College Students Struggle to Explain Difference BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN (VIDEO)

Gender at Seattle U

College students have been so indoctrinated to the politically correct concept of gender that they can’t simply articulate the difference between men and women.

From Legal Insurrection:

The Family Policy Institute of Washington recently spoke with some students from Seattle University and asked them simple questions about gender and the differences between men and women.

Here’s a description from their blog:

The second episode in FPIW’s wildly popular College Kids Say the Darndest Things series launched Monday afternoon, just hours after the federal government inserted themselves into the battle between the unrealistic social justice agenda and biological science.

This episode, filmed near Seattle University, a Jesuit private school, asks college students if there is a difference between men and women. Some of the answers are hilarious, bizarre, and alarming. Is this really what our institutions of higher education are teaching?

Watch the video:

What a sad commentary on higher education.

Milwaukee Public Schools Budget Includes $470K FOR BLACK LIVES MATTER

Black Lives Matter pic

Milwaukee Public Schools have built almost half a million dollars into their budget for Black Lives Matter.

What business does a public school have budgeting any money for Black Lives Matter?

News Talk 1130 reports:

MPS Spending $471,073 on ‘Black Lives Matter’

Milwaukee Public Schools has included nearly a half million dollars for “Black Lives Matter” in its list of expenditures included the 2017 budget proposal it published in Wednesday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Interestingly enough, the district plans to spend nearly as much on “Black Lives Matter” as it plans to spend on College Access Centers, Universal Driver Education, and Advanced Studies of World Languages.

“We’re doing this work because national and local studies tell us young men of color in Wisconsin and Milwaukee are more likely to be represented disproportionally in the justice system and less likely to be represented proportionally in colleges and universities,” said MPS spokesman Tony Tagliavia.

On page 53 of the District’s comprehensive budget, MPS explains that it is partnering with the Black Lives Matter organization “to develop a cultural studies curriculum and provide staff training on restorative practices to improve student attendance, academics, graduation rates and school culture through facilitation of meaningful dialogue and support on issues surrounding race and trauma faced in communities and schools.”


Our public schools have truly lost their way.

Harvard Law Prof Says Conservative Christians SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE NAZIS

Mark Tushnet

A left wing law professor at Harvard recently declared that progressives have won the culture wars and should start treating conservative Christians like Nazis.

Doesn’t that kind of make him the Nazi in this situation?

The Daily Signal reported:

Harvard Law Professor Says Treat Conservative Christians Like Nazis

Liberals, stop being so defensive. That’s the message of Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet in a new post at Balkinization, titled “Abandoning Defensive Crouch Liberal Constitutionalism.” The problem, according to Tushnet, is that liberals have been too defensive when it comes to advancing their agenda in the courts.

Now that President Barack Obama has reshaped the federal judiciary, liberal causes can win easily in court. And now that Justice Antonin Scalia has died, “judges no longer have to be worried about reversal by the Supreme Court if they take aggressively liberal positions.”

Tushnet blames what he calls the “culture wars” on conservatives, and he says liberals should now make conservatives pay. “The culture wars are over; they lost, we won,” he writes in italics. Tushnet claims that conservatives “had opportunities to reach a cease fire, but rejected them in favor of a scorched earth policy.”..

Tushnet explains his unwillingness to respect the rights of the “losers”: “Trying to be nice to the losers didn’t work well after the Civil War, nor after Brown. (And taking a hard line seemed to work reasonably well in Germany and Japan after 1945.)”

Ah, yes, if the “losers” of the American “culture wars” are the functional equivalent of racists and Nazis, then Tushnet’s argument works wonderfully.

This is the left.

They don’t respect people who oppose them at all. They want them destroyed.


College Disinvites Conservative Black Writer BECAUSE HE MIGHT OFFEND STUDENTS

Jason Riley

Jason Riley is a writer for the Wall Street Journal. He was invited to speak at Virginia Tech but the invitation was rescinded when it was decided that he might offend the special snowflakes on campus.

The Daily Caller reports:

Virginia Tech Nixes Black Conservative’s Speech Because ‘Looney Left’ Might Protest

Officials at taxpayer-funded Virginia Tech have disinvited Jason Riley from speaking on campus because they fear “protests from the looney left.”

Riley, a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board and a senior fellow at the free market-oriented Manhattan Institute, got the bad news late last week, according to National Review.

He had been scheduled to give a speech at Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business as part of its BB&T distinguished lecture series.

The unidentified professor who had arranged Riley’s speech explained in an email that Vijay Singal, the chairman of Virginia Tech’s finance department, had decided to disinvite Riley.

National Review obtained the email.

Singal wrote that he realized that Riley, who is black, “has written about race issues.” As such, Singal chose to disinvite Riley because he was “worried about more protests from the looney left.”

The professor who informed Riley of the cancellation said Singal and faculty members who supported Singal’s decision discounted arguments that canceling Riley’s speech would amount to a capitulation to even the possibility of intimidation.

Let us imagine for a moment, what would happen if conservative students threatened to protest a black liberal speaker on a college campus. Those students would be called racists.

So why doesn’t that term apply here?


SICK: Company Uses Ernie And Bert In Ad For STD TESTING

Ernie and Bert ad

If you grew up watching Sesame Street, prepare to have part of your childhood destroyed. A company called Mately is now using Ernie and Bert in ads for testing sexually transmitted diseases.

FOX News reports:

Bert and Ernie appear in at-home STD testing service ad

Today’s episode of “Sesame Street” is brought to you by the letters STD.

The makers of a new, at-home testing service for people with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases has been using Bert and Ernie in a campaign to promote their company.

“Help us take STD Testing out of the Stone Age,” the company, Matley, writes on Facebook, in a post accompanied by a picture of the famous Sesame Street duo.

The show has claimed for years that Bert and Ernie were simply buddies, but that didn’t stop the New York-based developers from using the pair to help raise money and promote their services, which appear to be aimed at homosexual males.

The pals — long rumored to be lovers — can be seen in the Facebook post looking at a set of papers, with Bert taken aback.

“See Ernie, you’ve got nothing to worry about, everything is positive!” a caption reads.

Along with the ad, Matley linked to an Indiegogo fundraising page, which is currently seeking $500,000 in donations.

The decision to use the Sesame Street characters didn’t sit too well with show.

“The Mately ad is an unauthorized, unlicensed use of our characters,” Elizabeth W. Fishman, Vice President of Strategic Communications, told The Post.

What’s next, Big Bird in ads for PETA?

Progressives ruin everything.


Angry Feminists GO NUTS Over Cameraman At “Whiteness” Event

vlcsnap-2016-04-28-23h54m30s75“Whiteness & Feminism” was the title of the event, one of the many sessions that were part of Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month”. This particular event featured Portland State University instructors Roberta Hunte and Sally Eck.

The “whiteness” presentations are considered public events, take place in public college rooms, and are open to the public, often times joined by classes. In this instance, a “women’s studies” class taught by Kathy Casto was taking part in this event.

After introductions, Eck encourages participants to surround and block the cameraman, in an effort to intimidate him and get him to stop filming. The angry feminists go bonkers, blocking the view with papers and body fat. PCC “director of student life” Josh Peters McBride indicates that this is acceptable behavior by students.

After a minute or so, the cameraman leaves the room, and inquires with campus security as to the nature of what just happened. The Sgt. on duty, Terry Langly, confirms that such actions by students are, apparently, acceptable at PCC.

The cameraman returns with his camera on an extended monopod. One angry female (?) student decides to start filming him, while another storms out of the room, grabs a cardboard display board from the Autism awareness club, and uses it to block the camera, while standing on a rolling swivel chair.

Eventually the college admins are able to get the situation under control, after realizing they could be on shaky legal grounds if this persists.

Eck and Hunte had good reason for wanting the camera blocked. They obviously didn’t want their presentation to be seen by the sane world, as the entire event consisted of incomplete sentences filled with buzz words, catch phrases, and more utterances of “uhh”, “uhmm”, “and”, “so”, “right?” than you can you count. In fact, the entire session could have been condensed from 2 hours to 30 minutes if the “instructors” had the slightest idea of what they were talking about. Instead, it seemed like it was all just being made up as they went along. Let’s listen in!

They started off by trying to define “feminism”:

Listen to Hunte ramble on incoherently:

You’ve also got to challenge “colorblindness”, which used to be a concept pushed by the SJW’s back in the 80s and 90s, as a way of judging people by their character, skill, and achievements rather than by skin color. Apparently that is racist now, because it’s a way for white people to avoid having to hire people of color.

You are racist, even if you say you’re not, because racism is systemic and systematic, and you participate in that. You racist!

Also, you’re a white supremacist, by default, until you’re not.

According to the Portland State University website, Eck “is a fixed-term instructor in the Women’s Studies Department at Portland State University. Sally earned a B.S. in both Sociology and Women’s Studies, with an MS in Education. Currently her courses have included Girl power Capstone, Local Justice Capstone, Social Justice Education, Women’s Studies Inquiry, Gender and Education, and Spring Celebration. Sally has a personal commitment to issues surrounding Feminist Pedagogy, Oppression Theory, and feminist parenting.” She teaches such courses as “Feminism & Zines”, “Interruptions”, and “Gender & Education“.

Ironically, Hunte is an assistant professor, with a PhD in “Peace and Conflict Studies”. She teaches such courses as “Women of Color in the U.S.”, “Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality in the U.S.”, “Gender, Militarization, and Activism”, and “Global Feminisms”. Nice to see that “conflict resolution” sprung into action when she stood idly by while witnessing a conflict arise, thanks to her colleague.

PCC president Sylvia Kelley can be reached at 971 722 4365.

“World Without Whiteness” Professor DOUBLES DOWN

vlcsnap-2016-04-27-17h07m35s185After making headlines earlier in the month for his “Imagine A World Without WHITENESS” presentation, Portland Community College history and humanities professor James Harrison defended his statements, while once again channeling John Lennon, and blaming the media for the outrage.

He compares his plight to the time when the media took Lennon’s quote of “We are more popular than Jesus” out of context, and calls the outlets who covered his last event “yellow journalism”, despite the fact that several uncut videos were posted, including the entire 38 minute speech.

After his diatribe, he went on to give his latest presentation, “How Some Human Beings Became White”, where he says that people of several different European nationalities were not considered “white” at first, until they separated themselves from black folks and integrated more with those of English and French decent, until they were eventually accepted as “white”, and thus, benefiting from their “whiteness”.

“If you are of Irish decent, or Italian decent, you’re not officially white. The Polish race? They weren’t white. Greeks were not white. Hungarians were not white. Slowly but slowly, they became white. So, that whole movement along the line of ‘what is white’ it’s not fixed at all. What it does is, it provides something, again, that you need to look up, something called ‘white privilege’; the privilege of having white skin. Which a lot of people say, ‘ehh, I don’t believe it’ but again, if you’ve never heard of it, there’s a tendency to doubt it, to dispute it, and say ‘that’s not true’. I encourage you, if you heard anything that I said that you doubt, you can ask me about it. There’s a new world coming. In fact, it’s already here”

“Once the Irish become accepted, then they don’t want other groups coming in. Those are now the barbarians. They were the barbarians, and now the outsiders are barbarians. And so the Irish become as prejudice as any other group. Now, at this point, I need to tell you when I’m using that, I am using a generalization, it does not mean that every single person of Irish decent, but just the group as a whole begins to move. And whether you like or participate in it, you benefit from that move”

And here’s his entire presentation, 37 minutes uncut:

Portland Community College president Sylvia Kelley can be reached at 971 722 4365.

“White Fragility” Is The New White Guilt Concept

vlcsnap-2016-04-27-16h04m12s19Portland Community College’s “whiteness history month” has shed light on several concepts that have been brewing beneath the surface for years behind closed doors in academia. One such idea is called “white fragility”, where you’re racist if you push back against the people who imagine a world without whiteness or who openly say they want to breed white people out of existence. In fact, entire events have been based around this concept of “white fragility”.

Let’s let them define it: “White fragility is a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium.” And “White fragility is, at its essence, a gun level pushback. It’s like the fight or flight response of white people who want to believe that they, and the world by extension, are less racially divisive than they really are.”

But why is there “white fragility”? “Because of their position of privilege and accustomed racial comfort, whites will often display racial arrogance by denying, debating, trivializing racism or critical thought regarding racial conflict”

The presenter, Melinda Bullen, goes on to desrcribe the “emotions and behaviors” of white fragility: “If we identify as an ally, there’s a danger in reveling and feeling special for doing the work. But ultimately that takes away, and puts attention back on the white person” The emotions include Guilt, anger, relational, anesthetization, dismissiveness, disconnection, social impotence, silence, Appreciation or exaltation, and fear.

Bullen, who works as the “Diversity Resource Center” coordinator at Mt. Hood Community College, then explains some of the strategies for dealing with white fragility. “White racism is ultimately a white problem and the burden for interrupting belongs to white people” because “So often whiteness isn’t seen as a race. It’s like ‘everybody has a race’ or whatever.” You should also “avoid seeking validation from the person of color you relate to the most” because “I want to be put up on that ‘good white person’ pedestal”.

And also: “Seeing yourself as well-meaning removes responsibility for our actions… Good intentions are one of the great hindrances to honest conversations about race. There’s a feeling of action when we view a painful situation using the reason of good intention. But it doesn’t do anything to affect the impact that the action had on someone else… I want you to gather in groups of three. And I’d like you to discuss the impact white fragility has on your work, organization, or those you serve through our organization.”

Towards the end of the session, they concluded that “whiteness history month” “comes at a cost to colleagues of color.”

So, if you try to dismantle racism and whiteness, then you’re racist because that harms people of color. If you ignore it, you’re still racist. If you’re not actively trying to dismantle it, then you’re also racist.

PCC president Sylvia Kelley can be reached at 971 722 4365.


Steven Crowder Lays Into Social Justice Warriors IN EPIC SMACKDOWN AT UMASS (VIDEO)

Crowder UMass

Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulos and Christina Hoff Sommers visited the University of Massachusetts in Amherst this week and before their panel could even start, leftists in the audience tried to heckle them.

Steven Crowder used the opportunity to provide an epic smackdown.

From Crowder’s website:

Steven Crowder Delivers Most Epic Smackdown of Leftist Protestors Ever

Our own Steven Crowder headed to the University of Massachusetts (UMass) yesterday to co-panel an event called “The Triggering” with Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yiannopoulos. Steven had hopes of telling a few jokes. You know, those words that form sentences with punchlines at the end? Well as bad luck would have it, a leftist protester, or social justice warrior (SJW) was having none of that. Crowder put him through the figurative meat grinder. Yeah, the bad luck wasn’t for Crowder so much of the formerly standing SJW who’s now vacuumed sealed. Buy him at your local deli.

Watch the video, strong language warning:

No wonder leftists don’t want conservatives to speak on college campuses.



Bernie Math

Has a Bernie Sanders supporter ever explained to you why he’s actually winning no matter what happens? The folks at College Humor have created a funny new video which explains it all.

Even the liberal Huffington Post found it funny:

CollegeHumor Explains Why Bernie Sanders Is Actually Winning

“Bernie Math” isn’t like other math. In Bernie Math, super delegates don’t count (unless they’re on his side), momentum is more important than addition, and everyone I know personally is voting for Bernie so it’s safe to assume that he’s getting more votes.

CollegeHumor breaks down the electoral process of wanting a candidate to win so badly even though it’s extremely unlikely.

Watch the video:

Perhaps American colleges should have more course requirements in basic math.