions. Avakian’s determination to secure and broadcast support from such groups suggests a campaign strategy based less on how faithfully he’d do the job than on how effectively he’d use it to deliver to the faithful.

Another of Avakian’s ideas: to use the secretary of state’s audit division, which conducts financial and performance evaluations of state programs, to dive into the workings of private companies that receive public contracts. Such audits, he said, could reveal whether private companies are violating wage-and-hour laws or are compensating women inequitably.

But the responsibility for investigating wage-and-hour violations and other possible misconduct by companies already belongs to the Bureau of Labor and Industries, the agency that Avakian currently heads as the labor commissioner. There’s little need for the secretary of state’s office to step in, especially when doing so could take resources away from auditing how state agencies are using public funds, a more critical part of the office’s mission. And it’s not even clear if the secretary of state’s office has the authority that Avakian envisions. He said that if laws need to be changed to allow that, “then we ought to change the law.”

This is the same state labor commissioner who oversaw the Sweet Cakes By Melissa debacle that continues to grab national headlines, where the bakery refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, and was eventually fined $135,000 by Avakian’s agency.

This is the guy whom the democrats chose over Bloomberg’s sweetheart, Val Hoyle.

Bloomberg has had a rocky path to victories in the Beaver State. Of his previous campaign benefactors, Governor John Kitzhaber resigned in disgrace after a big ethics scandal, state Senator Chuck Riley took heat for saying the Supreme Court was “right for the time” for upholding slavery in the 1800’s, and the open primary ballot initiative, Measure 90, went down in flames, even after Bloomberg tossed in over $2 Million to support it.

As if this weren’t enough, the extra ironic part is that Hoyle herself has been a big a megaphone for getting big money out of politics!

The Willamette Week story continued with:

There is some irony in the big check, however. Like her opponents, Hoyle has pledged to rein in Oregon’s unlimited campaign finance spending, saying if elected to the office that oversees elections, she’ll “get big money out of politics.

“Val is committed to reducing the influence of money in campaigns and empowering the voices of everyday Oregonians,” she writes on her campaign website.

Cody Chasteen, Hoyle’s campaign manager, says Hoyle’s acceptance of big out-of-state checks is a recognition of how things are, rather than how she’d like them to be.

13244736_10154025172825708_7929999780907241359_nHoyle had also received a $10,000 check from Gabby Giffords’ Americans For Responsible Solutions, another out of state gun control lobby. She brazenly boasted about how she took on the NRA, perhaps in an attempt to get even more money from these special interest PACs. Her loss should be heeded as a warning to all gun control groups and democrats who may be associated with such. Not even the democrat voters are buying what you’re selling.



UPDATE! Hoyle has sent out a concession email to everyone on her mailing list:


I want to thank you for your support throughout this campaign to become Oregon’s next Secretary of State. Although we didn’t win, I am extremely proud of the race that we ran and of my team. This has been a long, tough campaign, but I wouldn’t have traded a minute of it. In the last 10 months, I’ve traveled 27,000 miles and met people all across our state. They welcomed me and my family into their homes and their lives. I’ll never forget their stories.

I want to congratulate our Democratic nominee, Brad Avakian and I called him last night to offer him my support and endorsement. I want to thank my colleague Richard Devlin for running a spirited campaign.

I want to thank the thousands of people who voted for me in every county of this state and all those who donated their time, talents and money to this campaign. Your optimism and energy is what drove me forward and brought us close to an upset in this race.

I’m inspired by the many young people across this state who were engaged in politics for the first time by our campaign. Your commitment to fighting to expand voting rights will make our state and our country stronger in the years ahead.

This morning when I woke up I felt proud. Proud of the race that we ran, proud of the support that I received on the way and excited about the possibilities ahead. Going forward I’m going to do what I’ve always done: stand up for a better future for my community and this state. Between now and November do everything I can to support Ron Wyden, Kate Brown, Brad Avakian, Ellen Rosenblum and the rest of our Democratic ticket. I hope I’ll see many of you out on the campaign trail again this fall.

Please accept my deepest thanks for your friendship and support. It means the world me to me and my family.

All the best,


Nutjob Students Protest Armed Campus Police At PSU

vlcsnap-2016-05-21-02h27m49s144The normal cast of characters were out in force on May 10th, as the students at Portland State University staged a walk-out to protest the arming of campus security.

It started off at the steps of the library, where they chanted “WE WANT REAL DIVERSITY NOT A POLICE STATE UNIVERSITY”. A small contingent from the Students For Trump group showed up, one holding a sign that read “Thug Lives Don’t Matter”, for which he was promptly attacked for by one of the members of Rose City Antifa, complete with an ACAB shirt (All Cops Are Bastards).

The highlight of the protest centered around a “die-in”, where the students stormed the street out front of the university president and administrator building, laying down in the middle of the road to symbolize being shot by the new campus police. This had traffic backed up for several blocks, including buses and street cars. “A lot of us who are abused, so to say, we’re gunna be laying down in the street, outside so Wim can see us, so he knows what he’s, what the board of trustees does to us, which is it kills us” one of them explained before the demo.

But before they ended up there, they took turns at the megaphone in different areas. At the library, one of them shouts that “The police are notorious for mishandling sexual assault cases, we all know that. They are often also rapists themselves”. Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone “We need to decouple from I.C.E., we need to not partner with federal immigration and we need to not partner with the joint taksforce on terrorism. If I am your next mayor, I’ll active decouple form these racist activities as well.”

One student is wearing a shirt with the red communist start on it, with the hammer and sickle inside the star, while a 3rd wave RadFem sports a patch that reads “dead men don’t catall”. Some of the signs read “Education is a right, not just for the rich & white” and “More guns = More violence”. The crowd chanted things like “DISARM PSU!” and the usual “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. Somehow, one student manages to intersect this protest by shouting pro Palestine things through the megaphone, while another says that “We are not here to merely meet your diveristy and inclusion rhetoric… Black lives matter is not a request. We’re not asking for your permission. We are done with politietely suggesting”.

Still another student claims that “Police are a tool of capitalism, to control people and to stay where they are, staying in slavery, staying in poverty wages, staying in riciulcous working condidtions”, while another shouts “We are fighting against racism, we are fighting against capitalism, and we are fighting against patricarchy… The system is made for the white male!”

One student, who looks like he just stumbled out of 1968, shouts “under capitalism, the main function of police is to break up srikes, unionization, and any other forms of visible protest against the unfair policies of the ruling class!” before going on a rant about multiculturalism, ending by saying that “All multiculturalism has done is bring the anti capitalist critique of this university to a politics of recogniition!”

Astute readers of Progressives Today will recognize this Somali Muslim female from a prior video, where the complained that Portland was too white and she was afraid that whitey would gun her down. She’s back to white about more of the same, saying “I’m a senior at Portland State University. I’ve been here for three years, some of the worst (laughs in Islam) three years of my life… So we all know, like, students of color, they’re not advocated for, uhmm, me and a lot of students of color, we have been trying to advocate for ourselves, and it’s a pity that we have to do so. So, like, the instructors don’t know how to teach us. There is a white supremacy group, multiple groups. mobilizing, putting hate all over the (laughs again in Islam) the campus, uhmm basically putting anti, uhh, Islamophobia stuff, anti black stuff, and who knows what they’ll do next. I mean, it’s not really a safe campus if you’re a person with like, a headscarf and you’re black. So a lot of Muslim students have not been advocated for. I mean, we have to pray in a dingy basement. That’s the only place we have to be a Muslim on this campus. So Muslim students, girls, have been, uhmm, called terrorists, Muslim students have been called terrorists, their hijabs have been pulled off, black students have been called the n word, we have a lot of inequitable stuff going on on this campus, yet the administration is not doing anything to stop it.”

Here’s the full speech from the kid who claims that police are a “tool of capitalism”, complete with someone cheering him on in the beginning by shouting “DOWN WITH CAPITALISM!” “Police were formed as a shadow to suppress slaves. They were used to control slaves in the south, and the north they were used to control labor rights. The police are a tool of capitalism to control people and to, stay where they are. Staying in slavery, staying in poverty wages, staying in ridiculous working conditions! Funding police, uhh, bureaus with, like, tons of, like, weaponry, militarized tanks, and in some cases, to keep black people poor. To keep control over black people.”

Well known Portland area communist and Palestine supporter Heidi Sipress also took to the megaphone, bashing Trump, G4S security systems, and capitalism, before going on about her love affair with Palestine.

All in all, it was a pretty typical day at Portland State University.

Chelsea Clinton: Now That Scalia’s Gone We Can ENACT GUN CONTROL (VIDEO)

Chelsea Clinton gun control

While campaigning for her mother recently, Chelsea Clinton admitted that the left is planning to use the Supreme Court to enact greater gun control if a Democrat wins the presidency this fall.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Chelsea Clinton: Gun Control Opportunity on Supreme Court With Scalia Gone

Chelsea Clinton said Thursday at an event in Maryland that there is now an opportunity for gun control legislation to pass the Supreme Court since Justice Antonin Scalia passed away.

“It matters to me that my mom also recognizes the role the Supreme Court has when it comes to gun control. With Justice Scalia on the bench, one of the few areas where the Court actually had an inconsistent record relates to gun control,” Clinton said. “Sometimes the Court upheld local and state gun control measures as being compliant with the Second Amendment and sometimes the Court struck them down.”

Clinton then touted her mother’s record on gun control issues and knowledge that the Supreme Court has an effect on whether many gun control laws stand.

Watch the video:

The left is coming after your guns. This is not a conspiracy. They’re actually saying it.