WASTE: EPA Workers Used Gov Credit Cards To Buy Gym Memberships, Gift Cards, & Other Items


In what is soon to be referred to as another “Imaginary Scandal” by President Obama, it was discovered that employees of the EPA have been using Government credit cards to make “Inappropriate” purchases.

According to The Daily Caller, an Inspector General’s report released today states that some of those purchases include gym memberships, gift cards, and even hotel space:

“Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees used federal charge cards to buy gym memberships, gift cards, hotel space and items at dance halls and music venues, according to an inspector general report released Wednesday.

“The EPA did not provide effective oversight to ensure that purchase card holders and approving officials comply with internal control procedures,” according to the report, entitled ”Ineffective Oversight of Purchase Cards Results in Inappropriate Purchases at EPA.” Seventy-five of 80 reviewed transactions were not in compliance with EPA policies.

“Of $152,602 in transactions we sampled, we found cards and is considering $79,254 of prohibited, improper and erroneous purchases.”

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SEIU To Pay 2nd Largest Fine in Michigan State History For Campaign Finance Shenanigans


The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is well known for it’s head cracking tactics.  But in Michigan it seems they are branching out and will forever be known for it’s Campaign Finance Shenanigans as well.

According to a Press Release from the Michigan’s Department of State Office,  SEIU will have to pay almost $200,000, the second largest fine in the state’s history, because they failed to disclose the fact that they bankrolled Proposal 4 in 2012:

LANSING, Mich. – In what is the second-largest fine of its kind, the Service Employees International Union will pay $199,000 in penalties after the Michigan Department of State found there may have been campaign finance violations, Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced today.

The penalties are part of a conciliation agreement reached by the department with Citizens for Affordable Quality Home Care and Home Care First, Inc., related to a 2012 ballot question to amend the state Constitution. Violations included commingling of funds; late filings; not identifying all accounts used; and not providing complete or accurate campaign statements. When combined with late filing fees already paid, they will have paid more than $205,000 in fines.

Proposal 4 was SEIU’s attempt to put a forced unionization scheme into the State’s Constitution.  Fortunately it was defeated.

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Sebelius: Obamacare WILL Raise Premiums; NO DELAY on Individual Mandate

(AP Picture from The Daily Mail)
(Daily Mail)

It would seem that the Obama Administration is finally telling the truth about something.

According to an article on The Daily Mail, Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, admitted on Wednesday that Obamacare will actually raise insurance premiums:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told House Ways and Means Committee members on Wednesday that she expects health insurance rates to increase as the Affordable Care Act takes full effect.

‘I think premiums are likely to go up,’ she conceded under questioning, ‘but go up at a slower pace’ than they have already under Obamacare.

President Obama famously promised in 2008 and 2009 that his health insurance overhaul plan would lower the cost of health care for an average family by $2,500 per year.

To add to her “Come to Jesus” moment, the HHS Secretary then added that while Obamacare has been delayed on many levels, the individual mandate is not one of them:

And as a March 31 deadline approaches, the date when Americans will face fines if they don’t have medical insurance, Sebelius told the panel that there will be ‘no delay’ in enforcing that so-called individual mandate.

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Rebecca Solnit: Buses are Alien Spaceship Overlords Oppressing Us

Every day in traffic, Rebecca Solnit sees them... watching her, plotting her demise, and no one understands the threat of... the bus!

Every day in traffic, Rebecca Solnit sees them… watching her, plotting her demise, and no one understands the threat of… the bus!

San Francisco has become a tourist-destination for crazy. Whether it’s the depravity of the Folsom Street Fair, or the other documentary evidence in SanFran provided by the wonderful photographer at ZombieTime, SanFran is well known for crazy.

So what do you do if you’re a raging leftist who is surrounded by people self-segregating into exclusively hard-left worldviews? You attack the moderate leftists of course.

Google is a left-wing company. They manipulate search returns for political purposes. Their company actions are consistently in line with a pro-state, pro-left-wing position. But they’re also enormously profitable. So that caused local ‘community activists’ to decry the growth of Google, because it’s, after all, a profitable corporation that isn’t Whole Foods.

In the same way that Starbucks engendered irrational hatred among the left-wing crowd, they are now agitating against Google, upset at the increasing property values, and the influx of highly-educated engineers into their communities. The latest maelstorm is about Google buses that transport engineers from one part of the city to another, so as to offset the impact of higher property rates around the Google campus.

Which is left-wing tactics 101: once you get what you want, demand twice as much. When you know that they’ll give into your irrational demands, clearly they’ll give in some more.

Local writer-activist Rebecca Solnit summed up the populist perspective about the buses when she wrote recently in the London Review of Books that “some days I think of them as the spaceships on which our alien overlords have landed to rule over us.”

It would have been tough to equate Google with the nazis, so that comparison was out. It would have been odd to compare it to George Wallace, so Solnit couldn’t traipse out that tired trope, there was just no appropriate left-wing archetype/framing/metaphor to explain why she should hate buses, even though she needed to, so she used aliens.

Leftist Rebecca Solnit, speaking as a wonderful representative sample of the mental disease of left-wing thought, compared buses transporting white collar engineers to spaceships of alien overlords ruling over her. Now, sure, she’s clearly insane, but her worldview is quite dangerous because without any shame she can say something like this to an international reporter, and she will be 1) taken seriously, 2) feel no shame, 3) allowed to use this and flawed thinking like this to pressure Google to become even more left-wing.

And that’s what this is all about, it’s what all ‘community organizing’ on the left is really about: power.

CJ Werleman/Alternet: Opposing Coercive Unionism = Tyranny

CJ Werleman at an Alternet editorial board meeting.

CJ Werleman at an Alternet editorial board meeting.

CJ Werleman sees Koch phantoms wherever he turns. If the weather today is bad, it’s the Koch brothers opposing climate change hype that caused it. If his stocks go down, it’s no doubt the Kochs preventing Obamanomics from creating untold wealth through regulation. Werleman has a fervent faith that Obama is Lord, and that the Kochs are the Devil in two persons.

Naturally in such a worldview, the Kochs control all politics. All political issues are really just about lining Koch pockets. Because when you become a billionaire, clearly, your only ambition is to then become a trillionaire? Over at Alternet, CJ Werleman makes the fantastic claim that, not only are the Kochs solely funding the right to kill unions, but to oppose coercive unionism is tyranny.

Here’s what Werleman starts with:

“…the right wing let the metaphorical cat out of the bag when it comes to their strategy of transforming America’s democracy for the many into a tyrannical plutocracy for the very few, revealing just how disingenuous the Republican Party is whenever it offers any lip service to dealing with income inequality.”

Werleman then approvingly quoted that paragon of reason Rachel Maddow as saying “This fight is about destroying the unions.”

So, the Kochs, who single-handedly bankrolls everything on the right to Werleman, only care about bankrupting unions. That’s the only issue folks.

Apparently all those energies spent discussion issues like energy, trade, war, gun rights, abortion, religion, the Constitution, election integrity, the environment, are all just convenient proxies for the real battle: so that the Kochs can finally get rid of those pesky unions!

Now I hate to impose logic on an article published at Alternet, but let’s give it a try. The Kochs are Billionaires from oil. Their operations are based in Wichita, Kansas. Kansas is already a Right to Work state. The Koch brothers spent an estimated $400 million in politics and political education and outreach. The Kochs are worth an estimated 50 and 30 billion each. Does it really make any logical sense that they would be taking all that action solely in order to destroy unions in order to line their own pockets?

First, they’re already fabulously rich. They could just as easily drink gold and snort platinum cocaine full-time for the rest of their lives if they wanted to, why would they care about some unions in states where they aren’t doing business? Second, they fund such a variety of efforts, that if they were solely against the unions, they would be wildly inefficient in such spending by not solely funding pro-worker groups. Third, his only evidence of this is the logic of Rachel Maddow. Let me repeat that so that the insanity sinks in: his only evidence for this is the logic of Rachel Maddow.

Werleman then explains that Kochs and their minions, i.e. us, are really tyrants, because we oppose coercive unionism. This is our strategy, in case you missed the memo, “transforming America’s democracy for the many into a tyrannical plutocracy for the very few.”

All that claptrap about freedom and liberty and low-taxes, yea, it was just to enrich the tyrannical plutocrat overlords we worship. Pro-life? You’re just empowering the tyrannical plutocrats. For a sensible border/immigration policy? Empowering the tyrannical plutocrats. Want to lower regulations to make it easy for new businesses to form? Empowering tyrannical plutocrats.

This is the logic of progressives: malign anything you mildly disagree with, using a non-thinking phrase, and repeat ad nauseum. Turn off any logic, reason, empathy or sympathy.

Here’s where Werleman, aka Weasel-man, shows his true colors: “Walker’s goal was to reduce public-sector unions to the same subjugated state as their counterparts in the private sector. Since signing the bill into law, union membership has fallen nearly 40 percent in his state.”

Yea Weasel-man, they reduced because people chose not to pay dues to a union they didn’t support. When state workers were no longer forced to join a union against their will, they chose not to. Because those former union members chose against Weaselman’s preferred unionist thugs, they’re tyrants, and empowering the plutocrats. It was evil in his mind that people were given a choice of whom to associate with in order to have a job. Werleman is a disgusting statist pig.

Randa Jarrar/Salon: White Women Who Belly-Dance are Racist


Randa Jarrar resting in between competitive belly dancing events.

In a post titled, “Why I can’t stand White belly-dancers” at Salon.com, Randa Jarrar, self-described feminist and likely self-described ‘community activist’ deplores the horribleness of white women engaging in shaking their hips as an act of cultural ‘appropriation’ of Middle Eastern history.

It would be too simple to point out that Jarrar is appropriating uniquely Western values of feminism and social critique to make her point. But her typical leftist jihadi obsession (see what I did there?) against white America is tired and frankly just boring.
When white people are ignorant of backward cultures, they’re isolationist racist xenophobes. When whites engage with said cultures to exchange values, they are jingoistic and paternalistic. When whites uncritically accept other cultures and embrace them, they are guilty of appropriation. It’s almost as though there’s nothing whites can do that isn’t racist, except of course to buy Jarrar’s book.
Here’s Jarrar’s first sentence: “Google the term “belly dance” and the first images the search engine offers are of white women in flowing, diaphanous skirts, playing at brownness. How did this become acceptable?”

Um, it became acceptable when we didn’t restrict people from enjoying whatever type of dance they wanted to. Consider the outrage Jarrar would have if we said blacks shouldn’t waltz, or Arabs shouldn’t breakdance, or the Chinese shouldn’t do the Charleston.
Jarrar even treats us to her own irrelevant personal anecdotes about how to do belly dancing the right way, as she did at her wedding.

It’s easy for unemployed English majors to throw around terms like this on sites like Salon, because there’s never any consequence to maligning whites. It’s a convenient soft racism that allows them to structurally talk about race. It’s academic bullying, where no one defends white interests so hey, why not complain about suburban white women who belly dance?

And it gives license to use meaningless academic words like “appropriation” and “agency” and “space” and the various lexicon of arrogant elitists who try to oppress dissenting views through stilted language, by reflexively denying an opinion to those who read it by signalling their authority through largely irrelevant words.

Here’s Jarrar’s professional diagnosis of official, must be true, racism in a whole group of other people:

“Women I have confronted about this have said, “But I have been dancing for 15 years! This is something I have built a huge community on.” These women are more interested in their investment in belly dancing than in questioning and examining how their appropriation of the art causes others harm. To them, I can only say, I’m sure there are people who have been unwittingly racist for 15 years. It’s not too late. Find another form of self-expression. Make sure you’re not appropriating someone else’s.”

If Jarrar had even an iota of introspection she would have seen the hypocrisy in complaining about white appropriation of belly dancing while assuming that such dances are the exclusive purview of one culture, one race, one region. But if Jarrar had any introspection, she probably wouldn’t be writing for Salon in the first place.

Greg Mitchell at the Nation: Victim Nancy Lanza Deserved It

buy my books!

buy my books!

The left is continually trying to milk the murders of 26 children and 1 mother at Sandy Hook, Connecticut for their gun-grabbing purposes. Instead of compassion for the father who lost an ex-spouse and son, Greg Mitchell can’t help but wonder why the interviewer didn’t ask Peter Lanza:

“But the main failing is that Solomon, and Lanza, barely mention the ex-wife’s leaving guns (and ammo) around the house with easy access, and Solomon doesn’t bring it up either. There’s just one passing comment from Peter Lanza about his ex-wife’s allowing the five rifles and guns, which suggests she must not have been afraid of her son. And that’s it. No discussion of the overall arsenal, not securing it in the house, Nancy writing a check for Adam to buy a pistol himself and encouraging his gun obsessions, with frequent trips to the firing range, etc.

Did the father ever question any of these red flags? We’lll [sic] never know, at least from Solomon.”

At the Greg Mitchell School of Journalism, you ask the victimized father of a mass murderer, “boy, that ex-wife, she really brought it on herself, amirite? All those guns, combined with Adam’s all that crazy, inevitable that she’d be the first victim, right?”

This is the kind of thinking that passes for reason at the Nation. The logic that a third of U.S. households own guns, in a country where guns outnumber citizens, where there is widespread undiagnosed and often misdiagnosed mental illness, the main issue is the presence of the gun itself that made the crime happen, that’s the most interesting angle to Greg Mitchell.
The term hoplophobia has been used to describe the irrational fear of guns, and that certainly seems to fit Greg Mitchell’s undiagnosed biases and neurosis.
Mitchell is the author of an endless stream of books, some with cute allusions and comparing the Bolshevik Revolution to Occupy Wall Street (thanks for doing our work for us, Greggster!). One of his other books is about Hiroshima revisionism, which is his right as a pseudo-leftist quack of course, but far be it for us to suggest that by starting the war the Japs deserved it. And it would be just plain mean for us to suggest that one of his other e-books or self-published drafts or whatever, “My Book About Coaching My Son in Little League” that his son deserved losing, so we won’t.

“The Nation” Finds an Industry it Supports: Whores

StreetWalkers_the-nationMelissa Grant excerpted part of her new book, “Playing the Whore” in the recent issue of the Nation.And in it, she defends the sex trade as an industry where people do real work. It’s interesting that the calls on the left for equal pay for equal work don’t seem to apply to hookers or porn stars, where women earn up to 100x more for the same work, and frankly in many cases, for far less effort than men.

By dryly describing the mundane business details, Grant attempts to give a sense of middle-American normalcy to deviancy:

“In a dungeon a client can expect that several workers will be available on each shift, and some of these workers will want to do what he wants to and some won’t. A receptionist will take his call, or answer his e-mail and assign him to a worker based on what he’d like, the worker’s preferences and mutual availability. Some dungeons might post their workers’ specialties on a website. They might also keep them listed in a binder next to the phone, the workers each taking turns playing receptionist, matching clients to workers over their shift. After each appointment the worker would write up a short memo and file it for future reference should the client call again, so that others would know more about him. The dungeon is informal only to the extent that the labor producing value inside its walls isn’t regarded as real work. There are shift meetings, schedules and a commission split based on seniority. Utility bills arrive, and are paid. Property taxes, too. In some cases the manager would give discreet employment references. And sometimes people were fired.”

Any problems from disease or dehumanization is apparently just the evil patriarchy trying to reassert itself to put girls back in their place: 1950s sockhops in nurse’s training. If only Grant was dryly explaining the inner-workings of an oil company would the editors of the Nation suddenly found their moral outrage.

DailyKos/Timothy Lange: Hospitals Unnecessary for Doctors

The DailyKos isn’t an oasis of sanity most days, but usually the self-contradictions within their postings aren’t so obvious as those today by Timothy Lange, who goes by the name “Meteor Blades” on Daily Kos:
Lange is upset that Louisiana is talking about creating a registry of abortions in the state, no doubt to create reliable CDC reporting of this dangerous procedure, as well as to avoid repeats of abortionist monsters like Kermit Gosnell and Rapin Osathanondh in Massachusetts who only got 6 months for killing 22 year old Laura Hope Smith.
Not to mention the now-regular reports of Planned Parenthood covering up cases of statutory rape through abortions by older men.
Lange is understandably ignorant of these things, since the media refuses to report negative stories about abortion.
But Lange trips over his own words. He says:
“As for requiring abortion-providing doctors to have hospital admitting privileges, this is one of the means forced-birthers in several other states—Mississippi, North Dakota and Texas—have imposed or tried to impose on clinics in order to shut them down.”Now of course this is medically just about the stupidest thing you could ever read anywhere.Such an invasive procedure such as a surgical abortion can have a wide variety of complications, and, as in the Laura Hope Smith case, a patient can die in the minutes where a negligent doctor hesitates about what to do. For a group of people who constantly fear-monger about the return of “back alley abortion” days, they certainly want to keep abortion unsafe, legal, and common. Even abortion Barbie Wendy Davis admitted that she supported the regulations in the Texas regulations to make abortion safer, and increase the standard of care for women seeking abortions.

Lange is a disgusting wretch whose pro-abortion vitriol exposes his underlying ideological passion for cut-up babies. He fits in well at DailyKos.

Atheist Group Forces Bereaved Mother To Remove Cross From Site of Son’s Collision

Riverside, California- A mother grieving the untimely loss of her 19 year old son, Anthony, in a car crash, came under pressure from an atheist group to remove a memorial cross from the scene of his fatal collision. Upon hearing of the cross, The American Humanist Association in Washington, D.C., pressured the grieving mother to remove the memorial, arguing it’s placement on city property violates the separation of church and state.

Friends and supporters gathered to accompany a visually emotional AnnMaire Devangey as she removed the five foot cross commemorating her son’s death from a small road in Lake Elsinore. Devaney was quoted as calling The American Humanist Association’s acts, “petty”, arguing, “it’s his personal preference that he was a Christian. What’s wrong with having a cross up?”

“They (the American Humanist Association) said they have to take that one down, but they didn’t say anything about putting another one up” said a Riverside resident Doug Johnson in solidarity with his grieving neighbor. Johnson, who traveled to the site accompanied by his daughter, brought six home made crosses to replace the one Devangey had to remove. Friends and family of Devangey were reported as bringing their own crosses to the site as well.

Both theists and atheists alike have taken to social media to protest the associations’ actions. “I’m an atheist. These atheists are f****** a*******” says Kevin Mitchell on one prominent atheist Facebook page. “As an atheist, I can still respect other’s beliefs” says another.

It was recently reported that the association reportedly just got a judge to agree to block the setting up of a monument featuring a solider kneeling before a cross-topped grave outside of Diamond Stadium in the same town.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of separation of church and state, it is clear the actions taken by the Association are completely tasteless. Atheists, and atheist groups looking to further their cause and ideology should avoid wasting their time on such petty and vulgar things. Though a legitimate, constitutional case in the Association’s favor could be made, it boggles the mind why anyone would want to make it.

The mother did not place the cross to advance her religion, or to make a political statement. The cross was clearly not meant to convert passing drivers, only to honor the death of Devangey’s christian son.

This is not a debate about atheism or theism, church versus state. The argument for letting Devangey keep her son’s cross is a simple, human one. The Association should apologize to Devangey for the stress they have put her through, and refocus their efforts on something more egregious than a mother mourning her dead, teenage son.

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