Obama’s Surgeon General Nominee: Guns Are A Health Risk, Wants To Keep Gun Registries

Obama’s top pick for Surgeon General says that, “guns are a healthcare issue.” Coming from Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy, this not nothing surprising. He has a long history promoting gun control and savaging American’s second amendment rights. Murthy is currently the President and founder of Doctors for America, which evolved from a campaign organization called Doctors from Obama, started in 2008. Murthy and the group successfully lobbied for a Florida law that would have prevented doctors from including whether a patient is a gun owner in their personal medical file.

Murthy’s anti-gun history is proudly up for display on his twitter account, where he has tweeted things such as “tired of politicians playing politics w/ guns, putting lives at risk b/c they’re scared of the NRA. Guns are a health care issue.” Equally charming, Murthy would later tweet, “NRA press conference disappointing but predictable – blame everything in the world except guns for the Newtown tragedy. #wakeup” almost immediately following the news of the Newtown shooting.

It is becoming common for doctors to ask patients whether they have guns in their home, and it is very possible that Murthy would try and make this invasive questioning mandatory. The NRA has expressed strong opposition to Murthy’s nomination, and has contacted their 5 million members to contact their Senators to express their concerns over Murthy’s nomination. In a letter to Senate leadership, NRA-ILA Executive Director, Chris Cox, outlined his reasons why Murthy is not fit to hold the position of Surgeon General of the United States.

” The National Rifle Association strongly opposes the confirmation of Vivek Hallegere Murthy, M.D., M.B.A., as United States Surgeon General.

The Surgeon General has the important tasks of providing the American public with information to better inform decisions related to their health and directing much of the federal government’s public health efforts. In order for these roles to be carried out effectively, the public must trust that the Surgeon General’s actions are based on empirical and scientific evidence, rather than political or ideological motives. In this regard, Dr. Murthy’s record of political activism in support of radical gun control measures raises significant concerns about his ability to objectively examine issues pertinent to America’s 100 million firearm owners and the likelihood he would use the office of Surgeon General to further his preexisting campaign against gun ownership.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano has also come out against Murthy’s nomination, saying whether someone owns a gun or not is “none of the government’s business, (and) it’s none of the hospital’s business.” The Judge recalls being in a hospital asking his doctors if they tell their patients they aren’t required to answer questions about their gun ownership. Sadly, Napolitano reported they told him, “no they don’t.”

Murthy is a zealot who seems more concerned about his anti-gun agenda than he is about the health and safety of the American people. It is harrowing to consider what such man given the power and status of the Surgeon General will do. A doctor needs to known if a patient has a gun in their home just as much as they need to know whether a patient has a steak knife or weed whacker in their home.

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ZZ Ward: Put the Pretensions Down


ZZ Ward is an up-and-comer (here’s her single “Put the Gun Down“) who is showing up around the glitterati as a musician to admire. Yet she’s the tired and worn-out trope that’s constantly shoveled down the ears of consumers. The homely white girl who tries too hard to be a 1920’s New Orleans Ella Fitzgerald, it’s a trashier version of Adele with a fifth the talent.

Unsurprisingly the New York Times noted “Her energy evokes Tina Turner’s, her chops Aretha Franklin’s and her soul Etta James’s” which is really just code for “she’s singing in a black style as a white woman, but we’re going to give her a pass because she’s a leftist.” For her part Ward claims she’s synthesizing blue and hip-hop, which no doubt means that she’ll be interviewed weekly on NPR for the next decade. Whereas other musicians who don’t successfully thread the appropriate political needles are accused of appropriating black music, stealing styles or other claims against authenticity, Ward gets a free pass to do black music so selfishly.

“I was just really attracted to very strong female voices, and the sincerity of the blues, and then I got into hip hop through my older brother, he was listening to Nas and Jay-Z, I loved hip hop beats, and I loved their stories about just getting out of where they were from and getting more, even though I was, I grew up in Oregon, I wasn’t in the city at all, but I could relate to what they were saying. link

Can you imagine if someone from the GOP talked about listening to Jay-Z and that they now understood black culture? That now they understood inner-city problems? Yet when the left talks about black culture, they always get a pass, and even when blacks on the right talk about their own culture, they’re ridiculed.

VIDEO: Republican Senator Defeats Progressive Dems Global Warmingathon With One Word: “Climategate”


Progressive Democrats in the Senate organized an all night Global Warmingathon in an effort to push the fictional concept of Climate Change.

Unfortunately for them, the Republican Senator from Oklahoma, James Inhofe, defeated their plans utilizing only one word: Climategate. (4:00-6:00)

 (In 2009) I asked Lisa Jackson, when you have the Endangerment Finding it has to be based on some type of science.  What science are you going to use?   She said mostly the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  So that’s the kind of science they have been using for a long period of time.

But, ironically, the timing couldn’t be better.  It wasn’t a matter of weeks after that, it was a matter of hours after that, that Climategate was exposed.  Climategate all started with East Anglia University’s Climate Research Unit, one of the main Universities that helps put together information about Global Warming for the IPCC.  There it was disclosed that the IPCC was systematically distorting the facts, cooking the science of Global Warming to either cover up data that didn’t tell the story they wanted everyone to hear and exaggerated the impacts of the changing climate to help drive people, out of fear, into action.

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VIDEO: Hong Kong Patriots Hold Mock “Communist” Rally

Mock Commie Rally

What does a person do if the wish to peacefully protest the presence of Communists?

Hold a mock Communist rally of course.

According to an article on CNN, patriots of Hong Kong held a mock Communist rally protesting the presence of shoppers from Communist China:

In a satirical “Communist rally” aimed at mainland Chinese shoppers, about 100 Hong Kongers marched through the city on Sunday wearing Maoist costumes, yelling “love your country, buy Chinese products!”

Others held posters of Mao Zedong, branded with the mock-patriotic slogan “Chinese people should drink Chinese milk” — a dig at the throngs of mainland shoppers who enter Hong Kong to buy its infant formula, which is viewed as safer than Chinese infant formula.

Filled with apparent glee, protesters mockingly bellowed the Chinese national anthem off-key, and thrust Mao’s “Little Red Book” into the air.

Here is video of the event:

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VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Calls For Amending the Constitution….Again

Nancy P

In early February, Nancy Pelosi co-authored an op-ed in in The Washington Post calling to amend the Constitution in order to overturn the Supreme Court ruling on the Citizen United case.

It seems the written word wasn’t strong enough for Congresswoman Pelsoi because while giving a speech at the California Democrat Convention on March 8th, she said it …again (10:50-11:35):

 Too often people feel their voices aren’t heard and their votes don’t matter. And the misguided Citizens United decision only made matters worse. For us the answer is clear, it’s a dare. D-A-R-E:
Let’s Disclose all of the secret donors seeking control of our government and our campaigns.
Let’s Amend the Constitution to overturn Citizen’s United.
Let’s Reform the system to strengthen small donors and energize the grassroots.
Let’s Empower voters by ending voter suppression by renewing the Voter’s Rights Act and by electing men and women who will shift the leverage back to working families.

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HYPOCRISY IS: Stupid Leftists Blaming Malaria Deaths on Global Warming…Instead of Blaming Selves

So, in the never-ending parade of horribles from the global warming climate change alarmists crowd, a new concern has emerged: malaria.

From the morons Sarah Lazare at Common Dreams (a jerk-water leftist blog):

“Global warming could lead to an explosion of malaria in population centers in Africa, South America, and other regions across the world, researchers revealed Thursday.

The mosquito-borne disease already disproportionately affects poor and rural communities in the global south, killing approximately 1.2 million people a year, hitting sub-Saharan Africa the hardest. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and University of Michigan report in the journal Science that they are the first to uncover evidence that changes in climate push this disease to higher elevations — an outcome that is not good for humans.”

So, the Left is sooooooo damned concerned about malaria deaths, eh?

Common Dreams staff writer Sarah Lazare: she cares about malaria in the 3rd world…but only when it fits her politics.
Common Dreams staff writer Sarah Lazare: she cares about malaria in the 3rd world…but only when it fits her politics.

HERE’S WHAT’S STUPID: Progressives have deliberately prevented developing countries from utilizing dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (aka “DDT“), a move which has caused the deaths of TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, GLOBALLY. See also Paul Driessen’s classic “Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death.”

That’s just great, Sarah. I’m sure the 50 million people who died because of the decades-long progressive anti-DDT fad are gratified by your newfound concern about malaria.





According to RT, the Greek Trade Union Front (PAME) clashed with police in Athens, Greece on Thursday, March 6th, during a protest over austerity measures and unemployment.

PAME is used to coordinate activities within the Greek trade unionist movement and was founded by the Communist Party of Greece trade unionists in April of 1999.

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