20,000 people attended a Donald Trump rally in Dallas Monday night but MSNBC decided to focus this report on the small group of left wing activists from LULAC who protested.

In the video below, a representative of LULAC actually says about Latino immigrants:

“Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if we’re undocumented.”

Most people on the left agree with this man.

His comments come at the 1:53 mark. Watch:

Reminder: No one from LULAC protested when Obama told Latinos to punish their enemies.

Leftist Latino Group Plans ‘DUMP THE TRUMP’ Protest During SOLD OUT Trump Rally Monday

Donald Trump is holding a sold out event for 20,000 people Monday at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas and a leftist Latino organization called LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) is planning to bus in activists for a protest.

The Star-Telegram reports:

‘Dump the Trump’ march planned for Monday

North Texas activists plan to bring in busloads of protesters for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s massive rally with supporters at the American Airlines Center on Monday.

Local chapters of the League of United Latin American Citizens and other North Texas activist groups expect to bus people in from Fort Worth, Arlington and Houston for the “march against hate,” according to a news release from Domingo Garcia, a Dallas lawyer who is president of LULAC Council 102.

Trump is scheduled to speak at the American Airlines Center at Victory Park at 6 p.m. The 20,000 free tickets were gone by Friday afternoon, and scalpers on Craigslist had them listed for up to $200 Sunday.

The march, called “Dump the Trump,” is expected to include more than 1,500 protesters dressed in red, white and blue, Garcia wrote.

“We are not political piñatas. Trump is turning Americans on each other with his hateful and racist rhetoric. We will show him that Americans believe in inclusion and being a country of immigrants,” he wrote.

Donald Trump is turning Americans against each other? Really?

Where were these protesters when Obama told Latino voters to punish their enemies?

According to our research, LULAC is a 501(c)(4) which means they are legally allowed to protest but they will likely be outnumbered by Trump supporters.

POLL: 64 Percent Want BORDER WALL WITH MEXICO Including Blacks, Hispanics and Democrats

According to a recent YouGov poll, a majority of Americans including blacks, Hispanics and even Democrats want a border wall with Mexico. No wonder Trump is doing so well.

Just look at the results:

Allahpundit of Hot Air has more:

Democrats split 44/43 in favor, the closest any group comes to outright opposition. Every demographic tested, be it sex, age, race, party ID, household income, or region, tilts towards supporting a wall, with no group besides Dems less than 10 points net in favor. Black voters have an outright majority of 55 percent behind the idea. Two words, my friends: President Trump.


REPORT: MORE THAN HALF of Immigrant Households in America Are on WELFARE

Progressives love to talk about sustainability when it comes to the environment but not finance. How long can this go on when there are more people drawing benefits than paying for them?

From USA Today:

Report: More than half of immigrants on welfare

More than half of the nation’s immigrants receive some kind of government welfare, a figure that’s far higher than the native-born population’s, according to a report to be released Wednesday.

About 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit, including Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches and housing assistance, compared to 30% for native-led households, according to the report from the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that advocates for lower levels of immigration.

Those numbers increase for households with children, with 76% of immigrant-led households receiving welfare, compared to 52% for the native-born.

The findings are sure to fuel debate on the presidential campaign trail as Republican candidates focus on changing the nation’s immigration laws, from calls for mass deportations to ending birthright citizenship.

Steven Camarota, director of research at the center and author of the report, said that’s a much-needed conversation to make the country’s immigration system more “selective.”

America’s national debt now tops 18 trillion dollars.

How is this situation sustainable?



Democrats love immigration because because they see poor immigrants as nothing more than new Democrat voters but they rarely admit it.

Lincoln Chafee is running for the Democratic Party nomination in 2016. He has no chance of winning it but he did recently admit what many people already know.

Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller:

Democratic Presidential Candidate: More Immigration Means More Democratic Votes

Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee said Friday that support for increased immigration will result in more votes for the Democratic Party.

“We’re right on immigration,” said the former Rhode Island governor and senator, during the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting in Minneapolis.

“The fastest growing voting bloc in the country,” Chaffee added. “Of course we want that people to be treated with respect and to vote Democratic.”

Here’s the video:

Hat tip to Weasel Zippers.


WATCH Donald Trump Throw Left Wing Journalist Jorge Ramos Out of a Press Conference

So this happened today. Donald Trump was holding a press conference and Jorge Ramos, an immigration activist who poses as a journalist, asked a question without being called on so Trump had him ejected.

Watch below:

Ramos is a left wing journalist who loves to ask Republicans “gotcha” questions.

Here’s an important point…

Read more at The Gateway Pundit.


Sometimes you really have to marvel at the stupidity of progressives and now is one of those times.

One of the main reasons Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls is because he’s saying what many Americans are thinking about illegal immigration and border security.

National Journal columnist Clare Foran worries that if a wall is built on the border, as Trump has suggested, people who try to cross into America illegally could be injured.

Her new column is truly stunning:

Donald Trump’s Border Wall Could Have Deadly Consequences

Donald Trump wants America to build a permanent wall at the U.S.-Mexico border. “We’ll have a great wall. We’ll call it the Great Wall of Trump,” the real estate mogul told Fox Business recently.

If that ever happens, the consequences could be deadly for the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who attempt to cross the border each year, many of whom are unlikely to be deterred by even the greatest of walls.

Tightening security at America’s southern border will inevitably make it more difficult to illegally traverse. But immigration and security experts warn that any effort to seal off the border will also make conditions more dangerous for the unauthorized immigrants who still try to make it over.

So, to recap…

This liberal writer is more concerned about the safety of people entering America illegally than she is about our laws and national security.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.


AY CARAMBA! Illegal Immigration Activist Owes Over $40,000 in Back Taxes

Jose Antonio Vargas is an illegal immigrant and self-styled immigration activist who frequently appears on cable news programs advocating amnesty for illegal immigrants.

According to a new report by Ryan Girdusky of Red Alert Politics, Vargas owes over $40K in back taxes:

Federal tax lien against illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas challenges his argument for immigration reform

Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas rose to prominence after he outed himself as an undocumented alien in a New York Times essay in 2011.

Since that time Vargas has become the most well known illegal immigrant in the country and an outspoken advocate for immigration reform, relying heavily on claims that undocumented aliens will be model citizens and could add substantially to the federal tax base. He repeatedly asserts that many undocumented aliens, like him, already pay into a system they cannot use.

But Vargas himself hasn’t always lived up to that claim.

According to court documents obtained by Red Alert Politics, Vargas was hit with a $41,945.44 tax lien in a court notice on Jan. 7, 2015 for failing to pay taxes in 2010. According to the notice, the date of the assessment was Sept. 23, 2013.

Here’s a copy of the form:

Perhaps Vargas should go to work for MSNBC. Plenty of their on-air personalities owe back taxes too.

(Image: Source)

PHOTO=> Democrats Now Displaying Mexican And LBGTQ+ Flags at Their Campaign Events in Iowa

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.46.58 PMLeave it to the Democrat party to include the Mexican flag and the rainbow LGBTQLMNOP+ flag at their Presidential forum in Iowa tonight… Right next to the POW-MIA flag. Looks like someone goofed up and accidentally included a few American flags, which I’m sure someone will find “offensive” and demand they be removed.

Special thanks to NPR’s Don Gonyea for snapping this pic, even though he probably sees nothing wrong with this scene.

Here’s an up close look at the flags.
lgbt mexican