LIAR: Hillary Signed Off on Aide’s Side Work She Claimed SHE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Hillary Clinton being exposed yet again for another lie she has made on the 2016 campaign trail about her tenure at the US State Department.

This time around, as the Daily Caller notes, the lying scandal involves none other than Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin.

A newly uncovered document shows that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton personally signed off on a questionable employment decision she previously claimed she was not involved with.

Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin was able to work for the Clinton Foundation, Department of State and the private consulting firm Teneo Strategies as a Special Government Employee (SGE). When questioned about the arrangement, Clinton denied any involvement, but new documents obtained by Judicial Watch show that Clinton personally signed off on the position change.

Clinton signed the document March 23, 2012 to approve the change in title, according to the documents first reported by Politico.

The employment arrangement for Clinton’s deputy chief of staff raised questions about possible conflict of interest, particularly given allegations that Clinton used her position at the State Department to help the Clinton Foundation.

But don’t expect to hear about this scandal from the mainstream media.

The Left’s Favorite Native American Insists She’s NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016

liz warren

Senator Elizabeth Warren declared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert for the trillionth time that she is not running for president in 2016.

The Daily Caller has the video:

Warren is a progressive hero but like many politicians on the far left, she’s a notorious liar.

She claimed to be a Native American, but it’s quite clear that she’s white.

Image: (Liberty Conservatives)

Connecticut Teachers Union Doesn’t Want What Wisconsin Has – Big Savings for Taxpayers


The American Federation of Teachers’ Connecticut chapter recently announced that its endorsing mostly Democrats in November, for governor, the U.S. House and other seats up for grabs this year (like that’s a surprise), because they don’t want a “Wisconsin moment” to happen in their state.

That, of course, is a reference to Act 10, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s landmark legislation that has greatly reduced the collective bargaining power of public sector unions, and saved schools, local governments and taxpayers a lot of money.


We have chosen to support candidates who will act to prevent a ‘Wisconsin moment’ here in Connecticut,” said Stephen McKeever, who was a Middletown High School science teacher for 17 years and now serves as AFT Connecticut’s first vice president. “We need leaders committed to preserving the rights of all workers to collectively bargain and not gutting union members’ benefits to score political points.

We wonder if a majority of Connecticut voters agree that the “rights of all workers” are more important than the huge savings – not to mention educational improvements – that can be accomplished by limiting public sector union power.

Maybe, before they vote, they should check out the following statistics from Wisconsin, as of last October, which were published by the McIver Institute:

School district savings – $1.8 billion. Municipal savings – $242 million. County government savings – $106 million. Total savings to taxpayers – $2.7 billion.

We have no doubt that AFT Connecticut is endorsing candidates based on its own self-interests. But as we can see, union interests are rarely in line with the public interest.


Progressive Writer: Dems May Be Able to Salvage November Election by Promising Free College for All

free college

Progressive writer Randy Shaw understands Democrats may have trouble getting young voters to the polls in November, which is why he’s urging party members to campaign on four years of free college for all.

In an opinion piece for,  Shaw describes President Obama’s plan for reducing student loan debt as “modest” and urges Democrats to think bigger:

Instead of focusing on small scale changes that will not lift most students from crushing debt, progressives should be promoting the public funding of four years of college as we now fund high school.

What better way to engage young people in national politics than to promote a plan that puts them in the same position of young people prior to the post- 1990’s tuition explosion. And to critics claiming the U.S. cannot afford it, progressives will point to the Iraq War and other costly military endeavors to say “Yes We Can” to free tuition for all.

Democrats looking for a strategy to get young voters to the polls in November have the perfect issue. And with Republicans flooding talk shows urging new and costly military intervention, free college tuition offers Democrats a powerful counter-narrative for how the nation’s resources are best used.

From “universal preschool” to “free college for all,” it’s clear progressives won’t rest until they bankrupt this country and are able to rebuild it in the image of European-style socialism.

Hillary Fans are Forgetting One Problem – She’ll Have to Run on the Obama Record


The media has been acting as though Hillary Clinton is some fresh face on the political scene, riding in to rescue our nation from its long list of foolish blunders in recent years.

The media doesn’t seem to understand – or care – that Clinton, if nominated, will face the same problems that John McCain faced in 2008: Having to run on the record of an extremely unpopular president.

In fact, McCain may have been slightly better off, because he was not a member of the Bush administration. Secretary Clinton cannot make such a claim about the Obama administration.

She was part of the mess, and many voters will hold her responsible, even for the mistakes and misdeeds that were not her fault.

That’s the way it works in partisan politics. Just ask Sen. McCain, who wanted to be president just as much as Hillary does.
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OOPS! House Democrat Admits Obama Had Enough Funding to Treat Veterans – But Didn’t


The Democrats’ only hope to pin the outrageous VA scandal on Republicans is to somehow portray them as obstructionists who cut the VA budget to save money.

Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown apparently didn’t get that memo.

As Mediaite puts it:

Rep. Corinne Brown (D-FL) probably did not set out to substantiate virtually every Republican talking point regarding how Democrats and the Obama administration have handled, or mishandled, the scandal surrounding the Department of Veterans Affairs. Nevertheless, that was the result of her spirited attempt to defend President Barack Obama Wednesday at a House Veterans Affairs Committee Hearing.

Invoking images of the central Florida congresswoman hovering high above her district in an SR-71 Blackbird, Rep. Brown assured the hearing’s attendees that she has performed her “reconnaissance” on the VA. Following the successful completion of that mission, Brown reported to her colleagues that the Veterans Affairs facilities in Florida were “doing fine.”…

In less than two minutes, Brown confirmed two key Republican themes. First, that this administration has failed to deliver on its campaign promises; that the president and his party are detached, aloof, and deluded; that they cannot address this abominable scandal because they largely refuse to acknowledge it exists. And second, that a lack of funding for the federal government’s Leviathan social bureaucracies is not the reason why they disappoint so often and so completely. Those bureaucratic monsters fail because their unwieldy design and the scope of their mission preclude the possibility of success.

Brown’s tut-tutting proves a lack of resources was not the VA’s problem. In fact, it was reported last week that the VA expects to have more money than it can spend this year for the fifth year in a row.

Brits Begin Including Prostitution, lllegal Drugs in Measuring Overall Economic Activity


New economic reports indicate the U.S. economy actually shrank by 1 percent in the first three months of 2014, instead of growing by .1 percent as originally believed.

It marks the first time the U.S. economy has contracted in three years, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Those are bad numbers for President Obama and the Democrats – especially in an election year – which is why they’ll want to pay close attention to the new way officials in the United Kingdom are “growing” their economy.

According to CNN Money, “The British government is now including prostitution and narcotics sales in its official Gross Domestic Product (GDP) statistic. That’s the oft-cited measure of how much a country’s economy grows or contracts.”

Government officials estimate the shadowy activities add $16.7 billion a year to the overall economy, and say they’re including illegal drugs and prostitution in GDP figures because other European Union nations do, too.
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Reid to Democrats: Send Money Now Because the Party is in Trouble

panic button

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent out a fundraising email late last week, urging the party faithful to send money ASAP because the Democrats are in “deep trouble” as the mid-term elections approach.


“Polling is close in 11 states, and only six seats protect us from Republican control over everything from health care reform to the Supreme Court,” Reid wrote in the email. “We’re matching all contributions 3-to-1, but only until midnight tonight.”

With so many Democrats in Washington D.C. privately grumbling about Obama’s incompetence (see related blog), we can only imagine what rank-and-file Dems must be thinking to themselves. After all, they’ve been suffering from the stagnant “recovery,” just like everyone else. They’ve lost their private health care, just like many other Americans. They’ve watched with horror as scandal after scandal has buried the Obama White House.

Just why does Reid think his party is in so much trouble? Here’s a plausible clue: Millions of Democrats had huge hopes for Obama, and he’s been a severe disappointment.

Considering that, it’s kind of humorous for Reid to ask the rank-and-file for money to help maintain the senate majority. Disappointed and dispirited people are generally not the most eager to open their wallets.

If Reid finds himself in the new position of “minority leader” next January, he need look no further than the White House to place the blame. His party’s one-time inspirational leader has quickly become a ball-and-chain who is dragging all Democrats down.

The Left is using latest round of climate hysteria to distract from Obama’s ruinous policies

Michael Fish weather forecast

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Perhaps you’ve noticed that Democrats and their co-workers in the media are acting especially hysterical lately about “man-made climate change.”

In just the past few days, there’ve been news stories warning that climate change could destroy America’s national landmarks, imperil our national security, lead to more wildfires, and even disrupt corn and rice production. (“Cereal lovers of the world may want to start stocking up now,” warns

On Wednesday, a group of leading Democrats gathered outside a Senate office building to highlight the need for immediate legislative action. California Sen. Barbara Boxer even called for an end to climate change “denial,” a deliberate word choice to subtly link climate-change skeptics to Holocaust deniers.

The environmentalists and their media groupies have obviously decided to crank up the volume of their alarmism to “11,” but why now?

That’s easy.

Leftists want to talk about the weather because the rest of their agenda has proven to be a total flop with the American people. Just consider the list of issues Democrats don’t want to talk about with the November elections looming.
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