Venezuela, like America, Is Using K-12 Classrooms to Convert Kids to Socialism


It’s not just happening in America.

Leftists in lots of nations have figured out a way to get a jump on their political opponents – by taking their cause to K-12 classrooms and brainwashing children into becoming socialists well before they are old enough to vote or participate in government.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Venezuela’s government has published dozens of new textbooks that glorify (the) late President Hugo Chavez and belittle his adversaries, infuriating opposition critics who call them part of a campaign to indoctrinate school children.

If this sounds outrageous, it’s really pretty common. Right here in America, teacher colleges typically train prospective educators to take a “social justice” agenda into the classroom and find ways to make the socialist message part of their everyday lessons. Teachers unions have also been encouraging this movement.

One might expect classrooms to be politically-free, or at least places where all sides of all issues would be fairly presented and discussed. But that sort of traditional approach to does not win converts to the cause of destroying American capitalism.

Brits Begin Including Prostitution, lllegal Drugs in Measuring Overall Economic Activity


New economic reports indicate the U.S. economy actually shrank by 1 percent in the first three months of 2014, instead of growing by .1 percent as originally believed.

It marks the first time the U.S. economy has contracted in three years, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Those are bad numbers for President Obama and the Democrats – especially in an election year – which is why they’ll want to pay close attention to the new way officials in the United Kingdom are “growing” their economy.

According to CNN Money, “The British government is now including prostitution and narcotics sales in its official Gross Domestic Product (GDP) statistic. That’s the oft-cited measure of how much a country’s economy grows or contracts.”

Government officials estimate the shadowy activities add $16.7 billion a year to the overall economy, and say they’re including illegal drugs and prostitution in GDP figures because other European Union nations do, too.
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